Fentanyl is now the #1 cause of death among those aged between 18 and 45!   What is the Federal Government doing to mitigate this otherwise manageable catastrophe?   Nothing.   In fact the Bull in the China Shop IS the federal government. Fentanyl is smuggled from China to Mexico and then funneled through our ‘open border’.   Other means include disguising the drug as a simple opioid pill that is then distributed to unsuspecting teens.   The spike began in 2013 and has now reached a measure of 150-300 people dying daily in the US from the drug.

Lockdowns, depression, loss of loved ones during the  ‘pandemic emergency’ heightened the crisis dramatically.

March 2022, the WH allocated billions in funding to mental health agencies because, “Individuals do not choose to abuse drugs and alcohol”.    Really?   So obviously the rational acumen believes that every street and party drug user voluntarily will submit their life and livelihood to a mental behavioral clinic because they really really hate their drug induced comatose memories.   NAH.

Numbers vary widely depending on the benefit of the statistic, but anywhere from 39% to 65% of Americans use drugs. In 2020 over 3 million Americans had an ‘opioid use disorder’. 67% of Americans are on prescription drugs which typically have a listed side effect of anxiety attacks, confusion, mental fog, and suicide.

ALL approved by the FDA and Big Pharma.

Mental health facilities charge $10,000-$60,000 per ‘Month’ for inpatient residency.   Sober living facilities run $10,000+ per month.   Their lockdown is severe with 8” thick steel doors, keycard access only, and the PRIMARY solution is – medication.   In fact, most residents are medicated into a comatose state.   And once the ubiquitous paper is ‘signed’ while you are medicated comatose, you have literally secured yourself to life imprisonment.

The most common drug given in Health Institutions for opioid use is Wellbutrin. The list of ‘common side effects’ include: anxiety, agitation, inability to concentrate, dream disorder, tremors, insomnia, dizziness, palpitations, nervousness, abdominal pain, etc…   Serious side effects include: Mental Mood changes, fainting, chest pain, uncontrolled movements, high blood pressure, seizures…etc.   Now who would volunteer for THAT?

Obviously a mental ‘health’ institution could never release a person who exhibited any of these symptoms.  Which is the POINT when you are charging FREAKING $60,000 a month!

Health Secretary, Becerra, is quite enthusiastic over Biden’s newest Executive Order allocating billions to his budget including changing the suicide hotline to a ten digit number!   WOW!   I’m sure all the adicts are paying attention when they get the “this number is no longer valid”…   In addition, the 190 day lifetime limit for your Medicare behavioral mental health institution is now – extended forever. Thus assuring a Medicare financial catastrophe.

Money within this historic funding also known as the ‘free crack pipes bill’ will allocate money to agencies and pools, and research and programs to review and make determinations as to whether today is really yesterday or if yesterday is tomorrow wherein it is better than it was… ie Kamaltoes disorder.

All these programs will have a Transition and Performance Fund attached requiring supervision and nepotism handouts… so that Pelosi can make sure she and her husband profit on the newest allocation.

The demographics of overdose victims is:   78% male, 50% Caucasian, 29% Hispanic and 26% Black, and 94% of deaths occur in California.   Large Metropolitan Cities account for nearly ALL statistics.   The same cities which have the highest crime rates, the highest anti-cop rates – the same cities run by democrat politicians, DA’s and AG’s.   The same cities which let murderers free without bond.   Three countries account for nearly 60% of global use: Germany, the US and UK .

This is NOT an accident, or a natural event.   This is cultivated purposefully.

In the 1950’s half a million persons were confined to ‘state mental institutions’.   The disorder could be as simple as menstrual depression … and lobotomy was the recommended  cure all!  How’d that go????

Historically, psychiatry is traced to ancient India 300 BC wherein ‘curing mental illness’ was adopted. But it was Germany and London that brought us ‘lunatic asylums’ wherein cure was no longer a methodology of science.   It wasn’t until the 19th century that psychiatry labeled the interned as ‘pauper lunatics’ in London. And suddenly, ‘psychiatry of lunacy’ became a prominent medical endeavor wherein millions of persons were so categorized. Imprisoned. Eradicated.   During the 1900’s as Rockefeller saw the profit of Big Pharma and Vaxes, psychiatry also gained traction.   Of course, the curative was always referred back to Big Pharma – a circular event of $$$$$$$$$$$.

Today, most within this field have no intention of curing any more than Big Pharma intends to cure anything of value.   Causing psychiatric dysfunction leads to medicating – psychiatric dysfunction – leads to Big Pharma.   With colleges being the current target of all these progenitors of death.

