PELOSI TAIWAN Stage – A Chess Move

Pelosi’s Taiwan adventure may cost the island it’s western colonization.   Ignoring warnings from China, Pelosi has effectively secured Taiwan’s imminent demise.   Those who welcomed Pelosi will be duly noted – their names engraved into tombstones by China.   In essence, those coming executions will be the direct responsibility of a woman collecting her fair share from Asian nations as she makes a whirlwind tour wherein less than one day was granted or needed by each visited nation.   The Classic Mafia Payoff.

Looking deeply fearful, the General who has seen little battle in his lifetime, Lloyd Austin, apparently accompanied Pelosi on her secure the “payout tour”.   Knowing assassination is the Global Order, the $90 million jaunt and untold $billions in warship backup may have temporarily extinguished an early retaliation, but for the Asian culture, saving face, means everything.  And the US just Dumped $hundreds of Billions to support  “Pelosi”.

Once again, the various rhino’s in concert with their democrat handlers attempted the rally flag, “I stand with Taiwan”!   Marsha Blackburn is such a spool.   But reality will likely intervene in the stage play and Pelosi’s grandiose exhibition will cost many – their lives.

Perhaps it was a diversion from her insider trading scandal.   Or perhaps she wanted distance from her estranged husband facing DUI state charges and potential civil suits.   Or maybe, she is the ‘bag lady’ tasked by the Mafia to pickup their share of ‘fees’.

Looking haggard and speaking from the same pill given to Biden, Pelosi attempted to rally ‘freedom and democracy’ as the talking points while in Taiwan.   Neither of which are parlayed in America.   And while governments bought by the Regime nod in bobble acceptance, The People are staged for annihilation.

Meanwhile, Paul Pelosi’s arraignment claims a ‘not guilty plea’ despite previous reports claiming ‘drugs in his system’ and his ‘aroma’.   The ‘other’ passenger in his car is now asserting medical issues, and the other vehicle was apparently ‘significantly damaged’.   Laws for thee but NOT for Me – is of course the sigh.

Meanwhile the NVidia Stock purchase in question regarding insider trading is a colossal WIN!     Since hitting it’s low price of $145.23 as of July 1, the stock has risen to $188.93 or a hike of 30% in ONE MONTH.   Just in time for a Pelosi forced insider  sale worth over $5 million… on July 27th as the Media attacks!   OBVIOUSLY, they did NOT sell at a loss – as the media percolates.

Nothing about the Pelosi’s makes one think of truth and honor and loyalty to the People, America, or The Constitution.   Money is their only god.   On occasion, Nancy Pelosi will ask Pope Francis, the Jesuit Fake, for redemption of her sins –   as she has a moment of fear for her afterlife.   But the Truth is the Pope is even more beleaguered in corruption than even the Pelosi’s can conjure!     And his hand only serves to preserve Hell on those who align with him.

I have listened to People who denounce our proclamation of Truth.   They denounce the fact that Truth is NOT pleasant.   That Truth maligns and we should be ‘more tolerant’.   But Jesus was a Warrior – who smite those of ethics and morays considered malevolent.

NO One is immune.   NO One can HIDE.  

Taiwan’s fate has now been convened and solidified.   The people who sought obscurity are now targets for assassination – because of – PELOSI.   Her tour of duty and the prerequisite Rhino applause is an insidious declaration for which The People Will Suffer!   To Save – FACE.

While pundits including Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity decry China’s threat toward the Western Nations as preposterous, they fail to understand the history, the politics, and the detante that was created and destroyed. Like Syria.   Like Iran.   Like Cuba. Like Venezuela. Like – NAME THE COUNTRY!

In creating the annihilation of Taiwan – the western Mafia secures global destabilization, massive supply shortages that will lead to peasant status, and a purported New World Order – that has already FAILED.   The moves are retaliatory only.   Angry over failure – they lash out like elementary school children on a playground.

The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, identifies as a ‘progressive democrat’.   Her studies include stints at London School of Economics – known for it subversive Marxism, and Cornell whose ‘current alumni’ is rather Vacant.   Except it did favor a one Michael Atkinson who was instrumental in the complaint about Donald Trump in ‘Ukraine’.   While the Hunter/Biden reality was ignored.

WHAT makes a person willing to sell out his own country?   I don’t think I want to know. Which is why I continue to hear conservatives voice their ‘sympathy’ for Joey.   Knowing and understanding the extent of true Blackmail that must inspire their Treason.

And what exactly was in this supposed “Veterans Bill” that was just passed by EVERYBODY despite the obvious verbiage jargon of Kryptonite!   Geez Louise!   In essence – the Bill allocates hundreds of billions to ‘programs and entities and persons and committees and chairs and charts and FREAKS – because it FUNDS NOTHING.   The money – like ALL Money – will be quietly allocated to Soros et al for the further decline and denunciation of America – The Country He Hates With A Passion!

The country that aided in the defeat of his beloved clan – The Nazi’s.   And those who so participated and their heirs for eternity – shall be made to perish.   In Vengeance.

That’s really it. The Entire Agenda.   The bored, boring, nothing that is the depth of their boredom.

We are Irate. We Watch and become Angered.   We write epistles of Truth.   And we avidly spout our beliefs on social media while sitting in the proverbial bathroom.   In this delusion – The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword.     But the reality is – The Pen Is Losing!   And their ONLY Hold is the ‘delusion of media’!

Don’t Believe Any Thing

PELOSI TAUNTS XI JINPING: Taiwan a Colony of US or China?

Pelosi desperately wants to go to Taiwan.   China states that IF Pelosi goes to Taiwan there will be repercussions.   One such repercussion being floated is that her plane will be shot down.   Pelosi STILL insists on going to Taiwan … defying death.   WHY?

