USAID: Fostering Innovation & Global Development Act

2021-2022 Rep Castro and Kim Young introduced a Bill Fostering Innovation and Global Development Act. The purpose of the Bill is greatly broaden funding and actions of USAID.   One said purpose of the Act would be to allow US, donors, and other governments to participate in the Global Innovation Fund mandating US Taxpayer Funding of $45 million each year for 5 years.   The purpose is to colonize Africa.  

The CEO of the Fund is a former Bill Gates/Google/Harvard – World Economic Forum Young Leader, Alix Peterson Zwane.   The Fund’s Chief Investment Officer, Avinash Mishra, was formerly with Acumen Fund funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates, Google, Cisco, and the Skoll Foundation.   The Board of Directors of Acumen include Soros daughter, Andrea Soros.

I repeat: NGO’s need to be declassified. The Charitable deduction for 501©(3)’s needs to be eliminated or severely constrained.   The roundtable needs to be restacked.  The circular hording of trillions of dollars within these hellish halls belongs to US Taxpayers!

Acumen’s last 990 filed for 2019:   Income over $26million – Grants $3million, $10+Million – Payroll, and $13.5Million in operating expenditures. Their accumulated Net Equity is $135.8Million untaxed. Grants are given to their allies and subsidiaries.   Their activities are concentrated mostly in South Asia and Sub Sahara Africa. One prominent initiative is, The Africa Poultry Multiplication Initiative funded by and vaxed by – Bill Gates.

They state their purpose is to provide ‘dual purpose’ chickens to African farmers.   The point is to begin the process of elevating Africa’s food security system while vaxing the populace. But Bill Gates wants us to eat crickets while raising chickens and cows in Africa…   ODD.   What is in the vax he’s giving to the chickens?

Logically, based on the financing sources, it appears the purpose of these diverse investors is to squeeze out Africa’s population with Bill Gates vaccines while building up African Resources for Western cultivation, consumption and colonization.   Knowing they can never rid the world of Magats, destroying America is on the table.

Our Guns Rights Must Not Be Infringed!

USAID is led by Samantha Power a diehard Obama/Hillary advisor who was appointed by Obama to the newly created, ‘Atrocities Prevention Board’ in 2012. In this capacity, the Board Chair, Powers, works in conjunction with National Security Council, the Departments of State, Justice, and Treasury, USAID and the entire intelligence community!   The Cult.

The Board is broadly hailed by the Soros Human Rights Watch while Syria, Africa and Iraq call FOUL.   In fact, the Board with its esteemed intelligentsia would seem to initiate and impose the very atrocities it claims to mitigate.

The World Bank, the IEA and other partners including the United Nations recently called for developed economies to provide more support to develop the energy and renewables sectors in Africa.   Translation: MILK North America, Europe, Australia and Japan taxpayers of every last drop of money in order to recreate Africa for the Cartel.   Because residing in Africa is the ultimate goal, aka Obama – just not for peasant Africans… 

The multipolar world remains in shift mode despite the bully tactics most recently employed by the Cartel including:   1) Ordering the Kakhovka Dam destruction – 2) destroying Russian infrastructure & agriculture – 3) indicting Trump to district from Biden’s $10 billion bribery scheme – 4) setting FIRE to Canada killing billions of wildlife and destroying thousands of ‘homes’ – 5)   and creating a fake LGBT community in order to distract from the Pedophile Leisure Suits.

The problem facing the Cartel is the social media world has opened international forums to analyze and research data using critical thinking skills – and the Cartel is still using tactics from WWI.   The only ones who like bullies – are other bullies.

Ramping up the World Economic Forum and their slew of some 80,000+ NGO’s – the Cartel’s distractions are becoming more and more deleveraged.   These events and actions serve to make the Magats stronger, more resilient, and more focused on the inherent evil vs good doctrines that rule our universe.

USAID has acted as the money laundering entity for Syria and Ukraine.   Syria’s oil is still stolen from the northern fields daily, and trucked to Iraq for sale on the black market.   The money is laundered back to USAID for distribution to the fair share equity bank accounts of the elite Cartel including Clinton, Blinken, Obama, Biden, Powers, Soros, Rockefeller, etc… etc… etc…

The Bill presented to congress, FIGDA, has only one purpose, to ramp up the laundering distribution center in the event a Trump presidency is effected.

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  1. It’s about over for Western mafia.govs. Civilization in this part of the world is cooked. Free for all shoplifting in our retail sector. Six month sentences for multiple rapes of girls under 13. Child mutilation sickeningly called gender correction, now a right for 4 year olds. Your child removed from home by CPS for parent refusing to use its preferred pronouns. Taxes, inflation,fees a moon shot. Government declaring bio-war on the masses. New Definitions for vaccines that kill. Government burning forests to the ground for climate change scams. Government corruption in all sectors. The rule of common law is finito. Woke law is now in force.

    ” We Didn’t Start The Fire “needs updated. Call Billy Joel before he passes….

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