President Trump Derangement: Toilets and Military Loyalty

The TWO biggest scandals the Liberal Pundit broohaha’s can manufacture to demonize President Trump are:   1.   A closeup picture of of two toilets that are immaculately clean with the exception of a piece of paper at the bottom of each with 2 names referenced – both can easily be discerned as not having Trump’s handwriting given a simple quirk in his style.   Of course, neither twalette has the appearance of one in ANY elite boudoir…   2.   The second dastardly deed is from Gen Milley who claims he wrote a nasty resignation letter to Trump because he felt he was a threat to the US.   But instead of giving his resignation to his Commander in Chief, whom he believed to be inciting treason, he instead decided – NAH….

Trump is being cited as claiming he wanted his Generals to be more like Hitler’s.   Of course, there is absolutely nothing to corroborate this slant. In fact, the initial statement released by the n’er do wells claim Trump merely stated he wanted loyalty in his Generals… As they are commanded to provide via the US Constitution.

And the twalettegate incident is hysterically laughable – where is the evidence?   Did someone ‘leaf’ through the sewage?   Who followed Trump into a bathroom and then took pictures of toilets – that are sparkling clean?   Did they take fingerprints or butt prints?  Have they matched prints?   DId they perform a ‘scientific’ handwriting analysis of the sewaged notes soaked in the twalette?

There has been no handwriting verification – however upon scrutiny, the prints don’t match. Trump has a habit of writing his E’s in lower case when using block print – the scraps don’t.   Awww shuckerooneyyy. Foiled Again!

This is all they’ve got.   Rather pathetically elementary schoolish barnyard shitake and an abject embarrassment for these two generals: Milley and Kelly.

Milley: Claims to have entered as a commissioned officer of the army after graduating from Princeton in 1980.   His first mission was in Egypt as part of the Sinai peacekeeping observer project. His second was to Panama for Operation Just Cause – a coup to oust Noriega that lasted one month. His third was Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti – a coup to oust President Aristide.   Then he claims to have gone to Bosnia for Operation Joint Endeavor led by the First Armored Division of the US.   Milley’s name is not mentioned as a commander in any capacity within this incursion or ANY other.

Milley’s bio claims as an Army officer he went to the Naval War College…  NOT possible.  It also states that Milley is ‘authorized to wear’ badges signifying he was a Navy scuba diver, and the Special forces Tab which requires attendance at the Kennedy Special Warfare and School in Fort Bragg – he did NOT attend.  Milley also claims to have been awarded the Korean Defense Medal – despite never having served in Korea…

So WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? It would appear Milley’s bio is somewhat forged.

General Kelly’s bio asserts he is executive board member of Caliburn. Formed in 2018, Caliburn is currently being investigated for illegal bribery of Iraqi officials. Caliburn’s subsidiary, Sallyport, is being charged with mistreatment of employees and neglect.  Not exactly a stellar BIOGRAPHY!

Kelly served aboard the USS Forrestal – the aircraft carrier allegedly accidentally blown up by McCain killing 134 seamen in 1967.    In 1980, US Marine Kelly attended the U.S. Army’s Infantry Officer Advanced Course in Fort Benning – which is for ARMY commissioned officers only – not Marine. Oops… Dang those fake biographers.   By 2003, Kelly had not served in ANY battle, however he had attended a number of ‘schools’.   By the time he went to Iraq he was already a Brigadier General.   No wars – no Vietnam – no anything remotely worthy of his heightened rank. While spending time at Camp Pendleton between 1990 and 1993 – Kelly was awarded the Kuwait Liberation Medal – awarded to those who served in Kuwait between 1990 and 1993.  AH!   His other awards are meritorious – meaning awarded during ‘peacetime’.

So we have TWO Generals whose careers spanned a lifetime of service most of which was at a desk or in officer quarters at US bases.   They would seem to have accomplished nothing – done less – and fought nothing for nobody.   Much akin to Lloyd Austin.

They are NO General Patton or MacArthur – and neither seem to have the basic knowledge of their duty and loyalty to their Commander in Chief!

I don’t know who is making up these fake bio’s for military officers, but it is likely the same person who thought the lovely Nina from United Talent Agency would make a great Information Tzar – having hoped for a career on Broadway and failed!   Of course her government career lasted less than a month before she was disappeared.

And the person making the Twalettegate allegation?    Maggie Haberman – a New York Times, CNN, Politico ‘journalist’ wannabe writer.  Given no experience and no degree in journalism, it would appear ‘daddy’ Haberman of the NYT got her first job at the New York Post at 21.

Hagerman’s full swing liberal agenda was immediate and pronounced.   Fawning over Hillary Clinton, Haberman is one of the defendants sued by Nick Sandmann in a defamation suit.

It is unclear if Trump intends to sue for defamation as a result of her book and Twalette allegations made public thereof without a shred of legal evidence.   However, the public pictures of two toilets attributed to Trump is NOT a good legal argument of defense – and could subject her to civil liability.

Sadly – this is the best the democrats have to offer in order to garner votes.   Forget massive inflation, a growing recession, potential starvation, oil shortages, gas shortages, food shortages, medical drug shortages, an opioid crisis, and unprecedented deaths among the working aged 18-45.   Forget those FACTOIDS.   And instead concentrate on toilets and Hitler gossip. Because that is what Americans are MOST concerned with as we enter the mid-terms!

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