Italy’s Political Far Right -Conned By Soros, BING

Soros feels that the European Union is a model of his Open Society. Or so he says… Under estimating his gamut could prove disastrous. He is seemingly playing both sides – meaning he wins no matter the outcome. For example; he was quick to interject a polarized division after the Trump win – something he had probably already planned. And while he was vocally ‘anti-Brexit’, he shorted Deutsche Bank.

He demanded Merkel take in refugees – and then blamed her for the refugee crisis in Germany.  Con.

He destroyed the careers of two of his most prominent puppets; David Cameron and Hillary Clinton.  Con.

In other words, Soros’ strategy is to play both sides – including the coming elections in Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Gearing up for the “Russia Invasion’ into their voting systems, the media have already announced the likelihood of an imminent threat, the purpose of which would be to create the concept that if the voters opt for the populists, the system was obviously rigged and if they vote for the Socialist or Soros puppets, the voting system is a Democratic success.

In the end, a vote for Merkel is a vote for Soros. According to Soros, they share the same values regarding open borders and an open society.

While the ‘Populist’ movement throughout Europe has been gaining steam, a con in Italy has been in the making:

In 2013, Soros published an article in his Open Society website acknowledging the rise of the populist movement of M5S in Italy.   Interestingly, the article was not negative, but actually seemed to embrace the ideologies of the group despite their pro-Brexit, anti-establishment, anti-immigration guise…

ENTER:   Joseph Stiglitz was one of the primary advisors to the head of the M5S, Beppe Grillo, whose claim to fame is that he is a ‘comedian’ by trade. Apparently Stiglitz and Soros are buddies. And after claiming to align with the UKIP party for years, today Grillo announced a radical shift and joined ALDE, a pro EU fanatical group that just loves mass immigration and TTIP!

It was a con.

Stiglitz is a member of the Socialist International Commission, an advisor to Soros, and a Clinton-Obama point-man. He was called to work on the Grillo economic program back in 2013 when M5S began rising to the ranks of the largest political party in Italy!

While Grillo touted himself as a populist – drawing millions of supporters, he was simply a comedian using his manipulative puppetry to coerce supporters based on a fake agenda – a fake platform – a fake rigged system while being built by the Soros mechanizations in collusion with Stiglitz/Clinton/Obama.

Thus Italy is now proverbially screwed.

With the first round of the Presidential election for France coming up this April, a poll would seem to be attempting to sway public opinion. Despite the media manipulating a poll conducted by Odoxa which favors the French socialist candidate, Emmanuelle Macron, over the Republican candidate, Francois Fallon, the POLLS have come under quite a bit of scrutiny of late for their scandalous ‘inaccuracy’ and bias.

It should be noted that the same poll, the Odoxa Poll claimed that a vast majority of Britain’s wanted to remain in the EU… we know how accurate that was. The president of the Polling company has a history of working as a researcher for branding and opinion markers that can help sway the census.

It is also noteworthy that it would appear Odoxa is the ONLY polling company in France being quoted in the media, despite their being a number of alternate surveyors whose base surveys convey a different picture within a larger sample size.

Upon closer inspection, the Socialist Party is lagging behind both Le Pen and Fallon who are actually ‘neck-in-neck’.

As the US cries foul-fowl over election manipulation, labeling Russia as the culprit, Soros and his US cohorts are busily manipulating the elections in Europe…foul/fowl!

Unfortunately, it may be too late for ITALY.






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