There is only one thing that drives Pelosi – MONEY.   Her obsession is only matched by her husband who will allegedly lie, cheat, and commit fraud without guilt, conscience, or consequence.   Both P’s are in their 80’s, their lives precariously on the precipice, and yet even after a political span of insider trading corruption reaping massive profits – they want MORE!

“Traveling” to war torn Kyiv, Pelosi gave a political photo-op that appeared reminiscent of the Biden White House ‘stage set’.   For her endeavors, she was likely handsomely rewarded with her cut of the Ukraine Funds.   Taiwan is no different.  WHY?

After Soros reaped the benefits of colonizing China, there was a cockfight between Xi Jinping and the Soros Clan about who should sit on the bench, who should be eliminated, and who gets to sit in the ivory tower.   Xi wanted the ivory tower and Soros gave him the bench.   Xi refused and Soros called for a Coup;  “to those who believe in an open society, Xi Jinping is the most dangerous enemy”.  

Allies become enemies after their usefulness wanes.  

Pelosi has been guaranteed her life will be preserved should Xi follow thru with his threat.   As such the aircraft carrier, USS Regan, is in the South China Sea headed ‘north’.  While The Economist has confirmed that Pelosi will be touching down in Taiwan Tuesday, her visit is wholly without purpose.  The last time a high ranking American official visited Taiwan was in 1997 – Newt Gingrich.

Obviously Pelosi’s visit has no value other than to pick a cock fight with China.   And the Hawks Approve.   The idea that Pelosi is a show of American strength while Defense Chief, Lumpy Austin, and Blinking Blinken hide in their basements hardly evokes a Strong US.   In fact, it was the same ploy used to exploit WWI via the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Hungary.   After the assassination Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia – wherein sides were thus taken.   But the sides are not routinely cited:

The allies of WWI included;   China, Russia, US, UK, Japan & France among others.   The belligerents were;  Hungary-Austria, Germany, Ottoman Empire & Bulgaria among others.   Should Pelosi’s visit spark a war in the South China Sea the countries most at risk would include Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines.  Pelosi’s current excursion includes stops in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Hawaii.   Likely assuring them that in the event of WWIII, the US will help these fine countries after they have been bombed into oblivion …  as a consequence of war initiated by the Western Power Grid.

Was Ferdinand’s assassination simply another JFK?   Why would the US give a hoot about Archduke Ferdinand?   Think Khashoggi…   His assassination was of no business to the western world either – yet despite this trivial person, Saudi Arabia has been condemned and alienated by ALL western leaders.   The same western leaders who advocate exterminating 7.5 billion global persons without a problem.

Lest we forget, WHO and Company praised China for their restrictive response to CoVid just two years ago – 2020.  Then 2022, WHO criticizes China for its CoVid response.   2010 – Soros praises China“China has a better functioning government than US”.   The economist Milton Friedman with his wife, Rose, in Beijing. … praises the role of small businesses in the Chinese economy – 2018 as per the New York Times.   “China is the world’s factory more than ever!” ~ The Economist 2020. 

It is only a matter of time before the QUEEN’S Gamet turns against those previously praised.   Such was the demise of Assad who was a devoted US spy before he became a warlord and dictator whose country needed to be annihilated.  Saudi Arabia was an ally before Trump aligned Prince bin Salman ousted Al Waleed, the Clinton pocketbook.   Now Bin Salman is a terrorist murdering Dictator.   And a close alliance becomes an – enemy.

The shooting of Archduke Ferdinand was attributed to a 19 year old Serbian student whose life was spent as a farmboy.   Is the story any more factual than the contrived story that convicted Lee Harvey Oswald?   And why would the Muslim Ottoman Empire side with the ‘belligerents’ of WWI in alliance with the Archduke when he represented their abject enemy?   Why then was the end result of WWI the defeat of the Ottoman Empire by their alliances – Germany, Austria and Hungary?

It would appear – history has been rewritten.  Sloppily.

IN fact, WWI was not the result of a farmboy and an unpopular Archduke, it was the cockfight within the forming of alliances – each group concerned over the other.  Bullies on a playground and the boys who must choose a side.  WWI was about cliques joining forces and sprouting cock stances against their perceived enemies.   It was about Empires!   The Archduke’s assassination simply became a fantasy novel.  In fact Ferdinand was hugely disliked by enemies and allies, a blustering rageful man of no dignity or honor, he hated everyone, and everyone in turn shared the opinion.

Russia and Britain offered peace proposals as allegiances became solidified – Austria rejected them – because they ‘wanted’ war.   Germany sent Russia an ultimatum of war given Russia aligned with Serbia.  Germany then declared war on Belgium.  Germany then declared war on France.   And ultimately, invasions were instigated by –f GERMANY.   NONE of these belligerents gave a hoot about Ferdinand.   And WWI was in reality a German invasion to gain Power over both the British and Ottoman Empires.

Today we see this same parlay of alliances against alliances.  The Western global instigations are about the winning of Power.   Demonizing those countries not onboard the NATO alliance.   The THREAT.  The Blackmail.   Yet even when a country is lured and wooed into a false sense of allegiance as in – China, they were never an actual persona grata of the Ivory Tower.  So when Xi refused ‘the bench’, China became the pariah.

Like WWI, the only purpose is to destroy empires so as to create a new one via the allies vs the belligerents.   In this global coup that has evolved it will be NATO vs BRICS.   Everything else is exactly the same –  Pelosi is Ferdinand although she believes she will not be the decoy or slaughtered pig, she believes that ‘they’ will come to her rescue…   belying the fate of Archduke Ferdinand.   Becoming an historical figure in novels,,,