Michelle Obama – Obesity Success Campaign

Obesity rates in the US have been on a steady climb since 1980 despite efforts to reverse the trend or even stabilize the epidemic.

In 2010, Michelle Obama launched a campaign called Let’s Move to try and educate the public about good nutrition and exercise. The main attribute of her ‘campaign’ was the introduction of a picture of a plate with charts indicating what food groups should be on the plate, and a website to recommend nutritional foods within each group.  Basically, the exact same nutrition guideline that has been in place for decades…

Still, the media clambered aboard the Michelle train citing her vast accomplishments as First Lady.  However, every citation actually references this ‘campaign’ as a monumental success.   So in essence, this is her One claim to fame, beating obesity.

Unfortunately, it has failed. According to statistics, 35.8% of the US population was identified as obese in 2010 when the campaign was launched. Today, according to the CDC, that rate has climbed to 37.9%!   The ‘campaign’ the NGO’s have NOT mitigated the problem at all.  It is in fact, a resounding FLOP.

Why did it fail?  Because it did not truly address why we are obese?

In 1980 the fast food industry generated about $239 billion annually. Today that number exceeds $783 billion, a 328% increase.   During this same time frame, obesity has more than doubled. But it’s not just the fast food, calorie intake has spiked, processed food has spiked, chemical additives have spiked, inactivity has spiked, and sugar is in everything from condiments to flavored dairy to soups and just about everything in your pantry.

Sugar and high fructose corn syrup have become so perverse they are now additives in such things as horseradish, soy sauce, yogurt, juices, mayo, mustard, coffees, etc…   Sugars have the addictive effect of causing a person to constantly crave more, like an opioid.  Our system has no idea how to process the chemicals and stores the sugars, thus we have lost the ability to regulate our own system and bodies naturally.

Enter the Pharma Industry – the BIG FIX.

It’s become big business and isn’t going away until demand – demands it.

Michelle’s ‘campaign’ partnered with Partnership For A Healthier America, Inc, a nonprofit that proclaims to be working the private sector to eradicate childhood obesity. It’s President, Lawrence Soler, is a lawyer – not a doctor or nutritionist. And a quick perusal of their 990 indicates that it’s spending habits are less than admirable:

1) Payroll and Payroll expenses account for 38% OF Expenses

2) Advertising – 29%

3) Conferences ate up 10% of expenses

4) The balance went to office expenses, legal and that catch-all “Other”.

5) They have accumulated quite a pool of cash and receivables representing 89% of their assets offsetting a relatively small liability status.  Which makes them ‘glutonous’!

6) Despite a lease arrangement in the exclusive 2001 Pennsylvania Ave., DC Foggy Bottom District, which they apparently share with Bank of America, their assets include a building they bought for roughly $850,000?  Why?

7) The CEO is raking in a modest $439,000

8) Despite the fact that this 501©(3) is raking in $2 million in profits, and hording nearly $9 million in cash, it continues to hire non-paid interns and volunteers because they claim to not be able to afford employees.

In addition, within all the hypocrisy of the obesity issue that media pundits claim is an over-whelming success for Michelle Obama, there are numerous reports claiming she has had a number of cosmetic surgeries including liposuction, tummy tuck, and various facial alterations. While she doesn’t confirm or deny the surgeries, she does state that she believes that whatever a person does to cosmetically alter themselves, is their choice to make them feel better.

Sort of defeats the entire narrative of nutrition and weight according to natural means agenda? Or of being happy with yourself in the body God gave you…

But then, FAKE news would like us to believe an agenda – instead of TRUTH.

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