NURSE Shortage = BED Shortage at Hospitals: Mandated Vaccine

There is currently a shortage of 9,000,000 nurses globally, according to WHO.   Their 2019 calculation stated that as of 2020 the shortage in the US would be over 200,000.   Those calculations were pre-Pandemic.   While burnout is often cited, there are multiple factors contributing to the shortage including:   1.   Shortage of nursing school faculty,   2.   Retirement; average age of nurses is over 50,   3.   Nursing school enrollment is down,   4.   Aging population requires a greater need.

California, Texas, Nevada and South Carolina report the smallest ratio of nurses per 1,000 residents – less than 10.   But the worst cities are spectacularly lower:   Dallas, LA, Houston and New York City have a quotient less than 1 compared to national nurse employment.

Despite the shortage, despite Houston listed as among the top four cities with shortages, Houston Methodist Center fired 178 nurses for refusing the CoVid Jab.  Today, Houston Methodist has a 200 bed shortage – oddly, right in line with the number of nurses fired.   While the numbers reported continue to reflect CoVid patients, they still do not detail the facts. “193 patients are in emergency rooms awaiting beds and 45% of them test positive for CoVid”.   Why are they in the emergency room?   Heart attack?   Liver Disease? Cancer?   Auto Accident?

A fairly new type of nurse has evolved, the Agency Nurse or traveling nurse who is temporarily assigned to a locale that is deficient in staff.   Sounds good on the surface, but the cost is significantly greater!   An agency makes between 20% and 25% per contract, and the nurse can make upwards of 45% more.   In Houston, the average salary for a nurse is between $64,000 and $111,000.   According to Indeed, there are over 53,000 openings for nurses in Texas.  Houston claims they are on target to contract between 2500 and 3500 in the next several months…

The VA has now proudly announced that only vaccinated nurses will be staffed at their hospitals!   As if the wait time at VA hospitals was not bad enough, it will be significantly greater now!

In a 2019 report, VA Personnel and staffing shortages were already critical!   “Oversight agencies are sounding the alarm that VA is plagued with large staffing shortages in critical areas, including physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants, psychologists and physical therapists, as well as human resource specialists.”

The report estimated that 30% of VA employees will have retired by 2022.   That was before CoVid and before the vaccination mandate.

Nurse shortages are not the only problem facing the US healthcare system. It is ‘projected’ that by 2030 we could see a shortage of physicians approaching 150,000 and increasing each year thereafter.   The primary field – surgeons.

What happens after prolonged shortages of doctors and nurses has already been happening globally, hospitals shutter. In the US, since 2010 hospitals began shuttering at the rate of 30 per year.   When nurses walkout because of the vaccine mandate, hospitals lose, cities lose, and states lose.   Those states would be primarily – Blue.

While the CDC admits that there is no test for ANY CoVid variant, it claims that the CoVid test will give a positive result for all variants.   Would that not also apply to ALL CoVid or coronaviruses as well, including the common COLD?   If there is no test to differentiate between the variants, how can the CDC determine the number of cases of variants vs Wuhan CoVid?   In fact the CDC states that the Delta variant is responsible for 51% of CoVid cases.

According to Science, the Delta variant has 13 mutations.   The Delta variant symptoms mimics the common cold.  So maybe the Delta variant is actually a Cold Variant…    “On 7 June 2021, researchers at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases in Singapore posted a paper suggesting that patients testing positive for Delta are more likely to develop pneumonia and/or require oxygen than patients with wild type or Alpha.”   But there is NO test for Delta – so how can researchers make this claim?   In order to determine if a person is infected with Delta, the blood sample must be sent to a genome laboratory such as GISAID that can match the sample to the sequencing of one of the 13 mutations of Delta.   According to GISAID, only 5,000 confirmed sequences can be attributed to the US.   Brazil is less than 100. Northern and central Africa have no data sequencing, and most of SA has -0- data sequencing.

In other words, the MEDIA, not the Genome Labs, are the primary source of numbers and statistics.

