US EXPERT – To Control AI We Must Nationalize it!

UNDER the radar I caught an interesting pronouncement,  “There’s Only One Way To Control AI:  Nationalization.”   The fact that nationalization of an industry is a communist construct is vaguely dismissed because the source of the statement is ~ Politico.   But the author isn’t just talking about nationalizing AI at the US level – in his clearest most arrogant pomp, he decries that the Control must be on a   GLOBAL LEVEL.   In fact he has created the name of the government agency – Humane AI Commission…

“The new Humane AI Commission would be run by a diverse team of AI experts, and strive to be as apolitical as possible. Fortunately, AI policy in America has not yet been hyper-politicized. Republicans want a strong U.S. AI policy vis a vis China, and Democrats want racially unbiased AIs that fight climate change and create new jobs. Both agendas can be served, without contradiction, by an aggressive, capable new national AI plan — with the HAIC at the center.

Our best hope is not to suppress AI, but to harness it in ways that align with humanity’s interests. The only entity on earth with both the resources and values necessary to harness AI effectively and humanely is the government of the United States.”

In other words, he proposes a global WHO or NIH for AI.    Those agencies are never corrupted – Promise!   While he doesn’t name names, in all likelihood he has chosen the “Team” best qualified and diverse – all with prominent links to the Democrat Party according to Soros.

Mr. Jenning’s claim is that nationalization would mean all American citizens would be represented instead of those nasty, greedy corporations.   Apparently the government never makes a dime on corporate laundering and fraud, it is immune from anything nefarious or devious or two tiered.   AI would be programed with equity and inclusion, and the DEI component of ‘unbiased’.

The fact that bias is inherent in every human means that programming would inevitably be too.   I suppose the possibility of a two party AI could  be coerced into an unbiased coding, but ultimately we would simply have what we have in politics – a rhino/liberal/progressive/communist uniparty.

Imagine what could be accomplished?  AI robot police that targeted white supremacists!  AI robot doctors who determine who needs to be suicided.   AI robots dressed in Goth with tattoo’s and piercings teaching children about porn.   YEAH! 

I’m convinced every country across the globe would immediately comply – throw down the gauntlet and bow to their Master…

Mr. Jennings likens this phenomena to The Manhattan Project developed to control nuclear weapons.   That Project worked so well we promptly used it to kill a quarter million people and wound another 1 million.  We forever laid the groundwork for an irradiated Japan and decimated the South China Sea.   Of course that was before ‘climate change’ and protecting our oceans became a theme park carnival.

I am constantly amazed that Japan would EVER consider being an ally of the west.

In reality, AI will be used for War.  It will be used to find more efficient ways to depopulate earth without harming ‘the environment’.   Because, suddenly, the environment is a necessary good for the sustainability of the remaining 500 million global population agenda.

AI in its singular sense is not the ultimate goal.   The ultimate realization is to have AI Humanoids, hybrids.  Like a designer dog.  In this vision of being god, the agenda is for immortality.   To replace parts of humans that age and die with mechanical bionics.   Proponents of this vision include Zuckerberg and Bezos who envision living for eternity – I think Star Trek did a series on this illusion.

One of the biggest obstacles is – boredom.  

Today boredom fuels the Cartel Elites.   Bored, they want war.   Bored they want death.  Bored they practice Satanism.   And bored they assault children.   This boredom will only become more pronounced.   You can only sail the world so many times.   You can only fly to Greece for dinner so many times before it becomes passé.   What next?

The essence of AI is computational.  To Solve a Problem, faster, better, and infallibly.  A savant on steroids.  The idea that AI is creative negates everything that is the soul of creativity – different.   Artists want to stand out based on how they think.   They want to produce something no one else has.  

AI does NOT have independent thought.   It has ‘feed’.  

This concept of ‘feed’ is what the media version of god.   The media is feeding a constant drivel of word-salad to alter a persons ability to think for themselves.   Thus making humans into robots while trying to make AI into humans.   A very flawed concept.

When the media ‘feeds’ those words and thoughts can certainly produce a hypnosis.   SNAP – and the psychiatrist wakes you from this dream-state and you are back to reality.   That SNAP could always be implemented in humans because our brains function on a far superior level than an AI brain ever could.

An electric automobile uses over 3000 microchips.   Robots in the vision of replacing a human would require vast quantities of chips – each chip subject to failure, each failure potentially unrecognizable until a rogue outcome.   Monitoring a robot requires a human.   Humans get bored.  They get lazy.   It wouldn’t take that many rogue robots to create a catastrophic event.  Giving that oversight to a Committee of self-described ‘experts’ – now takes us down the path of no return – Alice’s Wonderland.

7 thoughts on “US EXPERT – To Control AI We Must Nationalize it!

  1. Its an embarrassment that Politico would publish such complete nonsense and an insult that they would think there is an audience for it. AI is a parlor trick. It’s just a clever combination of search and language algos. It doesn’t learn, so much as just grow the dataset it mines from. For sure it is paradigm shift in the raw speed at which tasks can be performed. But it’s been hyped up as something far beyond what it is. All it is is what we’ve been trying to do with computers since we discovered computers. After a few decades of laying foundations and indexing data in every way imagineanle, AI has brought a sort of second order efficiency to the organization and retrieval of data. But that’s all it is. Just really efficient clerical work. Ask it to draw you a horse and that horse will only have 3 legs. I literally cancelled my Midjourney sub after like the 50th 3 legged dog, cat etc. AI isn’t some world dominating super intelligence we need to confine to Antarctica, it’s just Automated Microsoft Office. Furthermore the author clearly doesn’t grasp the current state of AI in any way. It is already in the open source open domain. All the required indexes, modules etc are available for anyone to program their own purpose built AI programs. I know HS kids who have well developed AIs complety defined by them. Its already a million times more pervasive than the author even seems to grasp and Skynet has not sent the Terminators yet. Nobody is scared nor is their anything to be scared of. This endless campaign to devalue and demoralize you, by suggesting that a few computer scripts can replace you or Lord over you, is vulgar. As if automated office work is such a threat that we should find some agreeable way to surrender our entire lives to it. Politico is so devoid of any relevance to intelligent thought, that this is what theyre peddling now. Uninformed demoralization dripping with entitled hubris. How and why do they even exist? WTF has happened to people?

  2. Somehow I think China may object to global control of AI. Probably Russia and Iran hold similar positions, as well. Why give the keys to the armory to Biden and company?

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