Eric Holder Hired By California? Or is it Holder and Obama?

So California wants to exit the US, but it simultaneously has decided to hire Eric Holder to fight any legal battles it might encounter with the new Trump administration which could put at risk the $86 billion they get from the Federal government.

And with a current deficit of $42 billion and budgets that require grabs of cash from what they term, their ‘Rainy Day Stash’, to stay afloat, they have decided to pay Eric Holder’s firm as outside counsel despite having a full state sponsored Judicial Representation within their executive branch comprised of an Attorney General and 4713 staff.

I guess that means that Governor Brown doesn’t have much faith in the abilities of his newly appointed Attorney General, Xavier Becerra?

Holder is currently working at Covington and Burling, a law firm in California that boasts such clients as; Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo. It is no coincidence that when Holder was in the Obama administration serving as US Attorney General, the Department of Justice decided to NOT pursue criminal prosecutions of the banks responsible for the financial meltdown, and instead taxpayers – gave them $$$$$$. In addition, Holder was responsible for NOT conducting a criminal investigation against JPMorgan Chase for their purported involvement in the Bernie Madoff fraud.

Word/rumors claim Holder is making in the 7-8 figure range of income at the law firm, a broad spectrum that equates to somewhere between $1,000,000 and $99,000,000 – bottom line, A LOT OF MONEY.

Comparatively, the California Attorney General is paid about $151,000.

  1. Obviously the Califexit is trashed.
  2. California is going into a bigger deficit if it anticipates paying Holder
  3. California needs Federal money to offset their annual deficit spending
  4. Given that Holder and Obama have announced a partnering in a new 527, The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, is this committee actually on the payroll of the California Government while packaging him as though he will work on climate change, the environment, voting rights and immigration?

Because Eric Holder is less than squeaky clean, and was replaced in the Obama administration by the infamous unsqueaky clean, Loretta Lynch lynch mob.

The ‘Give Peace A Chance’ Democrats are broiling for fights, rolling up their sleeves, calling for massive demonstrations and uprisings and refusing to obey the law which is imposed by our elected Commander and Chief, President.   And the liberal media is reveling and instigating with the Washington Post at the helm.

Governor Brown wants to ‘fight’, but his arguments are a bit lame, if not completely flat. While speaking in front of a bunch of friendly Liberals, he screamed,   “If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite.”  Of course the realities are it takes upwards of seven years to build a satellite and about $200-$500 to launch one., after the cost to build one, and the cost to build a rocket to help in its launch!   Billions. Snore.

“We’ve got more sun than you’ve got oil,” Brown whimpered. … nanny-nanny-poo-poo…?   More bizarrely childish rhetoric when responding to the possibility of scaling back renewable energy research.

And these are the sort of people who complain about Trump? OUCH.

All these antics have exactly one definable source – the Soros cabal. An agenda to disrupt, divide, and destroy.

And as for all the “lies” prescribed to Trump, his statements were mostly based on mainstream media reports, and they did NOT result in deaths, mayhem and terrorism funding, as did Hillary’s “lies”. A very largess difference indeed!   Especially if you are on the receiving end of her “lies”.

What we do know, is they have no intention whatsoever of rolling over, they are going to make life absolutely, completely, obliteratingly – miserable in the venue of tolerance, grace, and ‘why can’t we all just get along…’.

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