According to Public Health England, as of August 2021, the case fatality rate for 386,835 people with Delta is 0.3%, where 46% of the cases and 6% of the deaths are unvaccinated and below 50 years old. That would indicate that 94% of deaths are among the ‘vaccinated’. And yet, Science-Media continues to state that vaccines protect against Delta and those vaccinated individuals are less likely to contract and die from Delta.

If vaccines protect against variants then a) why are boosters needed, b) why do we have different vaccines for different flu variants, and c) why is there not a vaccine for the common cold – the principal coronavirus?

According to a study conducted in July 2021 by the Centre For Cellular and Molecular Biology, mutations do not confer protection from vaccines because upwards of 87% of variant spike proteins have altered.

Therefore, requiring healthcare workers to be vaccinated when the main variant has already surpassed the vaccine’s primary spike is ludicrous.   These mandates further push staffing shortages in areas already at severe shortfalls of employees while bumping up staffing for areas that do not institute mandates.   That would set the stage for huge death rates among persons who present with heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease etc… and are sidelined for treatment amidst short staffing at hospitals with mandates.   Such as New York City.

If in fact the authorized vaccines protect against any variant, then we no longer need an annual flu shot – for variants… right??

5 thoughts on “NURSE Shortage = BED Shortage at Hospitals: Mandated Vaccine

  1. Great article. Nurse shortage has always exist and will only get worse. And as nursing paradigm changes to branch out more ‘non-nursing’ specialties, bedside nursing will eventually be left to unlicensed nursing workers.

  2. Excellent article. It sure makes a lot of sense for the medical community to force its workers to get the experimental mRNA injections and risk losing more workers due to refusals or injection injuries. Never mind that the drug companies do not require any of their employees to get the injections, even the companies who are pushing their own mRNA creations. You would think that if they are that good, all their employees would be breaking down the doors to get an injection of mRNA nano-particle soothingness. If they don’t want it, neither do I.

  3. Since the pathogen referred to as COVID-19 was never sourced with its lipid envelope(!)*, therefore it doesn’t exist…quod erat demonstrandum.

    Which is why we’re witnesses to mass murder under the umbrella of a fake pandemic…

    New vaccines take 10 – 15 years to develop…

    …informing us that Satanists are administering a poison for the purpose of the “abolition of religion”, and the destruction of those civilizations “whose spiritual aroma is religion”**.

    mRNA and Genetic Vector vaccines are not just new, they’re a new type of vaccine that involves entering a cell to produce a spike protein, requiring the full 15 years to determine safety. Since vaccines are for healthy individuals, not those who are sick, if the vaccine should prove deadly within 15 years then humanity itself is destroyed.
    * Marxist China — we’re told by Marxist China, the West’s enemy — located RNA fragments in the back of contaminated throats where billions of viral fragments exist stemming from thousands of unique viruses, then, incredulously, sequenced those few fragments to incomprehensively come up with the whole genome of a new transmissible virus, even though this new genome had nothing to compare with because it is a new genome! That’s why in order to determine the existence of a real pathogen, one sources the pathogen with its lipid envelop. That way one knows the complete genome, otherwise one is guessing when RNA fragments are sequenced, and even more incredulous, sequencing, even with an already complete genome existing to compare with, doesn’t work(!)…


    De novo transcriptome assembly is a powerful tool, widely used over the last decade for making evolutionary inferences. However, it relies on two implicit, untested assumptions: that the assembled transcriptome represents an unbiased, if incomplete, representation of the true underlying expressed transcriptome, and that the expression estimates from the assembly are good, if noisy approximations of the relative abundance of expressed transcripts. Using publicly available data for model organisms, we demonstrate that, across assembly algorithms, species, and data sets, these assumptions are consistently violated.”

  4. this whole thing is a shell game. i worked with an engineer in 2005-2006,he left out plant to go back to north Carolina ,he got a job with a drug company,i won’t say with one,to build a brand new vaccine plant in north Carolina.they were running out of ideas on drugs for heart etc,so they came up with the vaccine scam,and they been at it probably before that,it’s a money scam using fear on the population.

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