BABY FORMULA Shortage: Another Manufactured Crisis!

A Baby Formula shortage is being blamed on Putin…   Apparently, this one man has the world on it’s knees – at least that is what the MSM would like us to believe.   Putin’s Russia is sanctioned into a crippling of every other nation’s detriment!   And somehow that is Putin’s fault because well, he is the boogeyman after all…

The main ingredient of baby formula is cow’s milk.   You know, those nasty beasts that Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum want eliminated from existence because they are destroying earth!   The second largest ingredient is soy.   Soy has had production issues since 2020.   The main drivers were claimed to be labor shortages and container shortages… Were all the containers from 2019 launched into space?   Did all the laborers die of the Vax?

Every media outlet pins the blame on different causal factors, but facts seem to get in the way of blame.

Grain shortages are said to be the biggest disaster given the US sanctions on Russia have diminished their grain exports, and Ukraine has no export ability at all.   Problem #1: The US is a Grain Exporter!   We have plenty of grain for our farmers to feed meat and dairy cows, but it is being diverted.   Problem #2: The US has imported 1.5million illegal immigrants just since Biden took office … put them to work!

The top importers of US grain include: Mexico, China, Canada and Japan.  Given the sanctions against Russia are not being observed by China – they should buy all their grain from Russia.   That would be considered normal trade and economics.   Instead, the US is shipping out precious grain putting our own country in harm’s way while giving millions of illegals a free ride amidst a labor shortage…

According to the USDA, there is sluggish demand for soy thus production in the US increased modestly.   Yet the Media claims there is a shortage.   How is that possible unless once again we have increased exports…? According to the USDA report for April 133,000 metric tons of soybeans were delivered to China and 133,000 metric tons went to ‘unknown destinations’.  Unknown Destinations?  As in destroyed?

In addition, 2million metric tons of corn were delivered to China and Mexico for the same period.

THERE IS NO SHORTAGE!  However there is an EXPORT problem!

In July 2020, the US FDA quietly amended it’s listing procedures for exporting baby formula to China.   As a result, China’s imports nearly doubled between 2015 and 2021.

A 2017 Report on breastmilk substitutes, or formula, revealed some damning information;   80% of formula’s contain arsenic and other toxins. Despite marketing claims, there is little difference in brands.   China’s lapse of the one child policy ramped up their formula imports.   In Africa women are encouraged NOT to breastfeed and told formula is better for their babies. Despite government claims to the contrary, formula companies are virtually self-regulated.

The US appears to be the ONLY country experiencing a baby formula shortage despite the labor and container shortages affecting every country globally.   How is that possible?     Abbott has  80 formula plants including in China, yet maintains that a 10 week delay for shipping would not mitigate the current shortages.

Today, despite a 40% decrease in formula availability in April, the Biden administration claims they can assure all mothers the White House is doing everything they can…    Just as the mitigated thee oil crisis!    Shutting down Abbott’s entire US baby formula market for two deaths is an interesting decision given hundreds of children have died from the jab while many more have experienced debilitating side effects.   Yet the response to those events is to ‘ramp up more child jabs’!   Even more odd is the fact that the FDA and CDC have found NO link between the deaths and illnesses and Abbott’s formula after a month long investigation!

Mead Johnson is considered the #1 formula provider followed by Nestle, Abbott, Nutricia NA, PBM and Solus Products Earths Best.   When the FDA shuttered Abbott, why didn’t they ask the other manufacturers to ramp up production to fill the gap?   Given no connection to the Abbott formula has been detected, why weren’t the Abbott production facilities immediately reactivated?

There is only one reason a baby formula shortage would be manufactured – to cause death and malnutrition.   To create another crisis!   Women currently giving birth will choose to stay-at-home breast feeding rather than returning to work. Whole milk is not recommended until after the age of 1.   More women staying home longer   will further exasperate the employment issue that is plaguing shortages elsewhere.  


4 thoughts on “BABY FORMULA Shortage: Another Manufactured Crisis!

  1. “When the FDA shuttered Abbott, why didn’t they ask the other manufacturers to ramp up production to fill the gap? ”

    The FDA doesn’t have to, that’s immediately performed by the free market, which identifies that our corporations are controlled by Marxist sociopaths, hand-in-hand with the wider Marxist co-opted establishment,* as the following historical catch identifies…

    By 1914 tunnel boring machines were long in existence and use, as illustrated in this early 1880’s engraving of Major Thomas English’s tunnel boring machine cutting a path under the English Channel (the French used a similar machine on the opposite side of the English Channel)…


    “Long ago tunnels were dug with a hammer and chisel. That was replaced by steam and compressed air powered drills and then dynamite for blasting. In 1884, British engineer James Greathead perfected the tunneling shield method which is still used today in soft ground tunneling. In 1900, the method of using circulating coolant through pipes embedded at intervals throughout the area was used to stabilize soft soil, and it is a method still used today.”

    …making trench warfare an impossibility, thereby identifying the Marxist co-option of our institutions that sent a generation of males to their early graves, destroying the West’s resolve to civilize the world.

    What’s in store [pun intended]…

    Bertrand Russell provides us with a succinct example of such evil political-economic manipulation to achieve State control of the economy: Pit groups against one another…

    “I met Lenin in 1920 when I was in Russia. I had an hour’s talk – tête-à-tête – with him.

    I decide one other thing about him, which was his great readiness to stir up hatred. I put certain questions to him to see what his answer would be, and one of them was: You profess to be establishing socialism, but as far as the countryside is concerned you seem to me to be establishing peasant proprietorship, which is a very different thing from agricultural socialism. And he said, ‘Oh dear me, no! We’re not establishing peasant proprietorship.’ “He said, ‘You see, there are workers and some rich peasants and we stirred up the poor peasants against the rich peasants, and they soon hanged them to the nearest tree…ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!’ “I didn’t much like that.” — Bertrand Russell on his meeting with Vladimir Lenin in 1920
    * The West conspired to not VERIFY the ‘collapse’ of the USSR, even though the survival of the West depended on verification should the ‘collapse’ be a ruse, which proves (1) there was no ‘collapse’ of the USSR, because if there had been a ‘collapse’ the West would have immediately VERIFIED the ‘collapse’; and (2) the West’s institutions were co-opted by Marxists, explaining the West’s enabling of the fake ‘collapse’ of the USSR…quod erat demonstrandum.

  2. and stupid Americans open their mouth wide for the MSM to shovel their bullshit down their throats,and they all scream,sir,can i have some more!!

    • The baby formula recall was Abbott. It was initiated a month ago and despite the FDA finding no correlation between the 2 deaths and the formula – the plant remains closed… In addition, we are sending US formula to Ukraine China and Mexico – while rationing here. EVAPORATED MILK with water and Karo!!!! is a substitute

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