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It is amazing how you miss ‘things’ when you are away from home.   Although I suppose it depends on whether your home is truly a home vs a house.   But assuming ‘home’, I find when I return a calming peace that comes and allows me to be a blithering idiot. I like to run a circuit, only mine consists of running from the piano to the computer to the kitchen where something might be burning to the laundry room where something might be burning and back to the start where the baton is passed to – ME!

And somehow – this is what I miss.

Turned into an odd day.   I had bought a container of laundry detergent among other items which I BAGGED myself because there are no bags or baggers, and stuffed the laundry container on the backseat floor.   Day later apparently the container had tipped over – all by its lonesome – and spilled half its contents into the backseat carpet.   Like 2” thick in places – thick.

As I drove home, I dutifully concentrated on all the means and methods I might scoop up all this detergent.   Not that I wanted to save it or anything, but because it required – scooping.

Fortunately, on the way home I called Number Three San and asked for his advice.   Whereuponess he advised me to quick quick get over to his dealership where he would get me all fixed up!   YEAH!   But the sheer amount of detergent was met with grim looks as the serviceman made face convulsions looking like a gruesome newsom horror movie.

Two men, 2 ½ hours later they had scooped most of the detergent from the carpet.   However, I have been warned that my car will smell like detergent for at least 14 MONTHS as will the repair shop where they cleaned it all out!   They kept saying there is something not good in laundry detergents…?

I feel like I’m a Seinfeld episode.  Will bubbles reappear?

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  1. Use shop vac with water after removing dry excess. Or remove carpet. Get new carpet after cleaning metal. Use baking soda to get idor out. The odor is molecules that go to lungs and sinuses. So it can cause illnesses. Look up medical issues for workers in factory. Maybe a carpet cleaning business could do work cheaper.

    • Apparently – laundry detergent is very toxic – so using ‘water’ was not an option until as much of the liquid could be sucked up – which the auto detailers did for me – via my son. I will check out the illnesses you mention though!!!

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