CENTCOM – Sockpuppets for Disinformation & Propaganda

In 2011 CENTCOM was awarded a $2.8 million contract with a company, Ntrepid, for the purpose of creating “sockpuppets” to spread pro-American propaganda on social media networks. Fifty users – ten sockpuppets per user with the following protections in place:

  • Special secure VPN that camouflages ability to locate source
  • Static IP addresses to protect government entities from being identified
  • Nine private servers to randomly route attempts to locate the source, and
  • Virtual machine environment whereby the posts are automatically deleted at a given point to protect against hacks.

Operation Earnest Voice was the brainchild of General Patraeus who claimed that it was ‘an effort to counter extremist ideology and propaganda’.   Given that this is illegal in the United States, Patraeus pinky swore it would only be utilized outside of the country in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and ‘other Middle east countries. And CENTCOM as always stressed they never ever in a million years would do anything ‘against the law’.

When Mad Dog Mattis inherited this operation he decided to extend it to ‘regional bloggers’ targeting moderate voices – whipping them up and then flagging them as being hostile with corrosive content so that they would be removed by the media platform.

By definition, a sockpuppet is one who uses a fictitious online identity for the purposes of deception.   By contrast, a BOT is an automated account that repeatedly makes the same statement. These types of accounts are now universal and encompass governments, corporations, NGO’s, and ‘nonintelligent’ intelligence agencies…

In the UK the website Operation Earnest Voice claims they: “specialise in engineering consent and influencing the public opinion”.

They list their services as:

  • Deep Deception
  • Production of News Websites With Automated Content
  • Personalized Propaganda
  • Clone Audiences
  • Look-a-like audiences
  • Mobilization & distribution of fake accounts for fake traffic, fake metrics, message amplification
  • Information Warfare


The Fake News concept was launched by the Obama administration.   The purpose was similar to and likely copied from the Rothschild’s use of media propaganda in 1917 and forward – to call out all natural medicine and such affiliated doctors as “Quacks”.   The Quackery Campaign!  The purpose of which was to launch Big Pharma – quacks.

It Worked.

I recently researched a media content I had no knowledge of and was fact-checked as highly accurate with a conservative lean.   I almost left the site when I noticed the sidebar had posted the MOST reliable sources which included; Fox, CNN, NYT, BBC…   in other words Fact Checkers are part of Operation Earnest Voice!

And once again – this propaganda machine finds its source in the CIA and MI6.

Ntrepid is based in Herndon Virginia – the CIA gauntlet – although registered in Florida.  It’s CEO and Founder originally came from the CIA. It’s President is formerly DoD.   It’s chief tech came from the FBI and then Microsoft. Without divulging who or which, Ntrepid claims to work with 50 different global governments. They have no board of directors.

Initially created as a psyche operation, in essence, Operation Earnest Voice are the global information ‘distorters’.  

Information is Big Business, it has evolved exponentially beyond Operation Mockingbird and now encompasses an enterprise that has no source of truth – and has one solitary purpose – creating a false reality. There is no morality, ethics, honor, it is a machine of persons sitting about all day in front of a monitor and inserting a pre-conceived end result from any client willing to pay the price – much like a mercenary.

They work for money – not for honor.

They are used to promote racism, radicalization, political fakery, identity fakery, war fakery, and everything that causes us to ‘believe’ what we read and see.   A recent video was circulated claiming it was purportedly taking place in ravaged Ukraine.   It turns out the video was an actual movie clip.

The only means to attempt to crawl out of this Matrix of reality is thru blogs and sites which are targeted by these anti-fact fact-checkers.  In other words, if the liberals are targeting them, they are likely to be more factual than Matrix, aka CoVid.

It would appear that recently I became a victim of a sockpuppet.   Albeit a lesser value opportunist.   Hundreds of extremist posts onto my account that took him hours to post – and me hours to delete.   A more professional sockpuppeteer would not have spent so much time on one person – a waste of time and energy.

Facebook estimates Sockpuppets account for roughly 27% of their online accounts.   But that would be a FB definition – which is obviously faulted subject to its own affiliation with the sockpuppeteers, CIA and MI6.  Accounts They Cannot Delete.

3 thoughts on “CENTCOM – Sockpuppets for Disinformation & Propaganda

  1. Kennedy was right on one thing he said,he will break the CIA into a thousand pieces and throw it to the winds,too bad they killed him before he finished the job,we’d all be a hell of a lot better off if he had.

  2. Hello

    My mother went through the created depression and heard enough government bs to last her lifetime. She always told me “Never believe anything you read, hear or see and double that if it comes from government”

    Then there is Reagan,,, The most dangerous words you will ever hear…. I’m from the government and I am here to help!

    Those helpful words allowed me to see through nine eleven,,, the terrorism wars,,, the fake virus and plandemic and the latest diversionary Russian military action that has cured covid in less than 48 hours!

    Really helps to keep the blood pressure down a little.


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