CATO Institute: Another Coup – Globalist – Ukraine Hypocrisy

Well Lawdy Lawdy, I was sitting here at my computer and suddenly this screen just pops up from nowhere!   I didn’t search it – it simply – appeared:   It is an article written by the CATO Institute in 2017 titled, “America’s Ukraine Hypocrisy – The extent of the Obama administration’s meddling in Ukraine’s politics was breathtaking.”

The CATO Institute article discusses the 2016 Hillary Clinton allegation regarding her assertion of election fraud and Russian collusion. But then the Cato Article takes a leap:   “Such umbrage might be more credible if the United States refrained from engaging in similar conduct. But the historical record shows that Washington has meddled in the political affairs of dozens of countries—including many democracies. An egregious example occurred in Ukraine during the Euromaidan Revolution of 2014.

In other words – CATO acknowledged the Ukraine coup in 2014.  

TODAY – The CATO Institute is all out pro-Ukraine victimhood.   And this is HOW we weed the Swamp.   Many of the conservative citizens who supported Trump were quite chastising in their evaluation of his ability to see the depth of The Swampers.  But – did you know?

Yet even today, we are made aware of another one we didn’t know. Out of the depths they make a statement, and suddenly – we know.   As in Oh Shitake!   But this has been a lengthy multi-year process, so chastising should be shoved in the broom closet with the dirt. And joining – is more important than ever.

CATO claims they are a Libertarian organization despite their founders being the globalist Koch Brothers.   They claim to pursue a ‘non-interventionist’ foreign policy and are opposed to war.  Every two years the CATO Institute recognizes an organization via their Milton Freidman Prize for advancing Liberty.   In 2018, this award was bestowed on the Ladies in White of Cuba.   This organization protests the imprisonment of political dissidents and is currently led by Berta Soler.

The Ladies in White is funded by US and EU governments as well as ‘other’ agencies.   Which makes the organization ‘interventionist’.   In 2013, seven members and former members of the Ladies in White denounced Berta Soler for the diversion and appropriation of the funds within the organization as well as a dictatorial leadership methodology. Cuba claims the organization is funded by right-wing political groups. That funding would be the National Endowment for Democracy.   The same organization that orchestrates color revolutions and coups.   Including in Ukraine.

Which means CATO is nothing more than another Swamp of Lizards bent on staging the New World Order.

When Ladies in White dissidents are arrested for protesting, Amnesty International rushes in and orchestrates their immediate release under the auspices of ‘prisoners of conscience’.  

Given this circuitry has been so successful, the organization expanded to Nicaragua, Venezuela, Sudan, and Belarus.   The same Belarus that sides with Putin. Their ‘protests’ typically usher in a coup, aka, regime change.

The fact that they are female is used as a pretense of the feminine sweetness, and they are really no different than Black Lives Matter – feminist corruption.   Surely, no man would harm a female clothed in ‘white’…

In reality, they are used as ‘shields’.   And have changed nothing except to soften the perception of a forthwith brutal coup.

Prior to the Ladies in White receiving the Milton Friedman Award by CATO, Flemming Rose was honored given his neoconservative hawk alliances.   Prior to Rose, the honoree was Leszek Balcerowicz, former Deputy PM to Poland and a member of the Communist Party who worked at the Institute Marxist-Leninism!   Obviously the Friedman Award bestowed by the CATO Institute requires one be everything the CATO principals claim to abhor.

Globalist indoctrination would also be a pre-requisite for prominence in order to install a NWO puppet via coup.

These neoconservative Marxists liken themselves as Reaganites.   Because this gives them credence – albeit undeserving.   Reagan advocated for a ‘free world’ not a globalist Sustainable Development Agenda. And hardly an advocate of war, which follows the NED and the globalist agenda like a puppy dog.   Given a dead man can not extricate himself from this web, is the propaganda – and so Reagan is the utilitarian nom-de-pleu.

But even the Milton Friedman reality has been frazzled:

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”

“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”

In other words, the Milton Friedman and Reagan doctrines that these organizations purport to espouse – are literally diametrically opposed! They are FAKE.   They use names to legitimize their Agenda which has NOTHING to do with their actionable actions.

When an organization adopts an ideology – when an organization uses an historically foundational person, when an organization frames itself within the ideology of these glorious foundations but in reality serves the opposite – in religious circles that would be Satan.   The Liar.

The Lincoln Project was such a pustule of Satan.   They claimed to be Reaganites – Friedmanites, proponents of Christian values! Only to be revealed as sexual predators.

Literally tens of thousands of bloggers and independents have been working to unravel this Matrix for decades.   The deception is incredibly vast.   The wolves – they are being revealed.   Their prey no longer ignorant of truth.   We Can Win!   But knowing who is the enemy and who is friend remains the most pronounced detriment.

When Soros calls Ukraine his friend – that is a revelation.   When the Ladies in White are simply NED sweethearts – that is a revelation.   When CATO embraces coups while claiming to be non-interventionist – that is a clue!

WHEN HISTORY IS ERASED – that is a clue.


3 thoughts on “CATO Institute: Another Coup – Globalist – Ukraine Hypocrisy

  1. Hi

    ” feminine sweetness” No such thing…. although they can pretend if the situation demands it! A strategic exit is the best defense….


  2. i bet milton friedman is spinning in his grave,these people using his name for their corrupt purpose,it’s everything HE DIDN”T BELIEVE IN!

  3. “Ladies in White” is a classic instance of “tell not show”…..let me see now, you’re the lillywhite Ladies so chances are you see yourselves as Right. Right? Other telltale ID tricks include ‘World’, ‘United’, ‘Peace’, ‘League’, ‘Health’, ‘Social’, ‘Liberal’ & ‘Against’. In 1970s London there actually was an outfit called ‘Under-5’s Against Fascism’.
    It’s only a matter of time before the United World League Against Health Disinformation makes its debut in support of Graphene Nano particles.

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