Las Vegas Shooter: Mind Control?

Remote Control of Human Brains. Over ten years ago a team at Stanford University announced that they had perfected the art of brain control in mice through optogenetics whereby the firing of a pattern of neurons is controlled by light. Over the years, the research evolved, becoming more finely tuned and perfected.  Today, that behavioral control is harnessed via magnetic waves. Controlling not just the movements, but the behavior of a person as well.  Scientists have publically claimed they can utilize this technique on rats, mice, pidgeons, beetles, cockroaches and the sharkfish.

What they haven’t announced is whether they have been conducting research on humans. It’s a fair guess, they have.

Elon Musk has stated that this advancement has the potential to create a new race of humans who are not controlled and deviated by emotions.  However, if in fact emotions can be harnessed and manipulated to sway aggressive behavior, then they can also be swayed to perform aggressively.   As in assassinations and terrorism.

Of course, utilizing remote mind control for good, is only so ‘good’ as the person at the controls. The power to manipulate human behavior will elevate that controller to feeling like God, which can never have positive consequences.  And while robotics and artificial intelligence have been the science mania of late, remote manipulation and control of a human whether through hypnosis or through implants, the potential for this to be utilized for harm is quite real.

Given the military has a tendency to only divulge information that it deems necessary, it is a fair estimate to venture that human trials have occurred.

January 2017, Esteban Santiago shot 13 people, killing 5 at the Fort Lauderdale airport. He claimed his mind was being controlled by the CIA forcing him to join ISIS. Today we are witness to the carnage in Las Vegas in which an otherwise ‘ordinary guy’ according to his brother, with an arsenal befitting a commando unit, opened fire on concert goers killing 58 and wounding over 500.   According to Reuters, the gunman, a benign apartment manager with no previous record, converted to Islam and conducted the massacre.

While the background on this incident is still be investigated and the only evidence of his connection to ISIS is based on their website, Amaq, it bears a striking resemblance to the Santiago case.

There have been a number of other shooters making this claim, and while the possibility exists that they are using conspiracy models to justify their behavior, the history of mind manipulation within the military dates back to the 1950’s. The notion that they would simply give it up when a human assassin can be manufactured from any person is about as logical as the notion that the military simply ‘gave up’ on weather modification shutting down the Alaska facility.

We would be quite naive to believe this is ordinary.

The problem is disseminating between the psychological unfit, and the possible realities.   The unfit tend to make the realities less believable.

As in many scientific breakthroughs, there are potential positive uses for controlling brain functions. Such applications include utilizing TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation, to increase activity in the brain so as to reduce depression. Or even reduce activity so as to diminish the symptoms of Parkinson’s.  These beneficial utilizations give credence to very ugly ethical and moral complexities.

In 2013, students at the University of Washington used focused ultrasound, FUS, to trigger motor cortex responses. Today, the FUS is used to treat various cancer tumors as well as essential tremor. And at Brown University, they created the first wireless implanted brain-computer interface.

Whether or not brain control is and has been manipulated to create terrorism is a valid consideration given that knowledge leads to power and absolute power corrupts.  Is DIA really the equivalent of the alleged Berkshire UK facility as stated by James Casbolt?  Does this evil cabal exist?  Conspiracies have become the fodder of hackers, but when Operation Mockingbird was first revealed, it was previously a – conspiracy.   

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Shooter: Mind Control?

  1. Another point to mention, black magic can also be used to control someone’s mind and make them do or say things completely out of character.

    ISIS in my opinion are a fake creation and was skeptical of them right from the start, convenient how there is always an enemy to make people focus on to divert attention from other things.

    Also Helena, what is your opinion of black helicopters helping ISIS?

  2. Forerunner REICHSTAG 95 OCB-Oklahoma City Bombing on HITLER’s Birthday-under Pres Slick BILL Clinton-MK-Ultra Mind Control-Programmed Patsy Timothy McVeigh. It was Not the Fertilizer Bombs.The BLAST-Explotion-Controlled Demolition-Gov-Bombs planted Inside the Murray-Bldg.
    BLAST was INSIDE-OUT. BILL Adolf Hitler-Clinton had pre-pared Speech translated from German-
    HITLER’s speech-after He Burned the REICHSTAG-Berlin and blamed it on a innocent Patsy.
    9-11 was Inside Job-Pre-planned 2 yrs under BILL Clinton and executed under Bush-for PATRIOT Act
    Las Vegas Mass Shooting-staged-orchestrated by Deep State-NWO-LEFT-Communists-Globalist-Elite

  3. This morning I woke up with the Vegas shooting on my mind.

    I am possibly one of millions of people trying to comprehend why this happened with a seemingly ordinary man at the root of it all.

    The situation is synonymous of something you would link to a Hollywood movie script. The massacre, the normal man and the suicide, leaving no line for investigation.

    Two things came into my mind and led me to look up mind control and Vegas shooting. Which brought me to your article.

    I understand there is a desire in America for better gun control. And I am aware of the drive of people to have complete control of the masses.

    After finding and reading your article my thoughts dont seem so far fetched anymore.

    We live in a beautiful world, but there are lots of awful people trying to rule it.

    I hope they never succeed if this is their doing.

    • There are too many anomalies. How does a man who has never shot a gun in his life suddenly know how to shoot with such accuracy numerous guns? How can a person buy over 40 some odd guns in a few months and no red flags are raised? Even the story released by the media was inconsistent; within the same article they refer to the fact that the gunman ‘killed himself’, and yet reading further in the same story they state that when the officers blew open his hotel room door, they shot and killed him. Why won’t the police declare the link to ISIS when ISIS is claiming he was one of theirs? When has ISIS ever declared a link when there wasn’t one? How many are ‘expendable’ in order to push the gun control agenda? You can’t have Martial Law, without outlawing and confiscating personal guns…

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