Theresa May & Sadiq Khan Failing Grade

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, is allowing the blasphemous blimp depicting a baby Trump to fly across London when Trump meets for a summit with Theresa May and The Queen.   Khan has been blatheringly belligerent in his view of Trump since Trump proposed a temporary ban on all Middle East Immigration in 2015.  Despite Trump congratulating Khan on his win as mayor, Khan has upheld his contempt, and the feud continues.

So what has Khan accomplished during his tenancy as Mayor of London?

Stabbings are at an all time high, the murder rate is up 40% rivaling New York City, which is actually dropping, there is a spike in gun crimes, he has cut the number of police officers on the beat, he has closed youth centers, and eliminated the two strikes law.  And like Obama’s tenure, London has seen a tremendous rise in ‘hate crimes’.

Khan is anti BREXIT and decided to use government money to create a report that supports his conclusion: A no-deal BREXIT would leave the economy diminished and the people poorer.  That is the conclusion Khan asked for and the conclusion the report defined.  Apparently, the report makes future predictions that by 2030, Britain’s national income will be 3% less… if there is no transition agreement and no trade deal.

Basically, the report is based on a worst case scenario assuming that nothing changes, that the government caves to its inability to do anything whatsoever, and to a stagnant population with closing finance institutions.  Dire.

But is it reality?

Racism is on the rise in London during Khan’s tenure too.  At least that is what the media claim.  But is it true?  Or is it the same stoking we saw too often under the Obama administration to invite a belief until the belief was believed as truth?   Initiating chaos and having the government help promote, incite and provoke?

The Guardian is even taking the racism agenda a step beyond rationale claiming that BREXIT caused racism.  Of course there are other culprits in the cause of racism – capitalism and the far right.

But it isn’t just London that is currently a chaotic mess, the entire UK Parliament has come unhinged with eruptions resembling a junior high playground of bully fighting, fists and unfiltered tongues included.  The notion of the English Gentleman is most definitely a novelty of many years past. And yet these same brewhards and blowhards would hypocritically paint President Trump in an unglamorous fashion all the while failing miserably to account for his accomplishments in this past year and a half.

What has Theresa May accomplished?  Boris Johnson?  Anyone within the UK Parliament?   A list does not even exist.

What the UK has managed is the creation of a strange lot of laws:

1)  Muslims may pray on the streets individually or enmasse.  However, a man who read aloud from the Bible was arrested for inciting hate speech.

2)   MI6 helped create the Trump Dossier.

3)   The Skripal case against Russia was never proven, nor was the evidence released despite the accusation and the ultimate prosecution being finalized.

4)   The UK has banned entry, and/or jailed, activists who hold to an anti-Muslim opinion because their speech might cause Muslim’s to become violent.  This is akin to jailing the victim of a crime.

If in fact either Khan or May had a slew of amazing accomplishments behind them as Mayor and PM, their derisive attitude toward Trump might have some basis.  But given that Trump has infinite accomplishments to their none makes the entire snub rattily snotty.

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  1. The mayor’s office originally refused permission for the blimp protest, but because of the huge amount of support for the plan, it was decided to allow it. Personally I find it an immature way of protesting, but it has certainly gained a lot of attention.

    The bulk of funding for the Metropolitan Police (London) comes from the government, that is why police numbers are down and crime is up. It is not just London of course, in England and Wales the police continue to be severely hindered from doing their job because of Tory cuts to the service.

    Racism continues to be on the rise and not just in London. At the root of the problem are the government and media like The Mail. I meant to let you know about an inaccuracy on one of your posts Helena, regarding Syrian refugees on a Scottish island. The source of your information was incorrect. It was similar to the lies that The Mail had published about the refugees complaining. I made some phone calls to the island to confirm the truth, but because of other things happening in my life at the time, I did not get round to letting you know the outcome of my enquiries.

    The content in the Mail had potential to cause serious problems for the refugees, fortunately the islanders know the truth, but in other parts of the country The Mail incites violence.

    Sending the refugees to an island with a high level of unemployment is very strange. (It created a lot more attention than putting them in a city though). They were given hope by being led to believe they were going to Manchester or Glasgow. Then they were put on an island where there is no hope of getting work. In spite of that, they are very grateful for the help they have been given.

    I have not read the Guardian claims about BREXIT causing racism, but I know for a fact that racism increased on the build-up to the referendum on leaving the EU and then accelerated after the result.

