Russia Committing Genocide? International Law Says – NO.

According to the UN’s definition of Genocide under International Law, there is much room for interpretation.   Ukraine would have fit the definition to a tee given they targeted an ethnic group in the eastern portion of Ukraine.   That ethnic group consisted of Russian speaking Ukrainians who did not toe the line of hating Russia.   Upwards of 24,000 were killed since 2014.   In addition, Ukraine’s government calling for the murder of all Russian children while using racial slurs to describe Russians – would normally have been a High Court charge d’affaire.     Normally.

But the UN is highly political and ignores the Palestine genocide because Israel told them to.   They ignored the Syrian genocide committed by US, UK, other EU Partners.  Why?  Because it is a tenuous charge that could have domino effects involving multiple countries and thousands of individuals.

Technically, according to the ICC definition casualties of war or conflict can be considered genocide – which would mean every country aligned in war would be guilty.   And so they have attempted to moralize ‘intent’ to clarify a muddy definition.

When defining a particular group, political and social groups are excluded. As such the ICC adopted a means of determining differences;    language, physical appearance, religion, and cultural practices are objective criteria that may show that the groups are distinct.

When applying these criteria – Ukraine’s conflict ‘war’ against its eastern counterparts was genocide given they specifically targeted Russian language speaking citizens and vocally asserted their right to ‘cleanse’ the population of this ‘ethnic group’.   By contrast, Russia’s conflict ‘war’ against Ukraine would NOT fit the language criteria given Ukraine has a nearly 50-50 ratio of Russian speaking and Ukraine speaking citizens.   In addition Russia was quite clear in its pronouncement that targeting the neo-Nazi’s was one part of their causal escalation.   In this instance, if cleaning Nazi’s is genocide, then cleansing ISIS or al Qaeda would also fall into this definition.


According to a July 2012 poll, 50% of the surveyed adult residents of Ukraine over 18 years of age considered their native language to be Ukrainian, 29% said Russian, 20% identified both Russian and Ukrainian as their native language, 1% gave another language.   Therefore, the first ICC protocol for conferring genocide via Language would not fit the criteria to legally charge Russia in Ukraine.   It would also negate the remaining ‘criteria’ adopted by the ICC for making such a charge.

Macron has declared that there is no genocide involved in Ukraine today. Biden claims there is – and now Trump has joined the Biden Bandwagon!  Not a Smart Move./

A slippery slope Indeed!

Is Israel committing genocide against the Palestinians?   According to the ICC – No.   Is Saudi Arabia committing genocide in Yemen?   According to the ICC – No.   For individual politicians to scream the accusation from a pulpit is actually inciting anarchy – it is NOT within their role to make the accusation – it is the role of the ICC.    And by making the illegal, unprofessional, and unfounded claim – they could subject themselves to legal penalties of misconduct.

According to an article published by The Conservative Treehouse:

“Several ground reports from European journalists indicate the U.S. military is running all of the combat operations inside Ukraine. A French reporter said on Euro News, “I thought I was with the international brigades, and instead I was facing the Pentagon.” 

In other words, the Ukrainian military is defunct and the Pentagon is running the show in Ukraine – a CLEAR violation and a LIE by our Commander In Chief.   Under these circumstances, Russia would have the right to retaliate against the US as an affiliate of Ukraine’s war.   Exactly what some EU countries vehemently declared they would NOT do despite being ordered via compliance with the two major Opposition Forces:   US and UK.  

The vast majority of Ukrainian citizens have left becoming refugees in Poland and ultimately pushed further north.   The UK was admonished by the UN for placing young Ukrainian women in houses with single men.   The US border is now rife with Ukrainian refugees that could include Nazi’s.

And given Biden’s Open Door Soros policy – anyone and everyone is welcome to enter the US via Mexico.

Trump’s endorsement of the genocide label on Russia could have serious consequences in the coming election as that label will become fodder for every democrat media installation against every single GOP candidate. Timing is everything!   And whoever wrote that script for Trump is in fact a Traitor!  

The genocide charge during WWII against the Hitler camp was much more obvious and was the basis for the 1948 definition by the UN.   Given the sheer number of conflicts since then is exponential, the ICC has been quite selective in their determinations knowing that the domino effect could erupt.

