China Sanctioned For Brain Control Weaponry

The Biden Handlers are sanctioning China’s military medical research for surveilling the Uyghurs.   In addition, they seemingly inadvertently stated that one such facility makes ‘brain control weaponry’.  

“Mind control technologies are weapons which use electronic microchip implants, nanotechnologies, microwaves and/or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system.”

In 2015, Russia accused the US of making such technology and forcibly implanting chips in humans. In 2018 DARPA acknowledged they were working on mind-controlled troops connected to weapons.   In 2018, journalist, Curtis Waltman of MuckRock, filed a FOIA request with the Washington State Fusion Center. What he received instead from the Department of Homeland Security was not what he requested, but far more insidious:   EM Effects On The Human Body. The file detailed a drawing of a human with arrows pointing to various systems that could be manipulated:   Forced memory blanking. Controlled dreams. Induced changes to hearing. Intense forced pain like hot needles piercing flesh. Wild flailing with periods of rigor mortis. Intense itching. Itching inside eyelids. Forced movement of jaw. Reading and broadcasting thoughts. Forced waking visions. Microwave hearing. Manipulation of hands. On and On and ON!

Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, a veteran who served in the Puerto Rico and Army National Guard for 7 years, moved to Alaska in 2015.   He went to an FBI office in 2016 and claimed the CIA was speaking to him through his television. The CIA told him that if he did not do as they said, they would cause him escalating pain in his head until he did.  The FBI claimed he was a mental case and dismissed his claims.   Subsequently, he got on a plane to Florida and opened fire in the Broward County airport randomly killing 5 and injuring 40.

Timothy McVeigh claimed the US Army had implanted a chip in his brain – also a veteran, McVeigh became known as the Oklahoma City Bomber.

David Voigts is an ex-Navy officer and a whistleblower. He claims he has been tortured since January 2012 via electronics warfare. He sights the Havanna Syndrome as such a diplomat targeted mind control warfare perpetrated by unknown sources.

Dr. Katherine Horton is a scientist who studied physics at Oxford University, where she obtained her Masters of Physics and then went on to get her PhD. She is a high energy physicist and system analyst. She worked for years at CERN in Geneva. She has been gangstalked by Military Intelligence agents.

While it is difficult to discern between these accounts and what they are labeled, Schizophrenic, the CIA has been actively ensconced in this sort of parapsychosis since the 1950’s:   BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, MKSEARCH and MKNAOMI.  

While the initial precipitous reasoning for mind control was to create the ‘perfect military soldier’ who would operate according to the controller, as opposed to his own instincts, the nefarious world saw a different application.

Controlling human behavior thru pain would ultimately dehumanize the person to the point of AI.   Work 16 hours a day.   Never counter your orders.   Life is a computerized version of humanity.   Death is not a consequence, it is a ritual.

And then there are the worst case scenarios involving sex trafficking, child sexual assault, and suddenly the defense attorney for Ghislaine Maxwell comes to mind as she proclaims that the accounts of the witnesses against Ghislaine could be construed as faulted.   Their memory called into account…  As in Chipped.

Maxwell’s lead attorney is Bobbi Sternheim.   Her renowned clients include Osama bin Laden’s henchmen – al-Qaeda Chief Khalid–al Fawwaz, and Minh Quang Pham as well as numerous Mafia of Notoriety. A strange Choice to be sure… and not one that presumes a verdict of innocence.

AFTER MKUltra was uncovered within the CIA – it was a full 25 years since their program was activated before any action was taken.   The 1970’s trial saw that the CIA pinky swore they would never do it again…   Of course since then it has also been uncovered that there is $21 trillion ‘missing from the Department of Defense’.   As in two books.   $21 trillion.

The Shadow Government that has been the global initiator of debt, coups, war, inequality, elitism, and economies is based within the CIA, MI6, and a host of NGO’s for well over 70 years.   Or more.

If you worked inside the CIA and ignored the corruption and deviances – you are complicit.   If you worked inside the CIA and were oblivious of the corruption and deviances – you don’t belong in ‘intelligence’.   You are ignorant.

The idiocy in declaring Russia or China as ‘creating’ this warfare tactic – has brought the intelligence offices down on their own knees as their deviance rises to the surface.   Revealing the likely use of military veterans and other susceptible citizens to experiments within the guise of mass murder a viable CIA/Military joint exercise – is the true Nazi Regime. .

But stupidly accusing China of engaging in the same mind control warfare and sanctioning their facilities today – only opened their own Pandora Box. That has existed for 70+ years…  And they have perfunctorily proclaimed in such announcement that they are infinitely and arrogantly ABOVE THE LAW.

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  1. one big,big mistake that the allied forces did after ww2 was sneaking in captured Nazi scientist,doctors and people from the SS,etc.we thought that we were getting all this info that the Nazi accumulated from their evil experiments on war captives,Jews,and various other poor souls who happened to be around!also they thought the it would be a good idea to put some of these people though out our organization at the time,the OSS,which went on to become the infamous CIA.these Nazi’s corrupted everything they touched,our medical fields,the CIA is so corrupt and evil there is no way to straighten it out,like JFK said break it up into a million pieces and scatter it to the winds! ALL of these people should have tried for crimes against humanity and hung period! you can’t bow and scrape to the Nazi’s for all those years and then say,oh well,sorry it didn’t work out,see ya later! they ALL should have been hung,they were all involved with these crimes,do the crime,swing like a vine!we were just as guilty,we as our government i mean,what kind of jackass thought that this was a good idea is beyond me! my long winded point is this,THESE PEOPLE ARE THE DIRECT REASON WHY THIS EVIL EXIST TODAY!!look around the world today,ALL these crazy social experiments are just a continuation of the Nazi ideology,just with a more modern spin to them,they were a bad idea 80-90- years ago,and they’re a worst idea today!

    • Alex,

      History you
      may not know :

      Forwarded Message :


      Have you ever executed a deep dive
      into Germany’s Christian war
      with the Jewish World Congress ? :

      — Un-Reported History of Communist Jews —

      Very few Westerners know that Hitler was bisexual;
      that his Brown Shirt cadre was begun by a cabal
      of homosexuals; that Hitler’s attacks on homo-
      sexuals, in his Nazi Party, had been the result of a
      betrayal—not any hatred of the type of sexuality
      Hitler practiced—had not opposed!; that Hitler/Nazis
      were PAGANS opposed to Christians/Christianity
      ( search NPR/PBS for this documentary, “Hitler’s
      Search for the Holy Grail”—about his anti-Christian/
      pro-Pagan quests ); and that America’s suffering
      ANTIFA Communists’ ( AntifaComs—my term ) today,
      burning of her cities!, is EXACTLY what Jewish
      “Germans” had been doing to destabilize German/
      Christian culture, before and during its “Weimar
      Republic” experiment—resulting in that horrible Nazi
      retaliation/retribution, coming A F T E R Jews’
      “Jewish World Congress” had Boldly/Brazenly
      declared WAR against Communist Jews’ helpful/hosting
      country : Germany ( Note : Jews had been very well-
      treated by the Christian community B E F O R E that
      UNGRATEFUL/Angering/Challenging declaration
      of war by Zionists in the Jewish World Congress ).


      P.S. Read entire report, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, to
      get beyond Zionists’ controlling propaganda ( by
      the way, the book burnings were mostly of PORN
      books, written/published by Communist Jews—
      and, as the late 19th century Rabbi Waton had
      declared to the world :

      “Judaism is Communism!” ) :

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