UnConstitutionality of the US Income Tax via The Revenue Act

There are 13 countries that have NO Income Tax.   Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries rely on their resource – oil – to fund the monarchy instead of relying on the peasants.   The US is abundant in resources that the government could tap – oil, coal, steel, agriculture, and mining, but instead continues to shut down in the name of Climate.   A Changing weather that they turned into chaos so as to destroy the natural resource values and thrust citizens and our economy into a tailspin without a bottom to land on.

Before 1980, China’s communist tax system included tax on profits and land.   But with the advent of progressivism modeled after the US, China adopted a similar model in 1980.   China thus became a Progressive communist capitalist country.

In the US, before taxes were introduced, our government was fed via Tariffs. 

Two hundred years ago the entire government labor force was roughly 11,000. Today the total number of federal workers is over 2.1 million and does NOT include state, city, and county government labor.   When all workers are tallied governments employ roughly 22% of all US employees.   AND they all need MONEY!   LOTS of money.

But even wages, benefits and perks are not enough for our government.   They demand insider-trading deals – and money laundering schemes to ‘survive’ amidst their Hollywood cohorts.

To this end, the hubris has determined that billions of dollars funneled to Ukraine were then converted into FTX Crypto currency and redeposited in Democrat PACS.   FTX owner, Bankman-Fried was the pawn.   His company facilitated the transactions of converting Ukraine billions into crypto and laundered back to the democrat PACS.   FTX has declared bankruptcy and Bankman is now in the Bahamas’ likely emptying his accounts before he hightails it to Argentina.

The holders of FTX have lost everything – and the Democrats won the Midterms.  

The Revenue Act of 1913, NOT the 16th Amendment of 1909 is the legal basis of the US Income tax.   This Act has come under considerable legal challenges since its inception.   Supreme Court decisions have never found substance in the allegations of unconstitutionality.   But then, no one has presented ALL the facts.

The definition of “Income” 150 years ago was ‘profit’. What we call today – Unearned Income. No Labor tradeoff involved.   Wages and salaries were earned via that labor trade – thus it wasn’t profit, it was trade.

Most cases brought before the Supreme Court attempted to utilize the 16th Amendment corrupted ratification as a defense.   But it isn’t the 16th Amendment that defines the IRS definition of income – it is the Revenue Act of 1913. The 16th Amendment gave the power. The Revenue Act sidelined that power to the IRS.

In that vane, I acquired a copy of the IRS rules and regulations as stipulated in their guide in 1917.     So as not to slant the wording, I shall post it verbatim:

“Salaries, wages, etc., paid by States or political subdivisions thereof and gifts not forming part of your compensation for services rendered should not be reported. Expenses charged against your compensation or professional income should be explained on the blank lines marked “Explanation of deductions.”

The initial flat tax levy in the 1800’s was deemed unconstitutional because it was NOT progressive.   Therefore it was shut down by the Supreme Court.   With the Revenue Act of 1913, the bankers modified the tax to be progressive based on income levels.   BUT by making salaries from government exempt – they once again subverted The Constitution.

Further, when taxing corporations, they taxed ‘profits’ – not income. Further defining that income is not wage – but profit. The reason?   Because ALL profits were supposed to be distributed to the shareholders!   Corporations that did not share dollar for dollar were thus taxed on what was NOT distributed.’

IF the law was fair and equal, all expenses related to income including housing, electricity, fuel, clothing, children, food, etc… would be considered an expense of that labor-income.   JUST like ‘corporate profits’.   Therefore the Income tax is NOT progressive in that it does not take into account necessary expenses to ‘produce’ that income  as do corporations.

But the entire point of the Income Tax was to fund a corrupted government that was installed by the bankers.   The reason for higher tax rates was a direct result of an overflowing government labor force whose purpose was Free WAGE.   Every single government office was created to tax citizens more, deplete their revenue, while giving a bureaucratic institution a monarchial type tax.   WHICH could be obliterated should our monarchial government actually tap – resources as a source of revenue.

Is the US Income Tax Unconstitutional?   Likely.   Because government workers and corporations and NGO’s make the progressive tax – UNPROGRESSIVE.