The UN’s Functional Inhumanity

Amnesty International calls on the UN to investigate war crimes in Yemen…

UN Names Panel To Investigate War Crimes in Gaza…

UN postpones Sri Lanka War crimes report…

UN investigators to share list of Syrian war crime suspects…

“International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said Friday she has suspended investigations into alleged war crimes in Sudan’s Darfur, criticizing the UN Security Council for inaction over the conflict-hit region.”

“At a Conference in The Hague today, the International Community pledged 15.6 million Euros towards the setting up of a specialized War Crimes Chamber in the Court of Bosnia.”

The call to action! In the Iran-Iraq war their were six calls for war crimes, 100,000 casualties and 25,000 deaths – no prosecutions. In the 1992 Iraq invasion of Kuwait – no prosecutions.  Where was the UN?

“The Lebanon War – 1,000 to 1,200 Lebanese citizens were reported dead; there were between 1,500 and 2,500 people wounded and over 1,000,000 were temporarily displaced. Over 150 Israelis were killed (120 military); thousands wounded; and 300,000–500,000 were displaced because of Hezbollah firing tens of thousands of rockets at major cities in Israel.” No prosecutions.  Where was the UN?

Darfur Conflict and civil war in Chad – estimates vary widely, death toll anywhere from 20,000 to 500,000 – no prosecutions.  Where was the UN?

Ukraine – death toll surpasses 6500 – no prosecutions.  Where is the UN?

Is it all just a joke? What is the UN doing? Well according to their own ego briefing they have 1) accomplished the heady task of world peace by deploying 42 peacekeeping forces. 2) They take credit for ending the Iran-Iraq War, the withdrawal of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, and an end to the civil war in El Salvador. 3) they have enabled people in 45 countries to participate in free and fair elections 4) they have protected the environment – independence – international law – and the prevention of nuclear proliferation. 5) they take credit for ending apartheid in South Africa… 6) alleviated world chronic hunger 7) reduced effects of natural disasters – on and on and on

In fact, the list is so self aggrandizing, one might confer upon the UN the Lordship of God.

Fast Facts:

  1. Apartheid – lasted nearly 50 years. The end was actually a result of a brokered deal by the then British rule under F. W. de Klerk, Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress.
  2. Iraq-Iran war – in 1980 Iraq invaded Iran. At one point it is said that Saudi Arabia was giving Iraq $1billion per month to fight, but they were still no match and their losses were substantial. Despite the funding Saddam asked for a truce in 1982 conditional upon occupation of specific areas. Iran said no. The UN drafted Resolution 598 asking for a ceasefire. Saddam accepted it only to invade Kuwait shortly thereafter.
  3. The Soviet/Afghan war – upwards of 1.5 million deaths. Initiated by a coup, the soviets supported the new government. The US supported the uprooted Afghanistan military, including a notable Saudi, Osama Bin Laden. Although the soviets withdrew in 1989, internal civil war continued until 1992. After the soviet withdrawal, the US supported Muhjahideen Taliban and Al Qaeda were left to rise to power which prompted the US and UK to invade in 2001.

The US provides 22% of the annual UN budget, Japan about 11%, Germany about 7%, France 5.5%, China 5%, the UK 5%, and Italy about 4.5%. Of 193 contributing countries, just 7 countries make up 60% of the funding.

According to its Financial Statement 2012-2013, the UN spends virtually its entire budget on salaries, internal training, consultants and contractors. It accrued a 4% deficit and has nothing remarkable to show. While the UN has been criticized for fraud, waster, corruption, sexual abuse, bioterrorism, and inefficiency, claims that brought down it’s predecessor, The League of the United Nations, to date they have not had any consequences as a result of the inappropriate and illegal actions.

The most recent accusations stem from their peacekeepers involved in human trafficking and sexual abuse as well as the cholera endemic in Haiti. Still, there has been little to no reparations leaving the impression that the UN has diplomatic immunity and can thus operate above the law. Despite lawsuits against the UN, invoking the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations. This was adopted in 1946 and ratified in 2015.

Establishes Juridical personality of the UN (Art. I)

  • UN premises shall be inviolable, and UN property shall be immune from search, requisition, confiscation etc. (Art. II)
  • UN shall be exempt from taxes and customs duties as well as prohibitions and restrictions on imports and exports (Art. II)
  • Diplomatic immunity of communications and mail (pouch) (Art. III)
  • Functional immunity of delegates (Art. IV), officials (Art. V) and experts (Art. VI)
  • Recognition of United Nations Laissez-Passer (Art. VII)

The Functional Immunity clause is the most controversial. Functional Immunity does not apply to absolve anyone from crimes against humanity, genocide or war crimes. Then the definition comes down to ‘humanity’, what are crimes against humanity? There is a list of legally defining humanity crimes and at the end of the list is the classic defining crime of ‘other’.

Invariably, giving the UN carte blanche to commit criminal acts without consequence is a hugely dangerous precedent of inhumanity.

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