Boris Johnson – A War Monger Bought By Soros?

Boris Johnson wants WAR! Yemen, Iraq, Syria, he wants death! If we were to compare the rantings of a war criminal, of an ISIS commander to Johnson – on the surface, the fanatical face, the rage filled eyes, would look much the same! Is that really the only option our leaders know any longer?

With the US and Germany pointing the finger at Russia, the UK, France and US are busily negotiating more bombing campaigns to be initiated by the Saudis, all of course, within International Law guidelines. Which is code for, deny, deny, deny.

Boris Johnson is of the UK Conservative Party yet he embraces liberal economics and socialism… What does he embrace that is Conservative? He endorsed Obama and distanced himself from Bush… But even more frightening, when looking up the UK Conservative Party, it would appear that it is simply a title with little meaning whatsoever. He supports abortion, affairs, doesn’t believe in monogamy, is more of a secularist despite calling himself a Christian, and after a rude comment about Hillary in 2008, has backtracked to actually making glowing comments about her.

If Boris and Hillary are on the same page, that would indicate that the BREXIT deniers, Hillary, Rothschilds and Soros, were actually backing BREXIT while publicly decrying it. In addition, his stance on Russia has done an eerie ‘about-face’. Why?   Russia is a Soros agenda.  Boris’ ambition rules him. Just like Hillary. Just like Soros. He has no ethical standard and I imagine would take help from whomever could give him his delirium for power.  Enter Soros.

While BREXIT was hailed as being the end of the British pound, a chart shows the pound’s decline has been rather steep since mid 2014 having scaled back against the dollar by about 30%! During the same time frame the Euro has dropped about 20.5% against the dollar. Recently, Soros declared that the value of the dollar must decline 30%.  Of course the powers to create that decline are China and Japan who hold the most in US Treasury notes.  Irretrievably linked, bringing down one could spiral the other.  Hence it is in China’s best interest to diversify into Russia and alternate economies.

Boris Johnson’s appointment by Theresa May to Secretary of State For Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth is certainly not without ulterior design and motive. Nothing is done in our political world without purpose.  His desire to create greater trade with China is no accident.  But his call for greater war – is much steeper.

So if the Conservatives in the UK align themselves with the Democrats of the US who align themselves with the Progressive Marxist Socialists – that would make the UK Conservatives – Marxists… Right?

Years ago I was a Democrat. Then I was a Republican. Then I became an Independent. Why? Because the promises, the platform, the ideals are based on having an unlimited source of revenue. Here is an example of what the Democratic Platform represented in 1960:

  1. Russia and China were the perceived military enemies and the Democrats were chastizing the Republicans for not maintaining our world power position against them. They wanted to increase the military budget and spending in order to make the US look fearful!
  2. They wanted international disarmament of nuclear weapons which was then costing $100 billion annually – and a realignment of those moneys to economic development.
  3. They vowed that our foreign policy experts must be much more vetted as those who understand the language and culture of the foreign nation they represent, and all would work as a unified body.
  4. They recognized that World trade was a necessary evolution and that it would hurt many US industries. As such, they vowed balance, fair competition, and a reduction of foreign barriers.
  5. Loose money, freedom of labor from restrictions, 5% annual growth with -0- inflation.
  6. The proposal of tax cuts in order to curb unemployment
  7. The use of our food ‘abundance’ to control other nations, while easing credit for the farmers whose incomes have been beaten down.
  8. Everyone gets a house as an inalienable right. Medicare for the elderly. And appropriation of much more money for medical research.
  9. Pushing for oil from shale development, increasing all welfare programs, upping the minimum wage to $1.75, and more research into water and air pollution.

Sadly, reading about the state of our world, economy, and society in the 1960’s reads nearly verbatim what it is today. We face the same challenges, the same chaos, the same failures as though we have done nothing but spin in place, frantically peddling while sitting on a stationary bicycle.

National security, a balanced budget, fair wages, self sufficiency in exploiting our natural resources, healthcare for all, farm assistance, aid to the needy, and of course creating allies and enemies were the focal point then – just as they are now.

Perhaps it’s time to abolish parties altogether and simply have platforms – oh wait, that’s what Hitler did. Maybe people should just tell the truth – what a novel idea…

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