Gonorrhea: Health EXPERTS Coming For Your Children

The CDC and NIH have collaborated to produce a new vaccine narrative – Gonorrhea.   The graph depicts an exponential rise in cases since 1991, although half the rate since 1971.   Of course, no explanation is given, just another graph to support the development of ‘Super Gonorrhea Vaccine’ in development!   The Developers are apparently the same ‘health experts’ who developed the CoVid Vaccine!   Astra Zeneca. Surprise!

Gonorrhea typically infects those between 18-24, and is highest among blacks and American Indians in the US. The majority of cases are ‘asymptomatic’.   When symptomatic, most symptoms are mild.   And antibiotics have been the course provided.   But WHO has declared that the antibiotics no longer work and a new strain of ‘super-dooper gonorrhea’ is a global health threat!    although it does not yet exist.   As such WHO has made the global goal to reduce this STD by 90% as of ‘2030’ – the magic year.

WHO held two meetings, one in 2019 and another in 2020, to discuss the ‘preferential product characteristics for a gonorrhea vaccine’ – attended by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, China’s Academy of Medical Sciences Institute, NIAID, Pfizer, Moderna, GSK, Sanofi, and the CDC among others. The target age group is 10-24 and includes pregnant ‘persons’. A preferred market would to vaccinate before the person has ever had sex – which seems to make no sense whatsoever unless impotency is the side effect of the vaccine.

Annual to monthly testing for STD’s is recommended by the CDC for everyone who has sex.

Vulnerable populations:   “present a higher risk for gonococcal infection in certain situations or contexts that may vary between and within countries. Some examples include: incarcerated people; ethnic minorities or Indigenous populations with historical barriers to healthcare access; and migrants or young people living in communities with known high rates of gonococcal infection or HIV, especially young women, who have the greatest risk of adverse SRH consequences from gonococcal infection. “  ~WHO

Home tests are available for certain STD’s, and are highly recommended by the CDC.   Unfortunately, according to Mayo Clinic the tests have an exceedingly high rate of ‘false positive’.  

The narrative being hyped by the regular ‘experts’ claim that this dreaded disease ‘Gonorrhea’ is the next pandemic to be eradicated via a vaccine, highlighting ‘potential’ complications as the reasoning.   WHO ‘estimates’ a global incidence increase of 82 million in 2020 with a range subset between 48-130 million.   Obviously with such a largess +/- the numbers follow the sort of declaration of CoVid rates via algorithms created by such experts as Bill Gates ‘personnel’.   Based on these estimates, WHO creates a layer of increases year over year on top of year over year estimates hoping somewhere in this amalgamation there is a pinch of fact.

Sex education has had no success in slowing down STD’s – according to WHO…

Randomized trials of the super-dooper vaccine began in 2020 throughout the US, Australia and Thailand including strategies that involve DNA and mRNA.

Despite all the best efforts of health experts, there is still no available vaccine to prevent Gonorrhea. However, scientists have discovered that a particular meningococcal vaccine may have a 30% efficacy rate in preventing Gonorrhea.   While the study wasn’t a true study but an ‘observation’ it normally wouldn’t have merit. But the world of Science has morphed into poppy-cock abra-cadabra  – she has changed.

There is only one meningococcal vaccine that qualifies – 4CMenB, produced by GSK, it is used specifically for ‘bacterial meningitis’.   It is almost as if the baton rotates among a select few Big Pharma to make sure they each are awarded the global contract for some disease to balance revenues and profits.

It would seem Pharma appropriate for a vast outbreak of a ‘new strain’ of Gonorrhea to somehow overcome all previous anti-biotic remedies and a mandated vaccination program will become the prerequisite for children 10-24.   The duration of the vaccine in providing protection is about 3 years according to WHO and thus everyone will need boosters relative to their age at first inoculation.   For example;   a10 year old getting his/her first shot would be required to have 506 boosters.   It is further recommended that this vaccine be mandated via public schools.

Side Effects reported with the 4CMenB Vaccine include:   site pain, irritability, diarrhea, headache, fatigue, site hematoma, injection site cellulitis, extensive swelling of the injected limb (frequently associated with erythema, sometimes involving the adjacent joint or swelling of the entire injected limb), Vasovagal syncope, paresthesia, Guillain-Barre syndrome, toxic convulsion, febrile convulsion, vertigo, vestibular disorder, syncope, facial paresis, balance disorder, impaired hearing, falling, increased body temperature, hypoesthesia, eyelid ptosis, hypersensitivity (such as rash, urticarial pruritus, dyspnea, angioedema) including anaphylaxis shock, eating disorder including anorexia, and Oropharyngeal pain


8 thoughts on “Gonorrhea: Health EXPERTS Coming For Your Children

  1. if sex education (schools) + antibiotics (health clinic; GP) weren’t succesfull, then why and how would a new vaccine be succesfull? when-o-when will we start teaching children about health, of which sex is a part and not the other way around? of course sex education is not succesfull: it’s not only embarassing having to sit through all that in class, but also at that age we’ll do anything contrary to whatever any authoritative person will tell us. ‘sex is dangerous!’ yeah, let’s do it!! ‘driving a car is dangerous!’ yeah, let’s go!! ‘weed is dangerous!’ so let’s get mellow….

  2. Test, test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test,test.

    It’ll look like airports with everyone lined up in their test queues. Considering how many diseases there are one may end up in queue(s) every day.

    And guess what test they use…. yep,,, the PCR which isn’t a test but makes a great way to scam the retards which is why Kary Mullis fought Anthony Fraudci and likely why he died early.

    Hopefully the kill shots are effective in eliminating enough retards to allow common sense to prevail once again…. maybe. Stand by for the bird flu first. Used as cover for all the deaths from the fake covid vaxxines coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

  3. Yep! Just another big pharma taking their turn on the wheel.
    It’s just a record on the turntable that keeps a skippin’
    What’s next? ingrown toenails

    Read: The Real Anthony Fauci by RFK Jr. if you haven’t already.

    • I am a parent – my inherent feelings in that would be that I would never ever allow anyone to disparage my child in an evil context. That being said – a turntable would not be tolerated by this grandma.

  4. i said it before,no more vaccines for this kid,ever! i told my doctor that and she was shocked and asked me why,i answered her are you kidding me!! they’ll have to take me at gun point i guess,but i won’t go without a fight.if people would just open their eyes and put their phones down for five minutes and really listen to what they’re saying but that’s asking too much,most have turned into sheep,well,let the stupid be punished!

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