    • The blimp, however popular, is vulgar and incredibly disrespectful. Imagine if that’s how we greeted your Queen… It would not be tolerated.
      If I have made a mistake in something I’ve said, please do let me know. I appreciate input from real people vs media always and try to use real people as my main sources. I still look at the MSM just to see where they stand but like the media here, the Guardian is equivalent to our Washington Post, and the BBC is government owned and thus worthless as a verifiable source per se. I can always issue a retraction or update if you give me something I need to change.
      Racism is an agenda. We saw it here under Obama’s terms spike like never before because the media was told to spike it – to legitimize it, to make it appear larger than it was so that ultimately the people would believe it was real. We will always have prejudice; color, gender, pretty girl, rich boy, ugly, weird parents, nationality, politics, etc.. the list is hundreds of topics. That will never go away. It is innate to human nature. But if it is stoked so that people believe it is horrific, then anger and bitterness are implanted and violence follows. That was what the Cabal wanted. It is how chaos is made.
      All three of my boys were severely bullied at school, white, blond blue eyed. I was bullied growing up for my dad’s status. I have been the object of workplace issues, 2 very good friends said we could no longer be friends because of my political ideology. But those stories don’t make the news because they don’t fit the ‘box’. They don’t fulfill the agenda.
      The UK is renowned for it’s embrace of blacks. To suddenly claim that the UK is racist is stoking for you what was fermented here. Be careful. If you believe it, the lie becomes truth. To think that BREXIT would create racism has absolutely no logic. But it could become the rational in order to incite the notion of racism while demonizing BREXIT.. The agenda.
      Thanks again Ronnie – always appreciate your insight, and if you ever want to give me an idea, a topic – more than happy to oblige!

      • I don’t like Trump or the Queen, or any aristocracy for that matter, but my dislike is based on morals and principles, so to demonstrate my feelings in a disrespectful way in public against anybody would be an attack on my own self-respect.

        When people resort to petty and immature actions, not only do they lose the moral high ground, but they get disdain from people who may have been supportive of their cause. People have said to me they do not like Trump, but they also do not like the blimp idea, or Khan. It would not surprise me if it was stopped at the last minute.

        Although BREXIT did not create racism, the leave the EU campaigners used it to strengthen their case. I was very surprised when a friend phoned me and exclaimed how angry he was towards foreigners; this was out of character for him. He had been watching a TV program which blamed the EU and foreigners who live here for all the problems of the country and how much better off we would be without them. A man in Germany played that game once.

        People from other countries who live in the south of England have told me that they have experienced more racism since BREXIT.

        By the way, I (Scottish) experienced racism in England in the past. Some people are racially biased without even realising it.

        Sorry to hear about you and your sons being bullied, I abhor any form of bullying; I think my next blog post will be about safeguarding children online.

        • Ronnie – we have different ideologies, but I think we have mutual respect, and in the end, hopefully that endures. “Foreigners” it isn’t so simple. Blame – it isn’t so simple. In the US, the perception was triggered by Obama, a black man, ruled by a cabal that has no political, moral, ethnic, religious, or racist definition other than the elite vs everyone else. My point was that everyone is racially biased in some venue, whether we call it gender, social, money, nationality, whatever. Even you – even I. It only becomes an ‘issue’ when the media makes it so. Just look at ten fifteen years ago… In the US, the Bushes are just as ugly as the Obama’s in their desire to divide and conquer. When we see that reality, and stand up to the media titillation, then we have secured morality and ethic. When we succumb to the media, the political agenda, The Swamp, then we are truly – sheep.
          I don’t want to be a sheep.
          Safeguarding children is the ‘border agenda’ given they have been the ‘supply’ for The Swamp for decades. And that is why detention centers and DNA, to assure they are not sold and abused in the Swamp market. It is why Hollywood objects, why politicians object, Trump is cutting off the child sex trafficking – supply. And they are not happy because ‘they’ are the major perpetrators. Save the Children? UN peacekeepers? I just read that the biggest witness to the Jimmy Savile pedophile case has been arrested… and all the perps run free… Thank you Theresa May.

          • What was supposed to be an independent inquiry into child sex abuse in England was continually thwarted and the person who was at the root of the interference was May. Web links about May’s father, a priest, have been removed.

            “Just after Theresa May took over at No.10 her campaign team started to request the deletion of web addresses linked to Hubert Brasier.”

            Margaret Thatcher covered up child abuse allegations against senior ministers. Her father “allegedly” sexually harassed young girls.

            • I remember when she took office I researched her because that was when the investigation made headlines – again. I had hope. Although I saw those references about her father, I thought perhaps the investigation would prevail. But as time passed and there continued to be absolutely nothing, it became apparent it was all a hoax – again – and they had no intention of cleaning their Swamp of pedophiles and perverts.

  2. Islam the tool to create mayhem in Europe so the people will accept a globalist cabal at some point…. It’s coming….

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