Technically, psychiatry has as much value as global warming Co2 scientists.

Often, war induced ptsd is targeted as a justification for psychiatric dimwits.   If that were so, why is it that veteran suicide rates continue to rise exponentially?   Because – psychiatrists are bogus snake oil salesmen prescribing suicidal medications instead of actual – THERAPY!

Veterans of War are the single most subjects of PTSD and have been since war began.   Talk therapy emerged sometime after the Vietnam War and only seemed to exasperate the issue – at the behest of psychiatric illusion.   Talking about trauma did NOT deter or help of remediate ANYTHING.   In fact it exasperated EVERYTHING.   Reliving your nightmare daily, hourly – was supposedly ‘therapy’.

While distracting thoughts from the horrors was suddenly snake oil science.   Quackery!   ALL pronounced by the requisite Rockefeller Pharma Money Machine.   True curatives such as horse therapy, working a ranch therapy, redefining therapy that involved nature and work and a redefining of soul – these curatives were maligned.

This same psychiatric model is pronounced in the Fentanyl chaos – drug them to get them off drugs…   And today we witness the effects.   Suicides have risen exponentially.   Drug addictions have risen – exponentially.   Crime induced by prescription addictions has risen – exponentially.   And $Trillions of research and studies and programs and committees have resulted in nothing more than a Gluttonous Government.

Ridding the Globe of The Weak – is the Mantra.   Veterans RISE!   Demand Your Rightful CARE.   Drug Addicts RISE!   Demand your LIFE.   DRUGS are NOT the Answer whether illicit or Prescription.   BUT – there is HOPE from nature from ranchers, from ranches, from work, from those willing to embrace The TRUTH.

Thank You -obama,ptsd,military

I was thinking about PTSD. I was thinking how it can alter a brains’ very chemistry structure and create – it’s own. I was thinking how PTSD offers the divine and beautiful hope in God. I was thinking – you couldn’t get much closer on this earth than all the military soldiers who have fought for us to the complete and utter sacrifice of themselves.

How complete. Most of us could never imagine!  Amazing!!

Me, I’m an artiste. I think in realms. But there are these pragmatic mindsets that are so completely devotionally giving that their life is a part of the contract. We accept them – as our security – our military. And I believe 99% of them have the most golden of hearts God would never reject them. But, as in all things, it is the few. It is the few that inject into our society a new norm, a new agenda, a new morality. And each time we cave. How can we be so strong… and yet so weak?

The same reason we get up after we fall, brush ourselves off, and vow to try a bit better – next time.

I try to imagine the PTSD after WWII where my father fought as a Colonel of a tank battalion. He never outwardly showed any PTSD aggravation, but I can’t imagine he didn’t harvest it internally. The Glass’s were – are a very proud genealogy. We do not like to show weakness, and would therefore prefer to suffer in isolation. Weird, but it is who we are.

While my father must have experienced great pain during his tenure in WWII, he never really alluded to this weakness in our presence. And I think some of my brother’s therefore had no concept of who he was so much a who he was expected to be for them. A doomed expectation. They could never see him, they could only concentrate on what they were denied. A pivotal spiral that has no win.  But I had One.

Still, somehow, he rose above. He climbed past the grotesque images, and the horrific memories, and he was a great father to me. In fact, I think he was so good, he could have been an incredible inspiration to the masses of young people. Because he embodied the precept ‘I am here’. And he was. Amazing. I imagine my strength in diversity certainly comes from him. My ability to persevere, as my son says, definitely comes from him.

So, to you the men of honor and integrity and value – to you the men who sacrifice and live the memories, to you the men who have been our shield, our sword, our honor, our life, thank you!!! Sometimes we take for granted that which is most precious.  And I don’t want my appreciation to be shallow.

Veterans: Would The Real Wounded Warriors Please Stand Up!

I was a pacifist, and then I was a warist. I believed that war was necessary in order to rid the world of evil, but now I think I have moved full circle back to pacifist. In the process, I have become somewhat resentful, certainly not toward the soldiers, but definitely toward the ambivalence of the military and the politicians that sign mortality and wound certificates without even an ounce of compassion.

When the media talks about Afghanistan and Iraq, too often the same faulty statistics are offered concerning deaths. Death is a sacrifice. Death has lost its moral compass. But rarely does the media talk about the wounded, the number wounded, the magnitude of the wounded and the unbelievably intense trauma that is inflicted on those lives – forever!

We talk about the drones, how they have eclipsed reality by giving the deaths and bombings a surreal existence. But I think war has become surreal. It is televised and we don’t blink, we don’t cry, we just change the channel.

