VIVEK RAMASWAMY: A Presidential Candidate with Nefarious TIES.

Vivek Ramaswamy is a Republican Candidate for President. A self made millionaire, Ramaswamy’s campaign platform is even further right than Trump’s. But are his promises and policies truth or fiction?  

Graduating from Harvard and then Yale with his JD, Ramaswamy’s graduate education was funded by the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships For New Americans.   While the scholarship is available to immigrants and children of immigrants, past recipients that were affiliated politically were by and large – democrat.

The Soros fellowship’s newest 2023 Class includes graduates affirming:    gender equity and global health, trans medicine, maginalization on health, medical care for undocumented immigrants, DNA deviants, Under-represented communities, etc… basically the type of studies that would allude to Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum.

Ramaswamy went to a Jesuit High School, graduated from Harvard & Yale, served on the Ohio CoVid Response Team, and founded a pharmaceutical company.   Selling the pharmaceutical while retaining shares and Board Chair, he founded an Asset Management Firm with funding from Peter Thiel and J. D. Vance.

According to his voter registration card for Ohio – he has NO political Affiliation making his Republican stance a bit more than ‘murky’…

Coming from nowhere, his policies both mimic and exceed those of Trump.   However, his platform is for ‘new blood’.   Oddly, he is well liked by Bloomberg and a number of liberal media outlets.   But then the DeSantis campaign began with the same approvals.

It appears Ramaswamy voted for Obama before he ‘became a convert, like J. D. Vance.   Vance worked for was a NYT and CNN contributor, condemned Magats, and complimented Liz Cheney.   In his runup into politics, Vance was given a book deal for his memoir, ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ published in 2016 by Harper.   The book was given riveting reviews by the Progressive Liberal Cartel including: The Economist, WAPO, Christianity Today, National Review, – and Peter Thiel. The National Review is a Neoconservative publication.

Thiel is also intrinsically entwined with various neoconservative or outright liberal organizations including Palantir which Thiel founded.   Palantir’s first backer was the CIA’s nonprofit Fund In-Q-tel. Other affiliations include Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Think Paul Ryan.

When former democrats change affiliations there are good guys and bad guys.   Good guys are simply those democrats who truly believe in ideologies relevant to American citizens and Patriots. Then there are the groomed republican affiliates like Romney, McCain, Ryan, Cheney who hold to the values of hawkish democrats and have been backed by Deep State PAC Hacks.

Ramaswamy is personable, smooth talking, informed, and far right in his scribe of climate change, Wokism, anti-ESG, and anti-funding Ukraine.   But he is also fully enmeshed in Big Pharma with his company Roivant which he launched into Shanghai biopharmaceuticals in 2017 with a team of Chinese researchers.   Roivant has over a dozen subsidiaries and is based in Switzerland.   Most of his business connections with China were shut down in 2021. However, in 2022 Roivant partnered with Pfizer.

The headway into the Big Pharma Cartel is likely to be his downfall in a publicity presidential race.   Most Magats have either been before or moved to – the anti=Pharma platform given the revelations of fraud, corruption and manipulation in the CoVid era.   While Trump’s capitalist ventures have surrounded real estate, Pharma is a largess turnoff for conservative and libertarian voters.

While Ramaswamy may be innocent until proven guilty – the alliance is as uncomfortable as JD Vance’s about face on Magats, and Thiel’s CIA allegiance.   Something Robert Kennedy Jr would completely efficerately destroy!   And something Donald Trump needs to understand.

NeoConservatives, and/or FAKE conservatives are Donkey Asses who wear red ties.

During Trump’s four year tenure, every pundit across ‘earth’ including liberals, conservatives and neos were brutal in their assessment of the Donald.   Many of these supposed conservative warmongers were quick to demonize Trump for NOT seeing all the Rhino’s congregating at the WH table.   YET, none of these Fake Conservatives saw ANY of the Rhinos.   Most were ONLY realized during Trump’s term or after – as a sideline revelation of … “Oh Shitake!”.

Patriots need to make sure the Rhino’s are outed this election cycle. We must NOT wait for Trump to tell us who is the Rhino faction – we MUST help. We are called to investigate, to research, and to communicate so as to be partners with our preferred candidate.   By contrast, Ann Coulter was quick to support Trump and immediately demonize him for NOT fulfilling her particular build the wall agenda within the first few months – and then years of his four year cycle.   Did she HELP?   No.   She was a liability.

Despite my personal hopes for DeSantis – I suggest he is not up to the revile!   He may be a rhino.   And he has zero international experience which is essential.   As for Ramaswamy, I am very leery of his past credentials, his current affiliations, and his almost too ideological alignment with MAGATS.  

As for JD Vance and Thiel – If they are not still liberals in their ideology, then they are most certainly neoconservatives in their reality.   AND WE ARE FOREWARNED.  

10 thoughts on “VIVEK RAMASWAMY: A Presidential Candidate with Nefarious TIES.

  1. All ya gotta do is read the name and look at him; strike three. Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs and its raining….

  2. Hell,,, Why not! Just about everyone else in government are multimillionaires or billionaires including most of those now running for his king/queenship.

    It seems now that to qualify to run for El Presidente one needs to be very wealthy. So how do the dumbbos out here in la la land think these lifer politicians got wealthy on their meager salaries.

    After the coup of the Articles and especially after the Northern aggression this country has nose dived after every presidential election. And soon ladies, gents and those not sure,,, the 14th amendment which presently is used for anchor babies of invaders to be citizens will soon allow his kingship to print to eternity without the consent of the legislature.

    Who could have known all these things were in one amendment! It’s a good thing Americans only vote the best or the country would really be a Sh..Hole….

    • I keep reading tweets to people who live in blue cities or states rubbing them for getting what they voted for – as though Trump’s loss was the only manipulated ballot… EVERY person elected – was chosen. Just not by The People.

      • Vivek is the male Tulsi Gabbard. Wasn’t a conservative but suddenly, conveniently is. Swears he wasn’t a WEF Young Global Leader but was. Swears he wasn’t funded by Soros but he was. And all rich people will do whatever allows them to keep being rich. I he’s a rich guy that wants to be in charge too. What about that is amenable to you and your situation? I am now officially done talking about this fraud for all time. I suggest you forget he even exists.

  3. I has stomach butterflies when I first heard the the rama guy. Now I know why.
    DeSantis is a no go either and the donald still has not grown a pair….
    Oh shitake ir right! 🙁

  4. On Substack, Jordan Schachtel has also written about concerns regarding Vivek Ramaswamy –
    Vetting Vivek Ramaswamy
    Former pharma exec and newfound anti-ESG crusader has substantial ties to China, the Covid industrial complex, Pfizer, Soros inc, and a track record of business calamities.
    FEB 22, 2023

    Passing this along FYI, as I too believe that investigating any potential political candidate is essential! Individuals MUST do their research.

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