Voter Rigging – It’s Everywhere!

If we can’t trust the mainstream media to report even a remote version of the truth, how can we believe the polls aren’t rigged?   Come on – it’s the same media!

We have video evidence of Democrat ballot stuffing from Pennsylvania, Arizona and Florida, and yet there are no repercussions?

We have video of a Hillary campaigner acknowledging that voter registrations for Republicans are being ripped up – and yet there are no consequences…

We have written evidence that Hillary and Obama were complicit in the US supplying weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS, and no one is indicted…

We even have an email that claims the Hillary camp will pay women to come forth claiming Trump groped them…

We have testimony of Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults on women, code for rape, and justice – does not prevail.

While much of the attacks are simply mud, overwhelmingly Wikileaks and Anonymous are revealing factual illegalities – heinous crimes of justice and security that shed light on our broken system.

New videos are circulating from Anonymous claiming they have a video that Billy Boy’s buddy, Epstein, made to use as blackmail as he did against all his best friends – what a guy! Purportedly it shows Bill Clinton raping a thirteen year old girl. It would seem they lifted it from Israeli intelligence and plan on a release sometime in the immediate future.

We know mainstream will channel the video to a gypsy medium who will channel it to a crystal and then once the crystal is smashed, it will magically disappear. Ommmmmm.

And the latest theory to escape the mouths of babes is that both Hillary and Trump will be forced out in order to give Obama Scotus – another term. YIKES!

But he has already put down a contract to lease a house in the Kalorama District of DC that retails for about $6.3 million – so what can we expect rent to be? Well a 1500 sq foot house nearby rents for $5100 per month and this house is 8200 sq feet, so the math places it in the $25,000 per month range. While his pension is in the $200,000 per year range – that doesn’t quite compute…  Surprise!

Sounds kind of like the Clintons leaving the White House claiming they were ‘dead broke’ and miraculously buying multi-million dollar residences.

So, how do you pay a rent – that is not a tax deduction – totaling $240,000 per year on a pension of $200,000? Well, you lie. Because I imagine his non-taxable ‘offshore accounts’ are chalk full of moola!

While the mainstream continue to avoid talking about all the fraud and illegal conduct of our esteemed Hillary, and instead laud their fraudulent polls that survey a crowd of 100, with a margin of error in the + or – 4.5 range, just remember, if they lie about her, they lie about ‘everything’. And that would include relevant news such as ISIS, police, terrorism, immigration, vetting of refugees, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Iran, etc…

Because the problem with lying is that it has no limits, no boundaries, no prejudice, no end. The one thing you can count on – they are lying about “everything”.

So the next time you try and cherry pick and choose what is truth and what is fabrication – realize it is ALL a false reality of deception to the nth degree and the politicians involved transgress every party, every affiliation, every religion…

As Mark Twain said, “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

As in Hillary saying ‘she doesn’t remember’ 21 times in her deposition with the FBI.

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