ZIKA – A Monsanto, Syngenta, Vaccine Fraud?

According to a report by the National Institute of Health, vaccinating pregnant women for the flu provided no measurable difference in the determination of contracting the flu or having any risks therein. In addition, hospital visits for vaccinated and unvaccinated women were no different. In other words, the flu vaccine provided no measurable protection from any respiratory illness.

However, according to Mayo Clinic, and the US Department of Health, the flu vaccine was the triggering cause of Guillain Barre. Numerous lawsuits have been filed and settled. Given that in 1986 the pharmaceuticals were relieved of any liability for their vaccines, who pays?   The government, through a fund supported by taxpayers – you and I – at a cost of over $2 billion.

Included in the inserts for the flu vaccine that warn of potential side effects is listed – Guillain Barre.  Oops.

Given the US has the largest instance of both Guillain Barre and microcephaly – and the smallest incidence of Zika virus mosquitoes, the link seems rather feeble at best.

In a report issued by the Oxford Journal in 2013, there was a direct link between Guillain Barre and the H1N1 flu Vaccine.

Why the attempt to create a new causal trend in the Zika virus?

A. By diverting the causal affect from vaccines to a mosquito – there go the lawsuits…

B. Zika will create a new vaccine – profit motivation and eliminate the flu vaccine fears.

C. Further destabilization of the Brazilian economy

D. Glyphosate poisoning

E.  All of the ABOVE

In 1975 the cost of vaccinating a child for all illnesses was $10. It is estimated by the National Institute of Health that cost will be $1225 per child as of 2020.

As of 2012, a child received 49 vaccinations before the age of 6. As of 2016, there are now 76 vaccine doses administered to a child between birth and 18 with an additional 271 waiting approval by the FDA. And there are no studies that show the interaction of vaccines and their potential risks. The studies only cover a singular vaccine administration.

The largest vaccine pharma is GlaxoSmithKline based in the UK with annual revenues over $35 billion compared to roughly $13.7 billion in 1999. Their nearest competitor, Bristol-Meyers-Squibb had revenue of $16.5 billion in 2015, down from $20 billion in 1999. An independent organization provides ratings of the pharma industry according to their improvement in making vaccines and medicines more available – Access to Medicine Index – funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. GlaxoKlineSmith is ranked No. 1 despite eight major lawsuits for; adulturated drugs, false advertising, antitrust, kickbacks, market manipulation, bribery, tax fraud, price fixing and an ongoing investigation for foreign corruption and fraud.

And while pharma profits are a known grunge affect, and Bill Gates hand in the till is also well established, there are shadow political and GMO ploys as well:

I.   Soros and the US were backing the loss of Dilma Rouseff, President of Brazil, in the 2014 election cycle. The favored insert was Aecio Neves as their chosen President. Why? To put a hole in the BRICS who pose a very steadfast opposition to the Soros agenda. Rouseff is steadfastly aligned with the BRIC nations, and Neves would have changed that alliance to an EU/US bloc. The loss of Neves in 2014 left an angry hole and every viable means to create destruction within the country has been the pinnacle of action since. It’s called – revenge.

Enter – Zika, another mosquito born virus that has been around for decades. Enter the creation of a pandemic. Enter – warnings against Brazil travel. Enter assertions that the virus is ‘linked’ to a host of diseases that could damage children envitro, and now in addition, cause a rare neurological disorder, Guillain Barre. Warnings circulate NOT to visit Brazil! Warnings circulate to ban the Olympics.

Who are the BRIC countries? Brazil, China, Russia and India. They stand in firm alliance and offer a viable opponent to the World Order of Soros. Without their defeat, Soros goal can not be achieved.

To date, according to the CDC, there are no locally generated Zika virus cases in the US– and 107 travel related. And while the fear media claim that upwards of 4 million people are infected with the virus, it is an abstract number given that according to WHO: a) 80% of people bitten have no symptoms, b) a large percentage simply get flu symptoms, c) few even consult a doctor. There are NO commercially available laboratories for testing the Zika virus – the only source is through the CDC as well as a ‘few’ health departments in the US and one in Brazil.

II.   Oxitec is a British biotech company that has been releasing the genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil. They also claim to be able to diagnose the Zika virus. Coincidentally, their CEO AND Chief Scientific Officer, were formally with Syngenta, the GMO competitor to Monsanto. Their Regulatory Affairs Manager formerly worked in the UK obtaining commercial food approval for GM crops in Europe. She was instrumental in the botched ‘Golden Rice’ debacle, and her most recent post was with Syngenta. Head of Business Development was a former marketing guru for – sigh… Syngenta.

You see, Brazil is the second largest producer of GMO crops and pesticide use in the WORLD.

Which bodes the question – are Monsanto, Syngenta, and Bill Gates creating a false epidemic to hide the fact that glyphosate pesticides are truly the culprit?

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