CIA “Hedge Fund” – Q-In-Tel – A Taxfree NGO Financing Elon Musk

In 1999, the CIA quietly formed an NGO ‘Venture Capital Firm’ that was funded by the CIA, FBI, NSA, and DoD to buy shares in companies involved in cutting edge Space Technology.   Based in McLean VA, today, Q-In-Tel’s portfolio is laden with biotechnology, space, quantum technology, and AI companies.  Many were startup investments that have gone wild.   One such investment is in Elon Musk’s SpaceX which received $351 million in 2017. SpaceX is valued at $137 billion today.

The justification of its NGO nontaxable status is that it was registered as an adjunct supporting ‘National Security’. While their Form 990 for 2016 showed revenues of roughly $140million, it’s ‘description of activities’ states:   “IQT has cultivated a network of more than 200 venture capital firms and more than 100 labs and research organizations further broadening the IC’s access to innovative technologies.   This Network has allowed IQT to leverage more than $11.5 billion in private sector funds….   The CIA keeps Congress informed of IQT’s activities.”

In 2002, Mike Griffin, COO of IQT accompanied Musk to Russia to purchase intercontinental missiles at a cut rate price. While Russia refused, Griffin went on to become head of NASA with advisory capacity for the DoD.   With Griffin’s support NASA awarded Musk $396 million in 2006.   Then in 2008, NASA awarded Musk 1.6 billion for commercial services.   In 2019, Musk assisted the US government in their coup of Bolivian President Morales.   Morales would not allow US companies to profit from their lithium reserves.

When asked on Twitter point blank whether he was involved in Morales’ ouster, Musk responded, “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.”

Many of Musk’s subsidized receipts for Tesla, came from government sponsored or government supported corporations.   These contracts included $465 million from the DOE, $750 million from New York State, and $1.3 billion in tax incentives and tax relief projects.

February 2021, IQT announced collaboration with DARPA.   According to DARPA:   “DARPA has helped lay the foundations for some of society’s most transformational technologies: the internet, miniaturized GPS, smart phones, RNA vaccines, stealth, commercial space access, and autonomous vehicles.”

The fact that IQT has chosen to collaborate with DARPA would indicate that ‘space exploration’ is only a small part of their agenda.   Creating advanced systems of military capable weapons is their endgame.  And Musk would seem to be a very willing Player!

In 2022, Musk deployed 25,300 Starlink satellite terminals to Ukraine – for free at a personal cost of $100 million per year, according to Musk.   In October 2022, Musk asked the Pentagon to reimburse the cost.   They said they would look into it but 2 days later Musk withdrew his request. Why?   Because USAID, Poland and France were already footing the bill.

In 2022, Musk announced Starshield as the military/government subsidiary of SpaceX which would deploy for ‘national security’aka IQT.   These satellites are much larger and capable of ‘hosting payloads’.   A ‘payload’ allows for targeting of threats. Starshield’s satellite development is overseen by 4 star General Terrence O’Shaughnessy.

In 2013, DARPA XS 1 was planned to deliver small satellites into low orbit using a booster launch that would be reusable one time per day.   In 2017, after years of refinement, DARPA selected Boeing to finish the project. In 2020 Boeing ‘ ended the project’ without explanation.   Two years later Musk began his reusable booster launches.

Is Musk a Government/CIA asset?

Is the CIA still deeply integrated inside Twitter?

Why would Musk offer Ukraine satellites if not because it was ordered by the CIA?

In 2021, in conjunction with the CIA, IQT further announced their initiatives into what is termed SPAC.   According to The Intercept, SPAC’s are blank check pooled capital in publicly traded funds.   IQT established Chain Bridge I as a Caymen Island SPAC fund with an initial IPO of $200million.   The IPO was underwritten by DLA Piper, LLP whose former partner included Kamala’s husband and 2nd mate to the White House. Other beneficiaries of these IQT SPAC’s include Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin.

In other words, it would appear, Musk’s entire US career spanning since 2001, has been a project of the CIA.   The same CIA that monitors Twitter.   The same CIA that initiates global coups. The same CIA that ordered Starlink satellites for Ukraine paid for primarily by USAID.   The same CIA that has been shown to have possibly ordered the JFK hit. The same CIA that took down Nixon.

The same CIA which operates a tax free NGO called IQT registered in the Caymen Islands, dispersing profits on its SPAC’s to the tune of 50% while maintaining a Net Asset Account of over $405 million as of its latest Form 990 – 2016.  No other 990’s appear online.

And for all Musks’ brouhaha and likability, he is and always has been a CIA Asset.   The Boy Wonder whose entire asset base;   Tesla, Starlink, Space X, Twitter and Starshield are the brainchildren of DARPA.

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    • I was a big big fan. Man I got hooked. This other blogger friend kept warning me and I just scoffed and laughed! Then he sent me the link “Q-In-Tel”. And the Entire Allusion fell apart!

  1. So, the acquisition of twitter and “exposing” the government entanglement with twitter is a just a cover for perpetuating that in our face. The hubris!

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