Dr. Dick Bright: Another Bill Gates Puppeteer…

Rick Bright is testifying against President Trump claiming response to the virus was delayed and unless we remain locked down and cloistered until Bill Gates vaccine is approved, we will die painfully and miserably within the ‘darkest winter of all history’.   Before testifying he wore a mask, rubber gloves, and kept Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer and water at his disposal. His costume was removed so that he could talk and give his poor ears a rest given the ill fitting mask seemed to mutilate them.

Despite every single other person within the CoVid response team detailing how President Trump worked agreeably with them, including Fauci, somehow Bright’s not so bright vengeance takes precedence.

Bright has worked in the vaccine industry, worked for the CDC, and worked for WHO before being appointed by Obama ‘after the election’ on November 15, 2016.   During his tenure his primary focus has been and is H5N1, the Asian Bird Flu.   As in all virus’s, H5N1 has been mutating in birds while humans have developed ‘herd immunity’.   As of 2015, the H5N1 virus had infected 700 people worldwide…   The vaccine was developed in 2009 and has been a mainstay vaccine for chickens since.

Stockpiles of the vaccine for humans were a part of BARDA’s mandate in the event of a pandemic.   But a characteristic of all RNA virus’s is that they have a high mutation rate – so a vaccine created in 2009, would have absolutely no effect on a future virus.

For example, the flu vaccine this year included the H1N1 vaccine because Tedros specifically ordered this at the last minute as a upgrade after the original flu vaccine was presented.   Why?   While pharma’s were quick to comply, doctors were curious given the efficacy was negligible.

What the Science reveals is that it is virtually impossible to create a vaccine for a virus that has not yet been in circulation.   And virus’s that have been in circulation would necessitate annually ‘upgrades’ to account for the mutations – which no pharma does,  because there is no money in it.

What would entail a National Coordinated Response to a virus pandemic as Bright has contested?   Because Fauci, Birx, Tedros, and Bright all worked for organizations tasked with this specific responsibility – and they all FAILED.   That was their job – not President Trump’s.

BARDA is relatively new having been created in 2006 by Robin Robinson with a $1.35 billion starting budget!  Not bad!   While it was his job to develop drugs and vaccines to fight pandemic influenza, Robinson’s claim to fame was that he was a grand dealmaker.   In other words, he knew how to play politicians and pharmas to gain access to Federal Funds.

He now works for RenovaCare.

Despite Rick Bright’s entire career dating since college dedicated to studying this one virus H5N1 – the virus itself seems to NOT have dissipated. At all. Science simply continues to study it.

In 2008, Bright was awarded a grant from the Bill Gates Foundation while working for PATH, a nonprofit with revenues now touting over $332million. Although the original purpose of PATH was ‘family planning’, they decided to broaden their world and now PATH’s work and vision focuses on 1. Vaccines, and 2. Drugs.   In the science field, PATH is best known for ‘improved vaccination devices’.  Not cures – but furthering the almighty dollar.

PATH was originally funded by the Ford Foundation and later achieved a sustainable support partnership with Bill Gates Foundation. Ah.

PATH’s current partners include GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk and Microsoft. All these partners profit on the continued production of vaccines and drugs.    Seems like a bit of a conflict of interest – to me.  But then – suddenly Bright the best vaccine scientist in the WORLD!

So now we have an Obama appointee, who is clearly in the Gates pocketbook, being relieved of his post and transferred to NIH.   Despite this, Bright has refused to show for work – for 2 months.   Somehow NIH is just not up to his par.  Yet he continues to collect his paycheck.

While the media portrays Bright as the top vaccine scientist – he hasn’t actually accomplished – anything.   He’s like the student who doesn’t want to actually ever go to work for a living – but wants someone to pay his way.

In other words, Dr. Bright is simply another Bill Gates puppet working to eradicate population overgrowth through the manipulation of drugs and vaccines.

The concept of CURE no longer exists in the medical anals. And given the Gates hatred of all things Trump, anyone remotely associated with the Gates Foundation can often be found to be – profoundly puppeteered. And the entire discussion disintegrates into a vaccine to further propagate the pockets of Bill Gates.

Our only combatant is the fact that as we depopulate, Gates will have fewer and fewer people to vaccinate and drug so as to profit.   Given his most recent acquisitions, it would appear that Gates is certainly not concerned about that occurrence in the US.   Although Rick Bright would have us all dead – this coming Winter.

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  1. Excellent. Keep at it you are doing a great job. Exposing more of the Gates puppets who have been entrenched in public health care for decades. PATH in existence since 1977, offices in Seattle Washington, 1600 employees; the CEO of PATH is also the CEO of Foundation for Appropriate Technologies in Health, SWITZERLAND… Subsidiary of PATH – One World Health a pharmaceutical company. I am blown away by the labyrinth of non-profits, non-government organizations, all of which have been used to hide Bill Gates decades of involvement in vaccines and population control. All global working out of the view of the American people WOW!

    • Thanks Sherry – the other link I haven’t researched yet is The Netherlands – a lot of these Gates NGO’s are linked in to somewhere in The Netherlands – and I’m reminded of the Dutch man – Ronald Bernard – who gave a 5 part interview that revealed the entire tentacle of corruption that has at its core BIS…

      • YouTube has removed the complete interview with Ronald Bernard…will look for it in parts.Thank you!!!

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