Billionaire Ray Dalio China Connection: Confucius Say Follow The Money

Ray Dalio is self-imposed Headline Material. CIO of Bridgewater Investments, the largest hedge fund in the world with massive ties to the CCP and China, just couldn’t control his narcissistic self and had to give an interview in support of all things China.   TO Russia.   While touting his latest book, “The Changing New World Order”.   Ah, Confucius Say – Give Me Da Money!

Ray Dalio advocates for ‘radical transparency’.   Within this premise, the only way to regain trust is to remove ALL barriers and thrive on open access to everything corporate, political, educational and social.   According to Dalio, it is the only means to avoid civil war or international war.   Mark Zuckerberg apparently agrees.

ALL while hyping the “Changing New World Order”, his latest book praising China.  

Two Points on this book:

  1. He argues that America’s debt is its demise while ignoring who and how that debt concept was created – by the same Rockefeller, Rothschild’s ingratiated with their greed and lust for power via the IMF, Federal Reserve and BIF.
  2. His claims that China has a 100 year strategic plan somehow makes their vision better – without taking into account;   a) poverty is earning less than $1.95 a day,   b)   their land and water degradation was an expense of their plastic toy and retail market leaving them without the ability to survive,   c)   the people lack creativity and entrepreneurship which drives an economy.   D)   the science they do have was ‘given’ to them by US and French heavy-weights illegally.

So, do either of these monolithic greed and power rapists actually practice what they preach?  No.   And as such they lose their audience, lose loyalty, and lose face.  When challenged on China’s human rights, Dalio was quick to compare the CCP to a ‘strict parent’ and defend their means of governing…   OUCH!

What is Dalio’s Point?

While espousing the great benefit he has gained in China through vast investments, his foundation would also seem to be a benefactor.   The same Dalio Foundation that has -0- employees has ‘benefacted’ millions of funds to the Ray Dalio Foundation in China – in an obvious tax evasion spectacle!    That Philanthropic dalliance.

China Global Philanthropy Institute is the recipient of the Dalio Foundation gifting whose board includes everybody China with two exceptions: Ray and Billy Gates. Odd.   I thought China was the bad guy? I thought that the US, UK and EU were all denouncing China for their insufferable human rights?   Didn’t China unleash CoVid? I thought China was going to invade Taiwan?   I thought Biden said we would sanction and war with – China?
You know, THAT China…

Apparently, Billy and Ray didn’t get the memo.

CGPI was founded in 2015 by Billy and Ray to;   “advance social progress by nurturing global best practices in philanthropy, and supporting philanthropists, practitioners, and social entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable impact.”

I think that is called “Word Garbage” given it means absolutely – nothing.

What has this grand China/RAYBILL philanthropic foundation done?   They have taught classes for “Global Social Entrepreneurs”   – at Harvard, Peking, Bejing, and the Rockefeller Institute in collaboration with – The UN.

Fall off your seat!  Yes the UN is Chinese now having unveiled their latest China dragon sculpture in NYC which announces the allegiance.

  • Headline 11/24/21 – Bridgewater has $154 billion under management
  • Headline 12/1/21 – Dalio defends China’s human rights abuses saying they are acting like a strict parent and the government is entitled to its own approach.
  • Headline 12/3/21 – Bridgewater has $223 billion under management.
  • Headline 12/6/21 – Ray Dalio raises $1.3 billion for a private fund in China.

ALL this crudoo about China being the bad guy is propaganda.   Every single NGO and Foundation within the maze finds a tentacle or thousand back to Beijing.   Fully entrenched. Cutting the chains is likely not tenable.

So. IF we accept that China is a colony of the US or the US is a colony of China, then why play the party game of chairs?   ALL the Big Boys are fully financially ball & chained to China. So who is the bigger idiot? China for being played the puppet to their falling economy?  Or US Greedy CEO’s who believe they are immune and mini-me gods who are deserving of their mega-massive wealth?

Either one falls, or they both do.   That would be an inevitability.   But the game is – the GAME.   Winner take all.

In analyzing the shell game of the Dalio Foundations, the Gates Foundations, et al, it becomes more and more prevalent that these persons don’t even attempt to hide their corruption.   There is no point given they are immune – completely.

But to lordship Dalio as a purveyor of truth and honesty and ethics is about as laughable as it gets.   Despite Dalio claiming the US is toasted and headed for economic catastrophe, he praises Biden’s economic decisions that crucify America.   And suddenly Dalio’s legendary status as he is hailed by Forbes and Bloomberg for his brilliance, all seems toilette water.

Ray Dalio is for the ascendency of China so he can capitalize on that growing empire and make money while declaring he has Principles…   another book he wrote in 2017.   The purpose of his sudden garnering of headlines is simply to up the touting ante for investors to shoveel money into China and the CCP.  In this ‘work’ Dalio explains how making more money through the best means of reason, alternatives and balanced risks is ‘principles’.   Espousing his own success, the book is more of a self idolizing grandizing mote of narcissism.   His books are routinely hailed by the same exact lineage of royalty: Gates, Kissinger, Huffington, Bloomberg, Cuban, etc… while pandering to all things China.

Interestingly, Dalio considers himself an expert on China and Confucius but doesn’t understand that pandering and ‘brown-nosing’ are qualities abhorred in Chinese culture. Pandering: to indulge an immoral or distasteful desire, need or habit such as prostitution.

By Contrast, The Five Virtues of Confucius are:  1. Manners, 2. Kindness,   3.   Truthfulness and Sincerity, 4. Honesty & Generosity and 5. Piety & family values.

Dalio addresses nor exudes any of these attributes. He brags, brown-noses, and is by his own resume engorged with one ideal – making money at the expense of anything, any person, any human rights.

And the Magicians are waiting to guzzle his investments before doing to China what has been done across the globe.   Lie. Cheat. Pander. And Steal.   While pretending it is for the Greater Good RESET.

***NOTE:   February 2022, Chinese New Year is the year of the TIGER.   The Tiger represents power and bravery, The King of all Beasts…