WHAT IF – The Great RESET Is To Purge Evil?

Pulling out my phone, I look at the weather, ‘to walk or not to walk my dog’.   It says it is raining and will continue for the next 30 minutes.   I walk to the window and peer outside. No rain.   I look closer, maybe it is invisible rain.   Nothing.   I open the front door and peer onto the sidewalk.   Nothing.

And I wonder as I do often how it is that scientific weather persons can so haughtily declare what the weather was like 500 million years ago, but they can’t get it straight in ‘real time’?

Walking in the nothingness, it is cold, a snow storm is looming and there is absolutely no one outside but me. And my dog.   My dog and I play this stupid power trip game of who will lead whom today. The question pops into my mind, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make a sound?   And I think, if their is no news media, is their really any news?  

The surreal reality of what our world has become seems an illusion sometimes.   It isn’t really happening because the powers literally make everything up. They are sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists. Their brains are abnormal, and when you cut one open they don’t bleed red like the good doctors say, they bleed blue.   Because they are lizards beneath the fake plasma of skin and flesh.

I think of Noah and God allowing only the animals and Noah’s family to survive.   But the Nephilim survived, and the evil that inhabits our earth survived thru them.

Pastors and Ministers are convinced that we are witnessing ‘End Times’ per Biblical prophesy. Make right with God!   And I think of WWII wherein the number of casualties was estimated to be 80 million.   The same number has been credited to Mao during his reign of terror in China – 80 million died .   Why wasn’t that End Times?  

Snow is spitting at my face as I round the last block and my house is in sight.   My dog knows this geographical nuance of factoid and decides to sniff every bush, every stick, ever blade of grass in the event something peed which he might miss.   It is always a chore, that last block, Baxter slowing to sniff pace, me dragging him by his halter convinced someone on Nextdoor is going to call me out – the bad lady is dragging her poor puppy, call the dog police!

Karens, they are called now. Women who have nothing better to do than police everybody else. So what are the men called? How come those self appointed male gendered police haven’t been anointed with a name?   Judas?

The main purpose of bloody wars and this psyche war we are witnessing today is declared to be a) depopulation.   But the true psychotic nature is always about winning; a cage fight, a boxing match, a football game, an Oscar, a contract, university honors etc… etc… etc… The King & I.   The psychosis of winning – the trans athletes beating the women.  Of course you don’t see trans-men competing against men…   Which makes one wonder if in these circumstances the ‘trans’ formation is only about – winning.

Maybe that is why they eliminated winning in schools – so as to eliminate the psychosis it can bring.

On the other hand, if we didn’t have ‘winning’ a person’s brain would turn to mush, because winning drives a person, forces them to be better, to strive, to push.   And without that drive and a mush brain, persons would become rodents scavenging for survival with the most basic of animal instinct = to kill the competition for the meal.

But that’s what the Lizards want.   To watch the Roman Games of beast against man, man against man, death.   Delighting in death. Who will survive?

To me it all seems such a vast waste of time and energy for anyone with an ounce of intellect roiling in the membranes of a brain.  Even the Tin Man had more knowledge… Imagine what our world would look like today if the Lizards didn’t constantly destroy it, the art, the literature, the engineers, the minds that could collaborate in real science, real truth, real objectivity. And Create!

It is said that John Lennon became a puppet of the Lizards. That the song, ‘’Imagine” was their vision. They contracted Lennon, told him what to write and promised it would catapult him into ‘unimaginable fame’. Which it did.

Too late, Lennon wanted out. He wanted to embrace his childhood religion, his Catholic roots.   He saw the illusion behind the illusion and wanted no part in the fantasy of the Wizard of Oz.   But once the Lizards own you, there is no out.   There is only death.

The rain has alluded us, the snow has begun and the squirrels and birds have all hunkered down in their nests to wade it out.   No movement outside. No wind, just the sky descending like a monolith shroud as it unleashes and unveils and does what the world has done since the beginning of time.   Weather.   Without anyone’s help or interference or control.

I think of Cuomo.   His arrogant face roiling my mind. He thinks he’s won because he has evaded criminal charges for ‘everything’.   But then that was likely the deal the Lizards made with him.   Cuomo was told to relinquish his post forever – and all charges for sexual assault and persons deaths would simply be vanquished without explanation.

