There has been much ado about the alternate right, the neo-Nazi’s, and radical right groups – purportedly instigating riots and racism across the country. And while no one is denying radical right, alt-right groups exist, there seems to be little media discussion of the Alt-Left, Radical-Left who openly call for violence on their websites and the ever censoring – Facebook.

The “New” and improved “Students For A Democratic Society, or SDS is one such group. They originated in the 1960’s, became famous for the Kent State Protests, and collaborated with the infamous, Weather Underground”; Bill Ayers (retired professor University of Illinois and involved in education reform), Bernardine Dohrn (currently a law professor at Northwestern) and Mark Rudd (working with the new SDS). They were anarchists who bombed the FBI, banks, the Pentagon and murdered 2 police officers and 1 Brink’s guard and hid from prosecution only to emerge and get highly acclaimed positions at notable Universities!

The original SDS disbanded shortly after the Weather Underground went – underground, forever hiding from prosecution. But in 2006, SDS reorganized and has apparently established over 150 Chapters across the US at your local colleges and universities. Ta-Da!   Including – two – in Virginia, George Mason and James Madison. FYI:   Madison owned over 100 slaves and proposed an Amendment that would give them 3/5’s of a person… I wonder how that’s going to turn out.

The new and improved SDS was supposedly reignited by two high school students and – Mark Rudd, former Weather Underground anarchist.

Solidarity C’Ville’s website praises Black Lives Matter, Showing Up For Racial Justice (a whites only left organization – that aims to prove whites are for blacks), as well as various other “anarchist and antifa groups” who protected each other when the police refused to do so…  Solidarity appears to have been formed in March 2017 and oddly identifies no actual ‘persons’ within the organization.

Despite the report on the BBC, Solidarity specifically asked for an “ALL CALL to everyone across the nation” to join the protest. The Alt-Left was not comprised of mom and pop locals as the BBC journalist would have us believe, it was hijacked by radical Antifa anarchists from across the nation. The Alt-Left makes the All Call claim themselves on their websites.

These are just a trickling of representations of the participants in the Charlottesville alt-left. The actual list of radical organizations is endless, including: The Young Communist League, World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Urban Institute, Teachers For Social Justice, Southern Poverty Law Center, Agenda Project, Students for Justice in Palestine etc… These organizations are promoted across hundreds of universities with such speakers as Nerdeen Kiswani who advocates for attacks against Israelis, and violence and terrorism in order to save the peaceful Palestinians.

Antifa declares that it is simply – “anti-Fascist”. Well, most of us are, but they also consider Trump and all his supporters to be Fascists deserving of death. And while all these leftist radical groups advocate freedom of speech, it is only free when it is applies to them and their agenda, and censorship when it is not aligned within the borders of their belief structure. As in the new report that an ex-CIA ousted woman has started a gofundme page to raise $1 billion in order to gain a controlling interest of Twitter and censor Trump… Free Speech. FYI, she’s raised $5000.

Amid these Alt-Left groups with Alt-Left CNN, NBC< Washington Post, New York Times, etc…, Fox News is considered a ‘conspiracy’ because it has right leaning journalism.   It is also continually defamed for lacking integrity for not upholding a true journalistic non-biased reporting ethic.

And who is making the accusations? The Alt-Left media.  

Civil War has begun. It already is in play, both with the Pen and with Anarchy. Many of us both Conservative and Liberal still hold to a line of ethic and integrity, but the push to grow the anarchists on both sides is very real.   Anarchy was the rule during the Dark Ages. There is very little left of that time frame in terms of antiquity, sculpture, books, writing, art, or evidence of what happened and why. Most of our recreation of history during this time is – conjecture.

However, we do know that it was precipitated by the collapse of an empire…

Hollywood A-Listers Join With Bill Ayers


I decided to put together a list of Celebrities who are calling for anarchy and as I was getting to the bottom, a name blasted out – BILL AYERS. The same Bill Ayers who was a part of the Communist Weather Underground that bombed police stations, the US Capitol and the Pentagon. The same Bill Ayers who was classified as a terrorist and a fugitive from the FBI. The same Bill Ayers who was instrumental in the death of three people when a nail bomb they were constructing exploded.

The same Bill Ayers who is a good friend of Obama. The relationship dates back to at least 1995 when Ayers hosted a fund raiser for Obama at Ayer’s house. Obama ran under The New Party, a socialist/Marxist party that evolved into the Working Families Party today. The same Party that backed; de Blasio, Cuomo, Malloy, Chuy Garcia, Letitia James, Bernie Sanders and ultimately Hillary Clinton.

The same Bill Ayers who built the radical SDS movement which dissolved and has been recreated as of 2006 targeting students at colleges and universities to rise up in radical riots and protests.

The same Bill Ayers who was a colleague of Linda Hammond who was instrumental in the creation of Common Core! The same Bill Ayers who teasingly said he was the real author of Obama’s Dreams From My Father.  The same Bill Ayers with whom the following celebrities would thus be aligned with in their call for Weather Underground style riots as of January 14th in DC:

Madonna                                            Robert De Niro

Debrah Messing                               Tracy Morgan

Gaga                                                     Louis CK

Cher                                                     Mac Miller

Mark Ruffalo                                     Stephen King

Josh Hutcherson                              Jack Black

Michael Moore                                  Ben Stiller

Katy Perry                                           Ricky Martin

Taran Killam                                      David Letterman

Miley Cyrus                                        Jerry Seinfeld

George Clooney                                Lily Allen

Chelsea Handler                              Patton Oswalt

Jennifer Lawrence                           Michael Shannon

Sarah Silverman                              Charlie Sheen

Kerry Washington                           Axl Rose

Elizabeth Banks                               Julia Stiles

JK Rowling                                         Meek Mill

John Oliver                                         Rosie O’Donnell

Shakira                                                Joe Dante

Ed Asner                                             Charles Burnett

Margaret Cho                                    Ted Sirota

Bill Ayers                                          Alice Walker

Saul Williams                                    Eve Ensler

John Landis                                        Robert Downey Jr.

Scarlett Johannson                          Jesse Williams

Keegan Michael Key                         Joss Whedon


If you are like me, most of these names I don’t even recognize. But given their livelihood depends on us, and given they advocate anarchy, riots, and even death threats, it’s fair to say they are not the pacifists of love and tolerance that they proclaim.