Mass School Shooting: A Mental Health Common Denominator

Liberal anger has reached a pinnacle of insanity wherein a gun is now the cause of children being shot.   Ban all assault guns!   They demand.   But the AR15 is NOT an assault weapon.   Ban the AR15 anyway!   RAISE the age a person can legally buy a gun from 18 to 21!   But the vast majority of ALL school shootings are perpetrated by children under 18 or adults over 21.   Change the age anyway!     So let’s take a look at School Shootings:

While school shootings have been recorded since the mid 1800’s, causal factors have morphed from petty arguments to severe mental health issues.   Since 2000 there have been 369 school shootings.   Of those, 55 have occurred during Biden’s presidency.   Of the 369 shootings 14 classify as mass shooting in which 4 or more people died:

1) October 2002, Tucson Az – 40 year old failing college student killed 3 professors and himself. He was a Gulf war veteran suffering PTSD.

2)   March 2005, Minnesota – 16 year old Jeff Weise killed 10 including his grandfather with whom he was living after his father’s suicide. He was taking Prozac and was severely depressed having attempted suicide.

3)   October 2006, Pennsylvania – 32 year old truck driver killed 5 Amish girls and himself, wounding five additional girls.   His suicide note claimed he had raped two girls when he was 12 and wanted to rape again.

4)   April 2007, Virginia – Seung Hui-Cho was 23 when he killed 33 Virginia Tech students and wounded 23 more.   In middle school he had been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder, severe depression disorder and mutism. He was diagnosed Autistic and Aspergers.

5)   February 2008, Illinois – Steven Kazmierczak, age 27 was treated for mental illness and sent to a psychiatric center while in high school. He regularly took Prozac, Xanax and Ambien.   He killed 6 and injured 21.

6)   April 2012, California – 43 year old One Goh killed 7 and wounded 3 at a Christian College. He was expelled from University for disciplinary issues and later diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza – brain development disorder, Schizophrenia, Asperger… taking Celexa. It is speculated that the Texas shooter, Ramos, was taking transition drugs.

Studying the factors of each mass shooting is essential to find the common denominators.   Then, a solution can be implemented. In this, it becomes evident that the common attributes have nothing to do with age or guns, and everything to do with mental disorders and prescription drugs!   Anti-depressants are associated with suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, insomnia, confusion, irritation, as well as a myriad of health problems.

If the liberals took a few minutes to actually research the issue, their rage and indignation might be redirected…   assuming they wanted to know the Truth. However, despite the prevalence of mental health issues, the US is slow to respond and more inclined to have individuals self diagnose and self medicate.   Insurance covers a handful of diagnoses ‘only after a two year waiting period’.

The CDC estimates that 75% of people with mental health issues do NOT seek treatment.   The vast majority of patients are given a prescription drug without treatment.   The side effects are so debilitating that being able to work can become unmanageable.   And the cycle of depression is actually enhanced. 33% of those taking medication report that it does nothing to improve their issues.

There are numerous alternative remedies that don’t have the side effects. Even Harvard has come full circle to recommend these safe and effective treatments.   But without a more hands-on approach, most people who suffer have been given absolutely no information to this regard.   As such they are left to search for themselves.

Alternative treatments used to be squelched because of the belief that the FDA is scrupulous in its trials and studies of pharma whereas herbs and remedies are not evaluated.   Given the vaccine fiasco that derailment is obviously without merit.   The FDA is lax and negligent.

In that light, schools, doctors, doctor offices, and companies could simply provide a free pamphlet that discusses various types of mental health issues and various over-the-counter herbs and roots that could benefit the person.   Certainly, this won’t eliminate the problem, but it would be far more productive than eliminating or sanctioning guns, knives, cars, hammers, axes, and other weapons.

Because as we are well aware – sanctions against people, countries, objects, and weapons has absolutely ZERO actionable consequences.

The two most relevant evidentiary factors of this today include:   Mass School Shootings, and Russia!

14 thoughts on “Mass School Shooting: A Mental Health Common Denominator

  1. Granted,
    Guns Aren’t Pulling the Trigger

    The seated with identified and hate
    confuse multiple speakers.
    We think we got a land problem.
    They just don’t know the story from inside.
    We let it in
    all these ill wills not ours,
    a big bad packaged hate.
    It has moved us from afar.
    I know what to do.
    Let’s kill all these people.
    And we do.

