US Presidential Election – a Four Party Game

Could the GOP writhing fear of Trump really be that instituting his way of thinking might create a domino effect in state elections and jeopardize the clansmen from their traditional parties? As Trump gains and garners popularity will like minded candidates get propped up for Senate elections and Governors? Given an all time low of 11% approval rating, could it be that our esteemed elected officials are screaming in peril that they will most certainly get the boot as the populace realizes they are totally worthless?

Parties have come and gone in the US historically. We had the Federalists and the anti-Federalists who were interestingly called the Democratic-Republicans. We’ve had the Jacksonian-Democrats and the Whigs. We had the ‘anti-slavery’ Republican Party, the Copperheads, the Bourbon Democrats. We’ve had the Green Party, the Constitution Party, the Libertarians, the Socialists and the Communists – all right here in free American politics. So would this new wave shift be bad or simply another cycle in our maniacal political agenda?

And then there is Cruz, who is equally disliked by his own party because he refuses to play their childish games and follow like a sheep within the pack of wolves. But using the Senate as a mirror of what the people want is hardly accurate given no one likes our current Senate. Which actually serves to elevate Cruz in the voter mindset, as Congress is considered a muddling bunch of self serving cronyism. Threatening to create a third party candidate, the GOP would thus terminate the party altogether. Which may be happening as we speak anyway.

While Ann Coulter gave a point-by-point parody comparison of Trump to Hitler that had about as much value as the National Enquirer, she has adamantly defended him as the only way we will gain footing in a world that has succumbed to chaos. While Romney continues to put out telephone blasts denouncing Trump, the people are now seeing him as a victim of abuse… and Romney as a bully. Within that frame maybe it is time for the entire GOP Party to re-create itself as they have in the past.

On the other ticket – slight of hand, if Bernie Sanders is such a devout Socialist, why is he running under the Democratic Party? Why doesn’t he run as a third party Socialist?  And perhaps that is exactly where we are heading.

November 5, 1912 four parties ran for the office of President. They included; a Democrat, a Progressive, a Republican and a Socialist. Sound familiar? Who won? The Democrat, Woodrow Wilson.

Ahhh, but here’s the Democrat platform on which Wilson garnered the nomination: anti-monopolies, anti-tariffs, integrity of states and their sovereign power, restrictions on campaign donations, national defense, a progressive tax rate beginning at 1%, the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, free market system, pro-central banking, judicial reform, greater agricultural development, environmental conservation, reform of legal system, and a return to the ‘rule of the people’.

Despite advocating for segregation, he was quite an action oriented President having succeeded on many fronts – including WWI. It is a shame when an entire man’s life is taken out of context of its true legacy and instead a view that was considered uniform for the time is translated as his character. Given the era of lynchings, Wilson may have truly believed that segregation would field the murdering. However unjust society was before the Civil War, and after, it would appear that the circle is complete as it is now blacks who advocate for segregation.

However, I digress.  As we have seen, a four party election could be the evolution of this very divided race we watch unfold before us now: Cruz the Republican, Trump the Progressive, Hillary the Democrat and Bernie the Socialist. How the votes would be cast no poll can accurately define, as polls are random, arbitrary and weighted by the way the polling company’s client determines the end result.

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