But unknown to the person Cuomo, he has lost something much more precious – a legacy.   His children, his friends, his colleagues and the world at large will remember him as the worst governor in history, a man who attacked women, a man who put the elderly to death.   And yet, still he smiles believing he has won.   A sociopath.

I think of the Malaysian businessman who owned US Navy Commanders for decades – providing them with the orgies, the sex slaves, the alcohol and gifts that drove their manhood.   Over 60 Navy Admirals were involved – but it never made media headlines or even page 26.   It was quashed.   Why?  Because it revealed the Truth.  What had become of the men we gave our honor and respect to –

Was Macron on script when he spewed the venomous lizard tongue telling the French people his greatest win will be to ‘piss off the unvaccinated’ to such an extent they can die for all he cares.

What if the real purpose of this purge is to reveal ALL the wolves?   To show the world exactly who they are…   Biden, Kamala, Hillary, Trudeau, Morrison, Merkel, the schiffless, the pharma, the Scotus, the CIA, MI6, the corrupted to the very core. Would we have believed without seeing it for ourselves?   I doubt it.

Europe and North America have deceived the people for centuries.   We were ‘the good guys’ after all.   Our media told us so – over and over and over again…   But our governments were playing shell games.   And other countries were added to the game by the Lizard People:   Japan, South Africa, Chile, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, Venezuela, etc…

The greed became ferocious – and like the analogy of the children’s book by Eric Carle, the world at large became the greedy snake – so hungry that he ate it’s tail and devoured himself.

How else would we have accepted this reality?

You can’t fight what you don’t know.  You can’t be incensed by what you don’t know.   And thus the tree in the forest knows – there is no sound…

Baxter is staring at me.   Which means it is his dinner time and time for me to cherish a lovely glass of wine!

8 thoughts on “WHAT IF – The Great RESET Is To Purge Evil?

  1. I will believe that when the proponents of the great reset give up their desire to murder humanity and control what remains. They are far too arrogant and bombastic to ever consider that humans could live freely and make their own decisions.

  2. I don’t agree with this article depicting that the world has been shaped and is being shaped by winning, or the desire to win. The world has been shaped for eons by those with an agenda. It is nothing more than this. You could argue that those with an agenda are attempting to ‘win’ at all costs, but, nah, agendas end up in people’s heads for all sorts of reasons, and winning has little to do with it as many are simply footsoldiers, puppets who have no real idea what they are doing. All the daftness you see these days has been placed there for a reason, yet another aspect of someone’s agenda.

    Man’s nature is aggressive, as is the capitalist system as a whole. This gives rise to a competitive spirit where ‘winning’ is considered of prime importance, but the vicious turmoil we have faced down through the ages, and the sort we are experiencing from all angles these days, is the result of a long term approach by a bunch of head bangers. Of course, should they pull off their goal then, no-doubt, you could consider they will have won. Maybe you are right after all …

    • In all things there is good and evil. There are good guys and bad guys who have in battle since the beginning of time. Sometimes the bad guys win – that means the good guys fall back and regroup. Battle tactics. Today the evil is being shown like never before. Purposefully. It is the real awakening. Behind the scenes. The most difficult part is and has been weeding through the fakery, the wolves, to expose them for who they are. NOT as a political party – but throughout our entire stage. Pharma being at the top of the heap. The best way to take down pharma is to show their snake oil – to give the power back to the people. WE take them down by realizing their pill popping is a game of money not health! Society became one big diabetic fat slob ready to explode. Being able to recognize evil means you can recognize good – a paramount insight for survival.

  3. I didn’t read this article Helena,but will get back to it. I wanted you to make sure you knew about Pepe Escobar’s latest book Raging Twenties, (Nimble Books) It is for me more like having to study it as Pepe seems to be able to condense thoughts in a few words, much like Jerzy Kosinski. Be well, Dave

    • So I reached out to his media outlet just yesterday because someone else thought I should. I doubt a response but thought maybe the warriors would listen

  4. to start off with women are karens and i call men that act like idiots just plain assholes! your right on cuomo,i was pissed when i seen he got a walk but like you said,that was probably the deal he was offered,and like you said him and his jerkoff brother freudo will go do in history as the total scumbags they are.and lastly you’re 100% right about if this whole shithow not taking place almost all of us would still be in the dark on how corrupt and deviate the whole system has become,i guess push forward and hope for the best.

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