Pope Francis Guiding The Sheep to the Den of Wolves

Germany just can’t stop trying to colonize Africa.   The old plan promoted in 2017 fell flat as it’s tag line demonstrates:   “Marshall Plan For Africa!”   Given the US Marshall Plan was to colonize Europe under the wing of the US Shadow Government, and it’s roiled subservient success, Africa is not too keen!   Plan B.   “Shaping The Future With Africa”.   This tag indicates that Africa might still have some input into their future…   Except – they must adhere to Sustainability and promote equity and environmentally friendly ideas…

Instead of a colonized Marshall Plan Africa, it will have to adhere to all things WEF – Klaus Schwab.   The DW article pauses for a moment to show a picture of Gerd Muller sitting amongst a gathering of African women looking at him perplexed…   Why?   I don’t think Gerd speaks any African dialects and they definitely don’t speak German, so the entire photo-op simply looks ‘colorful’.

Blah, blah, The strategy also recognizes Africa’s increasing importance in global politics and “supports the priorities that Africans themselves have put forward, as set out in Agenda 2063,” Ola-Busari said.

Agenda 2063.?   The verbiage is simply gob speak for Agenda 2030 which is quickly becoming Agenda 2050.    At which point all these Cartelists will long be dead.

But the stage is set.   Germany wants to own a good portion of the African Continent because it’s growth means German Profits.   The goals are literally to turn Africa into a mini-me western culture and society under the guise of “Progress’.   No one bothered to ask the populace, instead they offered bribes to the governments.   Because that’s how it all works.

In the midst of War with Russia, inflation, poverty, and death – the government is tasked with making sure the German business conglomerates can make some money in Africa. At least that’ would be the Matrix Plan.

In the midst of WWIII between Russia vs Every Western Nation, Italy’s Berlusconi has decried that the one person who can make peace is Pope Francis… Historically, Jesuits were the military religious order of the Roman Catholic Church.   Jesuits were considered globalist warmongers. Pope Francis was appointed by the Clintons – because of this understanding of the Jesuit Cult.

Since his passing, Pope Benedict directed his last book be released.   According to Benedict, the Church under Pope Francis has decayed miserably.   Benedict notes the vast clubs of homosexual and deviant party goers inside Churches and Seminaries now rival mainstream. Pornography is prolific.   Nuns are having sex with Priests. Priests are having sex with boys.   And the Church is on the verge of collapse.

All of which is exactly why The Cartel wanted Pope Francis.   Disintegrate the Church and entire societies will fall apart.   Their spirit in a tomb of despair!   Communism can only function properly when there are no religious principles and values to guide the flock.

Given The Cartel has become desperate in its attempt to overthrow Russia, Berlusconi’s statement would align him with the Agenda.

Unexpectedly, Russia has managed to outgun the entire West in their pursuits of WWIII  How?   Russia actually uses tactics, and training, and expertise!   By contrast, Lloyd Austin has desecrated every part of the Military Complex.   Purposefully.   A disgusting apparition of a human, he opens America to destruction in the name of a few dollars in his bank.   Berlusconi’s appeal to Pope Francis just hit a wall with Pope Benedict’s revelations of the Truth.  And Catholics will listen!

It was over a year ago that we were told Pope Francis was on his last breath.   Finding a replacement is not unlike finding a new Biden to act as acting President.

What better way for these fools to tie a noose than to openly declare that the US, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, UK, and Finland desire to ‘escalate war’never find a peace agreement – and arm the most corrupt country in Europe!   In so doing they are more than willing to sacrifice all citizens and immigrants residing in Western Nations – to achieve this goal.    Because after western societies crumble – they need Africans to support their vast habits…

That goal being – $$$$$$$$$$$$$ – the same $$$$ that Germany intends to extract from Africa at ANY cost.   There is a caveat.   It appears The Cartel decision making is becoming more and more fragmented and lacking in solid military acumen or intelligentsia.

They are acting more like schoolyard bullies now.   Perhaps it is dementia?   The vast majority of the white shirts are old.   Without their perfected deviance, the younger whores of The Cartel haven’t the same level of evil.   Bill Gates son, Rory, standing at a sprightly 5’6” wants to be an ‘actor’.   Nicole Schwab likes to write books – and Alex Soros is more tuned into the party life he has earned as ‘his father’s son’ – not as Alex.

The crumbling has begun.   And the same designated IQ that these Players have swabbed throughout elite universities is exactly what their children absorbed. The entire Play, Act III, would be nothing but – debauchery.   And few if ANY rulers.   I am reminded of an old Star Trek series wherein a Enterprise and earth are facing an Armageddon battle of survival only to reveal a young child was given planet earth to ‘play with’ like a toy.   After nearly destroying the planet, the child’s mother enters his room and admonishes him for being mean… ordering him to put earth back where it belongs.

3 thoughts on “Pope Francis Guiding The Sheep to the Den of Wolves

  1. Most of ‘Europe’ are colonies of the USA and Britannia so Germany equates to the USA. The entire Satanist West is going to war with the righteous believers of Christ. While the US is destroying the church at home Russia is encouraging the rebuilding of the church.

    The West will be destroyed by Russia and its Allies like Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans as promised by Christ before his death. The book of revelations chronicles this.

    The People of USA (via taxes) are arming and subsidizing the corrupt Ukraine Nazis. We already have been informed how billions of dollars was being returned to the USA uniparty via FTX. As this article mentions,,, $$$$$$$ is always the motive. How can you tell it is true,,, All the “fact checkers” claim it is untrue! Always,,, ALWAYS follow the money. Heard much about the FTX issue lately? hmmm. Bet you heard all about the classified documents in Biden’s garage though. Who cares about lying documents classified to cover up the bs they are doing? Hey,,, Look,,, a baby squirrel!

    Ukraine has bombed the crap out of the Russian speaking Peoples of East Ukraine and still are. 14,000 dead during the 8 years after the Minsk agreement put forth by the lying West. The US is actually proud of that and how it made a fool of Russia. Now Ukraine.gov has forbid even the church they attend,,, the language (Russian) they use and killing them is now an act of honor.

    Soon the West will directly confront Russia,,, many will die leading to dumb Americans screaming for Russia’s destruction by nukes since they will be losing the conventional war badly.

    This decision will end badly for all of us.

    • I added this perspective to my latest blog – like every country – the government no longer remotely resembles the people – so it is important to recognize this compassion when talking about an ‘evil nation’. Because the ‘evil’ does not come from the people so much as their hunger in repression. Selling 2 children so the other 2 can have a meal…

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