Romney and the GOP – Fall From Grace

The Romney fall from grace added a new dimension to the GOP. There is something to the integrity of being silent. Especially when castigating a person that was once considered a valuable asset to that person making defaming and seething commentary. And unfortunately for all, Romney’s rant lowered him to such a degree that it may have risen Trump. There is value in loyalty and when someone burns that loyalty, their entire character becomes the focus – instead of the person to whom they attempt defilement.

This is true between spouses, between family, between friends and colleagues. Integrity is called into question – not Trump’s – but Romney’s.

To further complicate the matter, our good friend McCain who advocates for bombing pretty much everyone, who has disdain for pretty much everyone, who honors deceit and duplicity, has come to the forefront to honor the rant of Romney. We know that McCain is deeply embedded in the Soros agenda, and so the innuendo is whomever is a friend of McCain would follow – is a friend of Soros. As in – Romney.

Personally I am embarrassed by the antics of the GOP and their petty, bullying in-fighting. I have adamantly changed parties to Independent as a result – although I can say I would never ever vote for either Hillarygate or Bernieism. While the media is quick to point out that Cruz and Rubio are simply giving Trump a dose of his own medicine, they fail to understand that these supposed Christian men have fallen off their entire platform into a pit of heinous likeness. They mimic the man they say they abhor. Which, of course, makes them abhorrent…

Still, while Cruz and Rubio have agreed to release a very debriefed, brief ‘summary version’ of their tax returns, they continue to claim Trump has something to hide which of course means they have something to hide or they would have voluntarily released – everything. You can’t condemn someone and then fitfully hide yourself, it simply doesn’t fly.

In that regard, why aren’t the GOP candidates picking apart the Hillary and Bernie tax returns? Hillary is purportedly attempting to vilify the uber echelon all the while make more money than the uber echelon, making fabulous contributions to herself via the Clinton Foundation, and racking up a million plus in additional travel expenses over and above the millions reported by the Foundation. The Clinton’s are money machines openly castigating – money machines. And the GOP is silent. On the other hand, Bernie Bern would seem to have made little attempt to create a retirement nestegg, spending nearly everything which might bode for his stint as a presidential persona. Spend Spend Spend. Save? Nothing – because the government will support you.

The GOP has even threatened to create a new third party which everyone knows is the absolute gateway to a Hillary/Bernie coup. And interestingly, Bernie and Hillary barely ever exchange barbs…instead they focus where they should – on the rival – not the ego. Not to say Hillary’s ego doesn’t exist, she scares most people with her sinister grin and self lauding smirk and makes people want to run and hide at her very presence, much less the awful photos.

While the GOP keeps trying to rummage through their trashbin and liken themselves to Reagan, no one shows up. They haven’t the honor, the integrity, the heart, the belief or faith that would make anyone believe that they believe. You see, Reagan may not have been perfect, he may not have been the best, but he did try, he did believe, he did want, he did have faith and he did Love. With a capital L. And these boobs don’t even come close. Another interesting stat – Reagan was at one time – a Democrat.

The rumor mills are ablaze with the notion that Rubio had affairs. At the same time an interesting article surfaced about Trump’s children and how amazing they are! The Biblical notion arises that you can tell a man’s character by his children has to be relevant. The fruit of the tree. Trump’s wife Melania comes across as amazing, she believes in raising her own child without nannies, she is articulate, she had her own success, she has a degree and she has values that she holds to without waver. Of course, she is amazingly beautiful, but that goes without saying.

In the end, while everyone is looking for conspiracy or truth, the GOP is utterly, completely, imploding – and they don’t even seem to care enough about the party and instead resort to infantile, barbaric barbs that are so base only a ten year old can relate – and they can’t vote.

As to the guy who took note of Trump’s children, Doug Giles, I like the way your mind works!

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