Puerto Rico: A Mess of Entitlement!

Puerto Rico’s mayor, Carmin Yulin Cruz, and Broadway mega-millionairre, Lin-Manuel Miranda, are apparently blaming Trump for not having the completely destroyed Puerto Rico up and running ‘faster’, despite the 10,000 Federal aid workers on the ground! Miranda has gone so far as to tell Trump he is going to hell, which is odd given he appears to be an atheist.

Given that he has not donated his personal funds to the relief effort in Puerto Rico seems to be the caveat of hypocrisy. He did compose a song… at 3am, which he states will someday produce funds that will in some manner benefit his native Puerto Rico… Although it remains unclear how or when.

A friend of Obama, a devout Democrat, a young man who made his fortune in the US, he feels entitled to slay the dragon of Trumpest.

Cruz’s background is a bit sketchier. She came to the states to get her bachelors and masters degrees, (paid for by whom?), worked at Scotiabank in Canada (rather odd), in the US Treasury Department at some point (with the Clintons?), and then suddenly decided to go back to Puerto Rico and be a political beast at the age of 29. But her career didn’t launch for 20 years?  What she did in the meantime is a rather dramatic hole of information.

Of note, Puerto Rico’s mess is not just hurricane related, but financial corruption and mismanagement also follow its value structure. After decades of paying debt with debt, the government destroyed the economy. Standing at over $123 billion including pensions, they are on par with Illinois whose debt and crime statistics rank in the top tier for the US.

What is interesting is the fact that two Democrat US President’s were responsible for the implosion of Puerto Rico’s debtor economy; Clinton and Obama. Clinton phased out subsidies and in 2014 Obama’s administration called for a severe downgrade in their bonds which triggered acceleration clauses that led to protests, recession, unrest and poverty. In addition, it should not go unmentioned that Puerto Rico is not a US State with all its benefits, it is a commonwealth, per the voting citizens of their own desire, operating under their own Constitution. Just because they now want statehood, doesn’t mean it is automatically granted – and given their debt load, it is not logical.

But Trump – is to blame for their 40 years of corruption and mismanagement.

Internally, the media has stated that the ‘local governments’ are to blame for the collapse of the economy due to ineptitude, failure to collect taxes, mismanagement of payrolls, something like – Greece!

Over 60% of the population is on Medicare or Medicaid as of 2017, the annual budget deficit was still $7.5 billion, until recently the retirement age for teachers was 47, and their debt – well, unpayable – ever, they have no source of income left and as an independent commonwealth, who is responsible to pay to rebuild?

Given they are already indebted to the tune of $123 billion, I doubt the US can support a complete overhaul. Hence, I imagine we’ll see large corporations and hedge funds move in to take control and create their own private enclave, and completely sever any US affiliation.

The newly elected governor decided to hire Rothschild and Co to help restructure their debt…  As in Soros?

How are these policies helping the people?

Their economy by and large thrives on pharma manufacturing and petrochemicals. Operating under the auspices of a Progressive Democrat government, Puerto Rico operates somewhat like a true Socialist country in that corporations are nationalized and operated by the government. Over 30% of its budget funds these government owned corporations, while 25% of the budget funds their government, and 30% is allocated to ‘General Expenses’.

Venezuela is closely aligned with Puerto Rico in its Socialism. Due to lack of diversification, planning, and mitigating, their economies have crumbled under the guise of the socialist/communist ideology and left the people with massive shortages of basic necessities such as food and water.

These deficiencies – are being blamed on – Trump by uneducated, bitter, angry, liberals promoting an agenda that only serves to extend their own crisis as they are plummeted into the vacuum of chaos.

And yet, while Mayor Cruz is ‘begging, begging, begging anyone to help them from dying’, and claiming, ‘you are killing us with your inefficiency’, Miranda is condemning Trump to hell while he writes – a song, and Cruz is standing in front of banks of pallets screaming, “Not enough”!

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