    There it is the ugly truth of the matter
    fired upon the scene.
    You think it’s American.
    How little countries move among you,
    as if our consciousness is organized by political boundaries.
    That’s the joke:
    you are a nationalistic speaker.
    You are so much more than that.
    Humanity is everyone.
    Now I think that’s got a ride,
    the joy of being human.

    Our consciousness is all over the place.
    You see it in your smile.
    We are so much more than hate.
    We are bigger than the stars.
    You ever seen this in your living room?
    We’ve got every welfare at heart.
    We genuinely do care about one another.
    That’s that process of soul.
    It’s what we’re here to study.
    That’s what brings us to God,
    But don’t forget
    it’s a cruise ship,
    and every human being’s on board,
    and that’s just the human side.
    We care about animals.
    Oh the soul they watch too
    you see.

  2. First, I’m a ex-Green Beret and served as a light weapons leader on an A team. I grew up in Texas, working class, country folk, gun rack always in the living room, gun in my hands starting when I was old enough to hold one, learning to shoot at 6 or so. Went deer, rabbit, squirrel, and coon hunting as a kid. Found myself on a tactical nuclear weapons team parachuting into then West Germany with a nuke, a real nuke. When we hit the ground we were relieved to find no weapons grade plutonium, and so it was a practice mission. After teaching summer camp at West Point I got out of the army, that was 1984. I went to collage and wanted to know why we poised to blow ourselves to smithereens, spending about 7 years studying English, History, and the Classical Greek language, with a lot of undergrad biology thrown in. I ended up narrowing it down to trying to find out how human beings were made, as distinct from other animals, how that distinction happened, and how each of us becomes a human being, the process of ego formation. As I studied the outer subjects I took advantage of using experiences I’d had all my life to further my education of what makes up a human being, things like very good dream recall, lucid dreaming, and out of body experience. I wanted to touch the top, bottom, and sides of my inner consciousness, see how far I went inside, see if my consciousness was connected to others, those sorts of thing. I also wanted to find God and soul.

    My metaphysical and spiritual experiences become such that I left school without getting an advanced degree, got rid just about everything I owned except my books and clothes, and I took off, becoming an homeless person in California but organizing shelters and soup kitchens, even a community dream library, which I shared on the local public radio station. Then I took off, spending many years a vagabond roaming the world, surviving by my willingness to work, even sweeping streets and cleaning toilets, and by my interesting story, and by my growing knowledge of dreams and what they mean. I went through about 27 countries, using mostly my thumb, local buses, or small coastal boat. I only flew two times in those years, once to Europe from South American, and then to India. I wasn’t being pure; I just didn’t have any cash. Sometimes I stayed in a country over a year before moving on, two years in South America because it took that long to make enough money to leave. Yes, I speak more than English.

    About 17 years ago I settled in India, where I’m part of a sadhana circle/ dream group that posts online regularly (I’ll leave a link to our latest podcast), and where I’m a homemaker, cooking, cleaning, and tending to people in my household, which includes 5 dogs and two cats, whom we treat as people. I have no possessions to speak of, no bank account, no money. I take care of people and am taken care of.

    I do imagine at some point you may hear about me, and maybe my imagination is too active on this point, because so far, maybe because I’m a terrible writer and have a boring story, I have not gotten many likes and views on social media, and no mainstream media outlet will post or publish my work. But you know, there might actually be truth that we don’t want to hear, that nobody wants to hear, truth being what’s actually going on, not some religious formula or scientific theory.

    Okay, the issue at hand. We share a field of consciousness, and right now hatred and anger is flowing between us like never before, on the inside. That’s the cause of the mass killings. We are so very separated into our little social bubbles, and we hold ill will towards most everyone that isn’t either in our bubble or don’t support it in some way. The net has greatly quickened this process, of course. But it’s the underground ill will that’s doing all the damage. And it’s human-wide. Where people don’t have guns they use knives, axes, cars, what have you. It’s actually a virus in humanity, in our consciousness, and it’s very contagious, and there are more actors than human involved in the process. We do not have enough knowledge about ourselves yet to see these things. We think only individuals are responsible. What’s happening when someone catches the virus, lets it into their consciousness, where it will grow until they act out, they are simply becoming the manifestors of the ill will of everyone, and in America, right now, that is riff. About guns, well, if you have such a virus in a population you certainly don’t want to give people semi-automatic rifles and such, especially young people. You need to make sure people are mature enough and educated emotionally and intellectually to handle that extra firepower, and we could find ways to check that out to see if they are fit for such a weapon. It’s just common sense. Okay, the people that can’t get the guns use something else, but it won’t generally kill as many people. Thank God we are more careful about people making bombs.

