KAZAKHSTAN Chaos – Another NED Color Revolution?

The protests in Kazakhstan are more than a bit ‘complicated’.   They went from peaceful to riotous violence in a matter of days somewhat resembling the uprisings in Hong Kong.   Those riots – and the protest at the US Capitol last year mimic a commonality that cannot be ignored – installed instigators – FBI, CIA, mercenaries. And it would appear that may be the trajectory of the Kazakhstan development.

Reading the Kyiv Post it appears Ukraine may have been the distraction.   A battle tactic whereby the army comes up from the rear while distracting from the west. But that also means the west battleground is now vulnerable… for a full blown NATO aggression.

As I said – complicated.

Kazakhstan president, Tokayev, had instituted a moratorium on the sale or lease of land to ANY foreigner. This same moratorium that had been instituted by the former couped president of Ukraine, Yanukovych. When Poroshenko, the chocolate king, was installed by the CIA, the moratoriums were immediately lifted and now over 200 US businesses have set up office having effectively taken over the country.

When Yanukovych was ousted, the coup was referred to as a Maidan Revolution – for the people. Of course, that wasn’t the case at all – it was a CIA coup to consume the country for their resources.

The give away in the Kyiv Post was their reference to the Kazakhstan riots as their “Maidan”. All Maidan’s start with the people peacefully protesting and end up with chaos and fire bombs once the mercenaries are installed. The format of these Maidan’s or color Revolutions is always exactly the same. A playbook.

Despite the Kazakhstan giving into many of the protestors demands including the initial instigation – rising fuel prices – another more obvious demand is the renunciation of Russia in favor of a pro-western alignment.

Color Revolutions have been the mainstay of National Endowment for Democracy for decades.   Myanmar was one of latest when the installed NED president, Aung San Suu Kyi, was removed by a military coup.   Kyi was a pro-western and her Buddhist nonviolent ideology was promoted throughout the media in elevating her victimhood.

But Kyi was to Myanmar what Navalny is to Russia what Poroshenko was to Ukraine – what Biden is to the US. All built on the premise of Democracy so as to inflate a propaganda campaign.

While the protestors are said to have no internal organization, one obscure Twitter user posted that the leaders of the Kazakhstan protests are based in Kyiv and Paris.

The former long-time president of Kazakhstan and notable elites have reportedly fled via private planes to Abu Dhabi.   Russian peacekeeping troops have been deployed at the request of the current president, and the western media continues to fuel a coup.

In 2016, Kazakhstan began a buyback program of illegal weapons – no questions asked and pocket money given.   That program took over 51,000 guns and 1 million rounds off ammunition out of circulation. Lawful ownership is still available thru licensing requirements.  Today the gunfire erupting is described as machine guns.

When acknowledging the ‘peaceful protestors’ their peacefulness is akin to the devastation by BLM and Antifa thugs in Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, and elsewhere:   “Shops, gun stores, banks, hospitals and other venues have been ransacked and looted.”   Police have been shot and killed with over 700 wounded.   Protestors have been shot and killed while attempting to take over the police headquarters!

If Ukraine is used as an example, the fighting continues to rock the Donbas area after 7 years!   The means to quell violence is never without violence.   And the Playbook turns to ACT II.

Hopefully Russia has not left it’s western border open…  that could be a decisive historical mistake.