CoVid Vaccine: Another Toxic Cocktail?

The argument is rather basic – a) vaccines are toxic and cause multiple health impairments, b)   vaccines are a necessary tool to temporarily protect against  new viruses,   and c)   vaccines are the cure all to the realization of a perfect healthy world… Bottom line.   The argument is no different than any other “Babel” created to shadow chaos.  

It bears notation that by definition a vaccine was supposed to permanently (or close to) protect you from the hideous effects of a virus – such as the one-time polio or smallpox vaccines administered in the 1950’s and 60’s.   Still, even then the herd immunity had already virtually eliminated the virus in the US. So why is Africa still plagued?

The current outbreaks in Africa are linked to a polio mutation in the vaccine.   The cause of polio is through contaminated water or food.   So wouldn’t it make more sense to cleanse the cause?

While the science/pharma community are focused on CoVid, Autism continues to rise to unprecedented levels – for some countries as high as 1 in 25 children.   And pharma is oddly – silent.   It has been discovered that Autism is a mutation of Chromosome 16 that occurs at conception.

There are two causes of chromosome mutation: 1. Meiosis, which is the process of cell division and 2. Mutagens, which involve toxic reactions to chemicals and radiation.   Defects in chromosome 16 can result in a propensity for cancer, autism, Down syndrome, obesity, heart defects, reproductive disorders and death.

The chemicals that can be traced to disruption of chromosomes include a long list, including; formalin or formaldehyde, BHP, Dioxins, Perchlorates found in drinking water, Phthalates found in cosmetics, food packaging, toys and medical devices, soy and Triclosan which is predominant in personal care and liquid body wash products – including hand sanitizer.

Common ingredients in annual flu shots include: antibiotics, formaldehyde, thimerasol, and aluminum salts, all of which have been found to be highly toxic and disrupters of chromosomes.

While the infamous experts have determined that all these ingredients are safe because the amount in a shot or vaccine is minimal, they fail to account for the cocktail effect. For example triclosan has been found in the urine of upwards of 75% of individuals in a scientific test. The specific dangers include: disruption of testosterone, cancer, development of allergies, weakened immune system, and asthma. For 30+ years it has been used in deodorants, lotions, creams, toothpaste, detergents, soap and skin cleansers.   And while it might not give an adult ‘autism’ it has certainly been a significant player in our health.

While the vaccines administer this toxin directly into the bloodstream, all these layers of products increase the dosage dramatically.

A CoVid vaccine that is really just another annual shot and not a true lifetime inoculation is being discussed as a possible mandatory forced disrupter.   While we don’t presently know what the ingredients might be, given the pharma cause for money not cure, it is likely to be rather nasty.

In addition, a UK based company marketed by VST Enterprises has created an app in conjunction with Circle Pass Enterprises that will insert a fingerprint mark which will register into the app your health and vaccine history for the workplace to monitor and/or determine your hire ability.   They righteously call it your ‘health passport’.

Orders have already been initiated by governments and the private sector in: US, France, UK, Canada, South Africa, UAE, India, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and Mexico.     The first phase release is for 50 million ‘passports’ which will be shipped with ‘approved testing kits’.   I imagine the app will soon register other health and vaccine history so as to determine who should be in lock down.

Logical end of discussion is that it is toxicity to bring any foreign substance that is manmade and reputedly carcinogenic into ones body. And that is exactly what the vaccine industry proudly hawks. While it might be impossible to prove any one conjunctivitis of a single vaccine was the cause of Autism, Polio, Brain Damage, or any other wrenching conclusion, we can logically assume that a cocktail of anything foreign will have nuclear effects.

3 thoughts on “CoVid Vaccine: Another Toxic Cocktail?

  1. Personally I’ve been a proponent of vaccines in the past. The Polio, Measles, Diphtheria, Tetanus and the Mumps vaccines have been instrumental in virtually eliminating these childhood diseases and saving millions of lives in the process. When these vaccines were discovered I felt there was a genuine attempt by medicine to improve our lives. I disagree with a yearly flu vaccine that is reformulated each season and is minimally effective. The pneumonia vaccine might be beneficial especially for elderly people but I doubt it’s effectiveness as tens of thousands die from pneumonia each year. I no longer trust the objectives of those people and organizations who have aspirations of controlling the populations to be investing in and profiting from the recent proliferation of vaccines that are recommended these days.

  2. Age 70, I haven’t had a vaccine in 40 years and seldom get sick and certainly not sick enough to go to a hospital. I have no intention of starting now. No thanks, Billy Boy, you and Big Pharma can inject yourselves all you want. I will practice social distancing from the tracers and needle stickers. 6 miles should be good.

    • I’m 73. My last involuntary vaccine was Marine Corps-related, upon being honorably discharged in 1970. You’ve nailed the issue, Tom. -Rick

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