Saudi Arabia Welcomes Blinken

The U.S. has been working with the Saudis to end the war in Yemen and mediate between two rival generals in Sudan.  ~NPR

Reuters refers to Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia as the ‘de-facto’ ruler:   De facto describes practices that exist in reality, whether or not they are officially recognized by laws or other formal norms.


Blinken’s mission in Saudi Arabia is described as follows:   “The aims of the trip include regaining influence with Riyadh over oil prices, fending off Chinese and Russian influence in the region and nurturing hopes for an eventual normalization of Saudi-Israeli ties.”

In English that parlays to – Blinken intends to threaten Prince Salman to follow the International Order of the US – or suffer.

in 2019 during President Joe Biden’s then campaign, he said he would treat Riyadh like “the pariah that they are”.   I wonder what Prince Salman thinks of Biden?

WSJ:   Blinken wants to pressure Bin Salman to lift travel sanctions on US/Saudi citizens. 

Earlier in May, Jake Sullivan met with Prince Salman declaring that Saudi-Israel normalization was in the US national security interest.   But the Saudi’s don’t give a fark about US national security!   Many have claimed the US attempts smell of ‘desperation’.   Israel wants cooperation with Saudi Arabia for one reason – to annihilate Iran.   But in March, Crown Prince Salman reestablished ties with Iran in a deal brokered by China.   The War Mongers are in a frenzy!

Prince Salman has been brutalized by the Biden Regime.   Blinken is Jewish giving his appearance in the House of Saud a difficult strain.   Sullivan is a Clintonite – which also puts a negative spin on any Prince Salman negotiations.   Bribing Salman with money is obviously not feasible – so Blinken has to be prepared to give Prince Salman something he wants desperately.  Should that route be denied, Blinken will do what the Cabalists do best – threaten ramifications.

What Blinken fails to understand is that monarchy’s do not react well to being told what to do. And the loss of yet another ally is more probable.   But there is yet another boulder of fodder:

In 2013, the Obama administration had secretly contacted with Iranian officials about the feasibility of an agreement over the Iranian nuclear program which ultimately resulted in the money laundering drop off of billions for Iran.   Sullivan was directly involved in that tossled fiasco.

Saudi Arabia has no intention of supporting Israel until Israel embraces Palestine.   Israel has no intention of embracing Palestine – so the entire sequester is moot.

Saudi Arabia is one of the 19 countries expressing a potential interest in joining the BRICS.   Iran and Argentina have already begun the process of joining the BRICS with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt close behind.   The BRICS demand peace in Ukraine.   Blinken is adamantly opposed to any peace initiative.   This is NOT a positive outcome in any alternate universe.  Much less the Matrix we are suffering thru today!   Russia-Saudi trade targets have ramped up of recent time with a goal of $5 billion.  Russia is a Saudi ally.  China is a Saudi Ally.   The Biden/Obama/Clinton administration – not so much neah.

This Blinken arrival comes on the heels of OPEC+ deciding to cut production raising the July price of crude which has stalled in the low $70’s.   The goal is to reach $100 per barrel.   And the Cabal no longer has the power or prestige to alter that stance.   The world is WATCHING!

Prince Salman worked well with Trump because they jointly understood the Cabalist threat.   Lest we forget, it was Prince Salman who arrested over 200 Saudi Royals for corruption and fraud in their dealings with the Clinton Cartel and the Cabal fining them upwards of $125 billion.   It is also Prince Salman who has thus been the brunt of all Cartel defamation.   Which would include our esteemed CIA. The same CIA which Robert Kennedy Jr. has declared assassinated JFK and Bobby Kennedy. That rogue CIA that JFK wanted to dismantle.

The reputation of the CIA and its massive global assassinations and coups is twalette water.   That reputation reflects on the US Government.   The Biden dementia factor only exasperates that corruption to the nth degree.   Until How The West Was Won becomes How The West Was Lost!   Blinken is now on the losing team.   And the governments of the world are reacting accordingly – laughing at the man – but divesting the country and the West en masse.

Blinken and Sullivan are way over their Heads in their Prince Salman ‘negotiations’.   Pandora’s Box has been OPENED.  They will fail their assigned tasks.   And the Cabal Cartel will have their reprisals.   But the Middle East, like the BRICS, will prevail because no one wants to align with a loser – a dementia toilet stalker – or the designers of chaos and destruction.  Just ask Syria – which is now embraced by – Saudi Arabia!

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  1. The US Rump Rangers are stealing Syrian oil and grain. That part of the world has a serous distaste for thieves. Any decent reputation is fading rapidly as the sun sets on the West. .

    • The so-called west is controlled by treasonous and illegitimate NeoConned governments that are waging a war against the people. What we are seeing is the defeat of these occupation governments and the restoration of freedom, peace and true free enterprise, not predatory capitalism which is a form of plunder of the people.

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