US Political Hypocrisy – a study in punishment

The US has become a Punitive Society of punish before the facts and evidence are prepared or available, of jailing people for crimes that are not a threat, to letting serious threatening people skate.   While Obama is pardoning criminals in prison, he is sanctioning Russia without proof of complicity. And hypocrisy reigns idiocy.

Listening to various pundits explain the logic is near ludicrous. Hillary’s lies weren’t lies, they were variations of facts, Hillary didn’t tell ‘as many’ lies as Trump and therefore they don’t count, Hillary’s lies were made public by a foreign source and therefore don’t count, Hillary’s lies don’t count because – she’s a woman… ouch!

Worse. The people making these statements, truly believe them.

Worse. The same attitude has permeated our homes, schools, universities and cities!

But the threats coming out of the mouths of Hollywooders is by far the most absurd and heinous – death threats, wishing death! The spiral from grace, respect and honor has collapsed and Democrats have become either pathetically pitiable, or grossly scary. I can’t even imagine if their own lives or families were equally threatened that their response would be – off the charts. Jail for LIFE!


The Democrats have revealed that not only are they going to make the Trump transition, perilously difficult, putting our country, our security, our safety, our very core at risk, they are setting the precedent for The People, our youth and ALL future transitions.   Justifying their agenda shows that they do NOT respect the office of President, or the process of electing a President.

And that immature, self-righteous, attitude will ultimately come back to bite them.

They are leaving a legacy – but it isn’t one of honor. They are leaving the legacy – that their children will treat them as they treat others. They are leaving the legacy – that embraces entitlement when it benefits them, money, when it benefits them, corruption, when it benefits them.

It is – communism. They are mini-me Kim Jong-un.   Interestingly, Kin’s economic measures are defined as ‘Socialist’.

A person’s intellect does not measure their politics. Nor does a person’s politics measure their intellect. So why the chasm between Democrats and Republicans?

There have been a multitude of studies regarding why a person leans toward one party or the other, unfortunately, the lean of the persons conducting the study seem to toss out the validity of the results… as they are mostly – Liberals. So how can we analyze data when the lean is inherent in the study?   We can’t.

The first error of the Liberal psychology results states that ‘people rarely switch affiliations’. Yet even a quick cursive research reveals that in our current cycle we find that Hillary once identified as a Republican, and Trump as a Democrat. Bush, who has been a die hard Republican, voted Democrat. Elizabeth Warren, Ronald Reagan, Pat Buchanan, Condi Rice, Rick Perry, Teddy Roosevelt, Strom Thurmond, Leon Panetta, all changed parties. Even Michael Bloomberg shifted gears. I did too!  I don’t think we are the rarity…

This is just a spattering of the loyalists who caved. Therefore, the idea that it is a brain function as the psychologists argue, seems a bit weak, if not wholly self-serving, and a dysfunctional conclusion.

The true spectrum involves perception, what do we believe will be best – for us, and secondly for my buddy.   For example, people on Medicare don’t care about Obamacare as much because it doesn’t affect them. People who are newly on Obamacare under a subsidy, don’t want to lose that freebie and will vote for whomever supports that entitlement. It is the sway.  And people who are media prone will listen without critical research or judgment and accept the cattle theory.

Hillary counted on 1) the immigrants and the poor and the blacks who needed entitlements. 2) the wealthy who didn’t give a dang because they bought whatever they needed as it was pittance in comparison to their wealth.

Thus, the middle class, the once majority class, the squeezed majority, rose up not in riots, or protests or looting or vandalism, or entitlement, but in defense.   IS the middle class afraid? Damn straight! Afraid of the everlasting wars the Democrats engage in, the punitive sanctions the Democrats engage in, the disregard for our own People that the Democrats engage in, and the policies of welfare that are sucking us dry. And this doesn’t even touch on the terrorists we are importing at the rate of Chinese luxuries.

Is Trump the answer? I don’t know. I just know that another year after eight years of divisive anarchy under Obama will destroy our country. And I don’t support that. I listen to immigrants from Europe, Eastern Europe, and they get it, they have lived it, they see the fire of communist rule under Obama and Hillary – and yes – they are afraid. Rightfully so.

Today, I sat with my youngest son and helped circumvent the health care options. As he learned the reality of what it was about, I think he may have converted from being a Democrat to a Republican, and an angry one at that.   The enormity of the stupidity and the convoluted rules did not sit without a rageful response.

While he had been swayed by the vocal ‘ideals’ of what Hillary supposedly represented, as defined by other relatives, he was not aware of the realities. And as Winston Churchill noted, when these realities become visible, the party affiliation suddenly changes.  And a new Republican rises.

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