The Omicron Fraud – A Legacy Calling ALL Warriors

While South Africa, where the ‘supposed’ Omicron variant originated, has declared that it is a non-entity, non-non milder than any flu bug, Europe and the US have gone into hyperventilation over the number of ‘cases’.   Cases – meaning those who tested positive via the PCR test which is slated to be completely obliterated by the CDC as of 12/31/2021…   And the CLOCK – she is a ticking…while the grand finale reverberates across the globe like a fireworks display!   BOOM

Meanwhile, Democrat Governors have decided that there hasn’t been enough death, mayhem and injury, so they have re-defined fully vaccinated to mean 2 shots and a booster!   Of course, even the definition of vaccine has undergone a reality redefinition within the Matrix to be – a product that stimulates a person’s own immune response – you know like a vitamin.

Only this vitamin reorganizes a persons DNA immunity to allow for massive adverse events.   The definition of an event:   “ A thing that happens. An occurrence.”   In other words, an event is considered a normal development or phenomena.  Even if it actually defines the complete annihilation of a person’s quality of life – an absolute destruction of their life, livelihood, and joy.

The CEO veterinarian at Pfizer has concluded that events will continue as the CoVid virus mutates… thru the magical mystery tour of 2024.  Which sounds like Pfizer has absolutely no new mass drugs in the works to support their now profit margin that begs all history.

Oddly, this veterinarian CEO seems to lack the classic virology knowledge that this is how every virus reacts.   Always.   Forever. Mutation.   Just like the trillions of viruses that inhabit every human body today.

25 states have lifted their Emergency Status Pandemic – meaning 25 states remain under totalitarian status.   While the status does NOT fall within Party Lines, it does once again reveal that party – is NOT all inclusive.   Which is why Trump is now selectively endorsing some candidates while the fringe Liz Cheney’s and Mike Pence’s fall into the wolf category. Helping us navigate.

Of course Europe is in free fall as they declare this flu bug is worthy of Nazi lockdowns and devastation of all things economic within an already savaged society.   Meanwhile there appears to be a few solitary figures within the Catholic Church who are willing to risk life and limb by announcing the factoids of the Global Coup.   Cardinal Gerhard Mueller and Archbishop Vigano have come forth amongst a vagrancy of Christian leaders to denounce what is happening.

Although brave and true men of God – they reveal the abject absence – once again – of the Church at large in human execution.

Which is their duty.   Their moral obligation.   And their Covenant with – GOD.

They also acknowledge that the coup includes the annihilation of Christianity et al.  Where are you Ministers of Christian allegiance?   The John Pipers who thought President Trump’s language was offensive?   The John MacArthurs who espouse their own self? The Baptist Ministers? The Lutheran Priests?   The Evangelical self appointed authority figures?

Where are you?

IN your Freakin BASEMENT?

Where are the Hell’s Angels that used to uphold law and justice? Are they really a vagrant group of progressive democrats?   Because the media would state that they are anti-police bent on the defund and deconstruct agenda.

Where are the Angels that used to patrol New York City subways?

Archbishop Vigano is 80 years old.   And he puts you to shame.

Where are the Mercenaries that vowed to protect the US? Where are the militias that vowed to protect – me?   Are you hiding?   Are you scared?   Do you prefer to live the remainder of your life in some bubble?   Big and strong and oh so – fearsome…hiding in your cave.

My respect is waning.

And somehow – it is okay if the world succumbs to a Cabal Communist oblivion without a fight.   Because you are old and just want to avoid confrontation while you drink Mai-Tai’s on a beach in Florida?   Where the HECK are you!?

Maybe you are drugged up on China Fentanyl which is now slated as the number 1 cause of death among those 16-45.   Albeit NO PANDEMIC HERE!

So we are now made to understand that the US Intelligence agencies and the US military were instrumental in the Wuhan configuration of global ‘depopulation’.  Are your grandchildren immune? Do you even care?

Or are you so insulated within self that you simply just – don’t care?

Why aren’t you helping the Proud Boys? The January 6th tortured Americans?

POLICE? Sheriffs?   Cops?

I used to have such respect for you!

Wait – you are concerned about your job… Your job being to watch idly while innocent Americans are robbed, thieved, brutalized, assaulted, and murdered. Oh it’s HARD…   So was WWI and WWII. Hard. So was Vietnam. Hard.   But that’s the job – you chose.

I’m sorry you are tired – but you have talents that most others don’t.   Your choice.  

But in my opinion – you have made a pledge to death.  And as much as you refuse, you know that this is – could be – your entire Legacy.

3 thoughts on “The Omicron Fraud – A Legacy Calling ALL Warriors

  1. Yes viruses are said to mutate, but I know, you know this virus is a hoax. You have wrote about it. This virus like the HIV virus has not been isolated, purified, sequenced or proven to cause the disease covid. And how does one create a vaccine without ever laying eyes on the perpetrator. I don’t know,,, Ask Dr Fraudci,,, he does it all the time.

    If you add the deaths from VAERS and the Social Security easy kill grandmas and grandpas it comes to about 66,000. That’s more than the US lost in the Viet Nam war! But hey,,, safe and effective is the mantra. And what do we hear from brave Americans? Crickets. As an aside,,, I didn’t survive Viet Nam just to die from a hypodermic!

    This is a psyop that has everyone fearing for their yobs. They all should quit… that would end the psyop overnight. But no,,, that won’t happen. We all know there are many out there that just love having power and using it to screw your day. Australia, Kanada, New Naziland, Kalifornia, Oregon, Washington, New York all are hell holes. Bostons new tyrant just decided to make vax passes mandatory.

    Yeah, these scumbag despots are coming out of the woodwork. Just like jackals, they sense the weakness and cowardice of we the People and come out of their closets to make our lives as miserable as possible.

    There are a few pastors that speak truth. One I visit is Chuck Baldwin. He asks the same questions as you…. Where is the church! I can tell you… Their collecting their stimulus checks while conforming to 501c3 rules. They’re as phony as the Sars Cov 2 virus.

    A Merry Christmas to you and yours,,, and a hopefully Free New Year.

  2. isn’t archbishop Vigano the guy who blew the lid off the pope’s hiding of the pedophilia corruption going on within the walls of the Vatican??two out of thousands,doesn’t sound like great odds!i still have to put blame on the american people as a whole,myself included,we all had our heads buried as far up our asses that we could push them,the more they stole,twisted and connived from the people,the further we pushed!it’s only been the last fifteen years that i got mine pulled out and when i took an honest,eye opening REAL look around,my stomach flipped! we let them dumb down our schools,corrupt our politician,destroy our medical system and stood by like mice as they shipped all of good paying jobs out of the country and replace them with dollar general jobs as peddlers of chinese junk!!as far as fighting the battle,i’m sixty three with absolutely terrible health but i’m ready for what it’s worth,they can always use me for a sandbag or road block,piss on it,in for a penny,in for a pound!

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