What are the wounded statistics? Interestingly, the military does not keep a tally. I imagine that is a choice. For if the tally were talked about more, it would show a reality that we would rather quash. My father, a Colonel in WWII who led a tank battalion, never spoke of the war – ever. I understand why. Because bringing it to the surface would be reliving it again and it was so enormously horrific, he wasn’t sure he could survive mentally.  But his horrors didn’t end there, he was an officer in the Nevada nuclear tests, and as an officer, required to stand at full attention while observing the fallout. He became a casualty of that test.

I recently read the article of the Iraq vet who deployed 6 times, 2 with his dog. They both suffered from the war, he with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD, the dog with PTSD. But they kept each other together, that is, until the dog was shot and killed in Powell, Wyoming. What will he do without his dog? The last link to a world gone completely crazy.

Of the 1.5 million men and women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, outside of the military statistics, the estimate of wounded is upwards of half a million – or one third. A list of the injuries is cataclysmic: traumatic brain injury, hearing loss, breathing disorders, loss of limbs, chronic pain, heart damage, lung damage, Leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease caused by the bite of a sand fly native to the Middle East, which causes liver damage, spleen damage, and ultimately death, bladder, kidney and genitalia injuries, neuroendocrine damage, constrictive bronchitis, tumors, lymphoma, the list is most certainly endless.

And yet, we barely bat an eye…  Their lives will never be the same. Because they fought in a war. Their purpose? You and I.

But it isn’t just a lack of empathy for our soldiers, the attitude extends everywhere in some kind of odd self entitlement in which we expect their submission and renunciation of their lives for ours.  Fire fighters and law enforcement officials sacrifice continually, and we simply accept that is their duty while appreciation is rarely forth-coming. While the death rate for these civil servants is low on average, the injury rate is high. In 2013, nearly 64,000 firefighters were injured while on duty, and over 49,000 police officers. So next time you think about Black Lives Matter, consider Soldiers lives, Firefighters lives, and the lives and injuries inflicted on our law enforcement, because death isn’t the only marker of forfeiting your life. Just ask the ones who can no longer live the life they once did…

Waiting for healthcare from a VA system that is broken. Living off a stipend. Where is the respect? The honor? The glory for all they have actually DONE? Their contribution? How horribly wrong is it to focus on a color instead of an action! Why are we so righteous about a color instead of the men and women who serve us, die for us, and face heinous injuries on our behalf?

I recently had a confrontational commentator argue that a system that is in vital disrepair is not at fault because every large institution is broken to some degree and therefore the victims, (children in this case we argued), should just be thankful for what they get. Instead he felt it necessary to attack my values. Really? So how many casualties of a system do there need to be before we have empathy, before we say, it’s too much? Have we really become so apathetic?

VA healthcare is not free to veterans. In fact, in the case of Army Ranger Bessler, his medical care for the brain injury was not tended to by the VA at all. It was Governor Rick Perry who stepped up and upon hearing of his plight, offered to help pay for a ‘private treatment program’. Why wasn’t it covered by the VA?

In 2016, the VA budget will be $168.8 billion! The budget has increased 72% since 2009, so where does it all go?  Salaries?  Waste?  Why do veterans fall between the cracks?  We have countless organizations that claim to supplement the VA care. Why? Wounded Warrior is one of the most well known, but it has come under a lot of fire for misrepresentation, a high CEO salary, and an advertising budget that is more important than actually helping the vets. Some vets reported that the ‘help’ they got was a backpack and a water bottle – and that was it.

As an accountant, I thought I’d take a look at Wounded Warriors’ financials:   First, most noteworthy, is the fact that they have over $307 million in assets!   A whole lot of unspent money is not the marker of a charitable charity! Having ripped apart the Clinton Foundation’s ‘program expenses’, let’s see how these guys stand up:

In 2014, the Alumni Association expenses labeled “Warrior Assistance and Support” accounted for

.9% of the total expenditures, matching their ‘supply’ budget and budget for ‘Membership Fees’.

The largest portion of the budget was spent on “Salaries and Compensation”, followed by “Media”, followed by

‘Meetings and Events’. Even under their Program entitled “Combat Stress Recovery”, the expense apportioned to

‘Warrior Assistance’ was even more feeble coming in at .2%!

Total Warrior expenses for all Functional spending amounted to .3% or $962,097. By comparison they spent $4,344,000 to purchase property and equipment (an asset, not an expense) and $115,000,000 for investments, upping their total investment portfolio to just under $250,000,000.

So who is the real casualty here; Black Lives Matter … or the Real Wounded Warriors?

Will The Real Wounded Warriors PLEASE STAND UP!