    The only way to stop mass killings is to stop the hatred, the ill will, and as I read your post, you seem to bear that at people, ones you call liberals. I’ll tell you, there are probably only a handful of true liberals on the planet. Everyone is conservative in their thinking, and there are few who are not reacting, in outrage and with ill will, to the present world we live in. Look especially at the press. How much time have you spent gaining not only world knowledge, but self knowledge? Do you even remember your dreams? Do you know what they mean? It’s a place to begin, to see the other half that we mostly neglect, the inner half, which just might be not a half but a whole, but that’s another subject. I would just suggest that you do not seem to me to be a person that has the world and self education to post such emphatic material. Can you please try and listen to this with humility and openness?
    (this is our podcast on dreams)

    • I will make a brief comment now – and come back a bit later: 1. Dreams: I have actually studied my dreams since I was a teen-ager. I was told by my god-mother to write them down because it is a gift. To pay attention. I see hundreds of faces flashing across like a screen of images. I have had dreams of past events of other persons – and have had visions of future events. 2. I process differently than you. That does not make one right or wrong – but I would suggest you consider that each of us are unique – we have our specific strengths and weaknesses and can never be equal or alike. 3. God is in my heart firmly as the power of all good. 4. Evil exists. 5. Mental illness is NOT a party – it is a disease. 6. Telling me that ‘you believe’ I haven’t the capacity to write – is YOU being judgmental, closed minded, and lacking in wisdom. Making assumptions without evidence or knowledge is called arrogance. Arrogance is the first tenet of sadhana…. You don’t know anything about me and have chosen the classic – attack the person instead of the problem. I have been writing this blog for 7 years – I am 66 years old. Now – Again – tell me you are superior with humility and openness….

      • I did not attack you. I did not speak of your capacity to write but the emphatic way you do on this topic. I do not think you know the cause of mass killings, and I don’t think you like the people with the label of liberal. Neither do I think your defense of people owning assault weapons is wise, whatever you may call guns that are made to kill people. Yes I am judgmental, closed-minded, lacking in wisdom and arrogant, but not always. You are not, not ever? I spoke not only in a civil manner, but with goodwill, did not intend to insult you, did not speak out of an emotional reaction. It seems to me, that you heard only someone criticizing you, and that was not the substance of what I said. I can see that it would not be fruitful to continue talking to you. You will only come back with more emotional reaction. Okay, I can’t do anything with that.

        • Sir – you did attack my person by ‘telling’ me that I was not qualified or up to par to write my article. That sir
          is in complete contrast to your claim of sadhana – it came in conjunction with your own self grandizing when you chose to make an analysis without doing any research into me, or who I am. You then proceeded to expound on yourself and superior enlightenment – which I pointed out put you on the copywrite page of a book on the subject of dreams, mysticism and enlightenment. Speaking in a civil matter would be to address what I wrote – and provide a viable solution – instead you went astray and revealed the truth – arrogance.
          And now you write on MY response on MY blog that my ’emotional reaction’ is not something you can deal with??? And once again you choose to NOT reference the point?! I would suggest you open that book on Buddhism and Siddhartha, and realign your ethics with your military stipulation of honor and integrity.
          And NEXT time you choose to assume a limitless superior attitude – know that if you espouse this as your mentor – arrogance and judgment are left at door #1.

          • I just read your About. You have an interesting story, are educated and well traveled. You are also very proud of your story. I must sound the same. Why I feel you are not qualified to write such a blog post is that you do not see the depth of the problem You place the blame on individuals who have mental health issues. I don’t think you fully understand what I’m talking about when I say we live in a collective field of consciousness. We are not individuals separate from every other person. We share not only consciousness between us–our thoughts and feelings move through one another like waves–, but we share identity. To know this comes from inner and spiritual experience. My partner and I have spent years trying on our social media to reveal the shared field of consciousness. I think it’s safe to say it’s not something you read about much or see happening in your inner being daily. As a nationalist voice, it does not appear to me that you see you share identity with all of humanity to the degree you share that with the people of your nation, but I’m sure you’re correct my assumption if I’m wrong, but that’s not the point I’m making. I’m talking about our shared field of consciousness and the cause of mass killings in humanity, not just in America. It’s coming from the inner hatred we feel one for another, the enormous amount of ill will flowing between us. A person, one usually but not always with mental health issues, picks that hatred up and kills people with it, because of the interconnectiveness of our thoughts and feelings. To solve the problem we have to stop the hatred. That’s the first thing, the very first. Guns are not the problem; we are, you and I. But we can make it harder for individuals that manifest our underground hatred to get the type of guns that kill a lot of people. These are my points.