IF Russia is committing genocide, other country’s agendas in war will implode like Pandora’s Box of evil germs.   Everyone will be guilty.   Every military officer obeying orders.   Every politician condoning and voting for weapons. And the global justice system will effectively crash and burn!

The UN and the globalists may have over-stepped their shadows in this realm.   However.   Just in time to backtrack – the far-left Politico published an article today explaining why “Russia is not committing Genocide in Ukraine”. Not only clearing the way to avoid this catastrophic accusation – but to further the incompetence of the non-President Biden so as to usher in the Handler President.

In the end – ANYTHING Trump says will be used against him.   And he is still amidst the weeds of traitors.   Another notable failure is the Rino Hannity pushing the Rino Dr. Oz endorsement on Trump which is clearly undermining once again the entire Trump campaign.  

Know Your Friends Well, But Know Your Enemies Better.    Hannity is NOT a Friend.

8 thoughts on “Russia Committing Genocide? International Law Says – NO.

  1. Comey’s abuse of the term ‘intent’ is still making me puke whenever someone uses it. the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions.

  2. There is a place in the innermost recesses of my mind where there are those things that I continually hold as unconvincing, yet they remain within my radar as yet to be determined. Donald Trump is there. Was he the last gasp for a national conservative icon or the good cop in the good cop/bad cop routine? Can’t help but see a lot of what transpires as simply distractions or diversions with not enough substance to make a difference to the good while buying more time for the players to position. What really is concerning are the J6’ers who are incarcerated for Trump’s sake. Is he doing anything for them? Maybe he is behind the scenes. I don’t know. Some say he may be concerned about his re-electability should he intervene. But, these are real people whose lives are destroyed. Maybe in the end he is just another self-aggrandizing political hack. Whatever. In the end I must continue to hope to the good.

    • trump and should have got those guys out before he left office!! he made sure he got his buddies out of shit before he left! i know his back was against the wall,but a lot of that problem was his own making,and he’s still doing it!! look at some of the people he’s backing,dr, oz,one of the biggest anti gun assholes on the planet!!if we lose the second amendment and were finished!!!i know i won’t vote for anyone who is anti gun,period!

      • Alex I just love you – you comment on everything I write – you don’t hold back your opinion – and you are vehemently a Patriot! You should be proud – We Will Overcome – it just might not happen as we heartfully perceive – it will happen thou – I promise

  3. Yesterday I had work to do in the garden & so eschewed the internet & MSM until the evening. This morning I’m back paying post-tax money so the media, banking system and legislature can lie to me.
    It’s a bizarre reality, isn’t it? Like one of those sexually masochistic blokes who pays The Queen of Discipline $200 to yell insults at him. They’re the subject of jokes, right? We think they’re a bit – as we limeys are wont to say – kinky.
    So 7/8ths of most western electorates like being spanked.
    Seven in eight are pervy, weird, kinky, and really rather pathetic.
    88 per cent of these clowns got jabbed because (a) they wanted to go on vacation (b) their buddies were (c) it seemed patriotic (d) employer blackmail (e) they wanted to hit the nearest bar and get legless.
    Only 1in8 grasp that the “vaccine rollout” was a massive test of various formulations upon “enemy” DNA, notably that of Russians.
    Since the turn of the century, EUNATO has edged 1300 kilometres closer to Russia. Since the 2014 dust-up, Ukraine has killed over 14,000 Russian speakers during hundreds of ceasefire infractions. Once Putin knew about the biolabs, he had to go in.
    Of course, there is always the fact that he eats babies, owns 36 palaces and has 4.7 million bastard children…so by comparison, Kelenskyy’s quickly amassed $1.2 billion is beyond reproach. Naturally.
    So come on now likkle sheepy-baahs, swallow the pill, get the vax, give your children the booster….

    • besides gathering data on Russian DNA there has also been gathering/selecting Palestinian DNA by Isr_el (apologies, can’t seem to find any references).

  4. hannity is in laymen’s terms a complete asshole,if i even hear his voice it pisses me off!! newsmax turned out to be a huge disappointment,i stopped watching it months ago. either trump is very naive or just really stupid,pushing dr. oz for the senate in PA.HE WON”T GET MY VOTE!! just when you think things might be getting better and boom,the drop another load on us,i still think they want us to start a civil war,it would give them a reason to us the military on us,that’s why they’re doing the purge,most honorable military men would not turn on the people,i can’t say that for the NEW armed servicemen.

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