            About me. I am not spiritually enlightened. I can be a much better human being. I can learn to communicate much better than what I do. I would argue that you too could be a better person, could communicate better, here for example. Don’t you think?

  3. Wonder how this 18 year old jobless moron could afford two of the most expensive rifles in the world,,, enough ammo to choke a horse and supposedly dozens of magazines (anyone price ammo and magazines lately?) and a new $70,000 F250 truck. [They] said he asked his sister but she said no,,, his mother said he is an only child. Still no videos, no pics from the school room where all this took place, no sign of multiple ambulances to carry 19 dead away, the police, sheriffs, US Marshals and Texas Rangers stood around eating donuts for an hour while 911 operators say gunfire was heard on the call for help,,, no videos or soundtracks of this gunfire from outside the school. Now the news says the local yokels are not cooperating with the investigation by the fbi known for setting up
    these types of situations yet we (Bleat, Bleat) still believe it all and say nothing. This event will be completely memory holed in a few days.

    Boy are we easy….

  4. Why are school shootings any worse than what happens in Chicago on any given weekend? People die either way, including sometimes children. Chicago has some very strict gun laws and it doesn’t make much difference.

    It may be somewhat of a mental problem, but I would think it has more to do with the breakdown of the family unit. This is something the leftists have pushed for forever. Honest citizens need guns and respect them. The thugs of the world use them as play toys.

  5. i’m going to go out on a not too far limb and say the common link here is that the FBI probabaly has something to do with this one. it’s the midterms, the kid had an expensive gun on and on.

  6. this goes back to the 80’s when the states started dumping their mental pantiets onto the streets.they took people with an iq of 60,taught them how to fold their pants and make a cup of coffee and struck them in a halfway house where they were robbed and raped.from there to the streets,where they live today! they live like animals,stealing to live,shitting in the streets and doing drugs,it’s the life they know now.the liberals said that their rights were being violated being locked up,but they never stopped to think that some of these people HAVE to be locked up,for everyone’s look at the mess we have!!and if anyone acts up even a little,on the heavy duty drugs they go,like prozac,paxil,etc,yep like old george bush said,a thousand points of light,a kinder ,gentler nation ,MY ASS!!!

  7. Yep! psychiatry and drugs for fake made up diseases like Attention Deficit Syndrome and many others are taking their toll. Several fake diseases are added every year. Blink too much,,, Blinking Eye Syndrome. All fake.
    All to keep kids quiet and drones but boy does it mess up their minds especially coming off of them. Pumping them full of Amphetamines, if they didn’t have a mental disorder before the ‘treatment’ they will when they no longer take the drug.
    Check out the difference between the amount of pharma drugs taken 50 – 60 years ago then chart it up to this year. Adding to this is the kill shots known to affect the brain and the victims don’t even know. Can’t count the number of cases I have read where relatives and friends see an entirely different person after the shots. Sad….

  8. Another entrant in your impressive pantheon of lucid, insightful missives, dear Helena. Thank yo for caring so passionately about our Republic. The “stats” were most illuminating and appreciated.

    Your point: “Studying the factors of each mass shooting … it becomes evident that the common attributes have nothing to do with age or guns, and everything to do with mental disorders and prescription drugs!” is so obvious, thereby rendering so stupid the knee-jerk reaction of the anit-2A crowd screaming for the prohibition or severe curtailment of all privately possessed firearms. As you implied, the “liberals” don’t really want to learn the truth. And that long-ago adage rings as true today as ever: “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

    Yet, we see RINO McConnell partially caving to the ant-gun left. We may not live in the “wild West” (save for many Dem-controlled inner cities) but the sanctity and import of those hallowed words, “…shall not be infringed” was to address a broader possibility … the average person’s need for a means to protect himself against an encroaching, tyrannical government. Europe, Asia, Australia (and forget about China and Russia)? Their subjects have essentially been dutiful serfs for generations … sheep with all the lion-like fire bred out of them. America was smelted in the furnaces of freedom and personal liberty (forgive the turgid metaphor) …. principles that tragically are not understood or even known by too many millions of sheep on our soil and thereby opening the door to tyranny in many guises, as we have seen since at least March 2000 … and some might observe long before that.

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