Honduran Caravan to US – MS13: Build The Wall!

A group of 1000 to 1500 migrants from Honduras are making a caravan trek through Chiapas Mexico upward to the southern border of the US where they plan to riot their way onto American soil.   While the media portrays them as young children and mothers, videos have surfaced that are much more disturbing and give an accurate account of the gruff men looking for trouble.   While Mexico has turned a blind eye, those US citizens on the border, and border guards, are anxious.  It is complicated.

There are some women and children – but I imagine they are mostly being used as live shields for the disbursement of gangs who are knowingly banding together with the purpose of fighting their way inside.   These are not nice, sweet, children just looking for a better way and begging for help.

Funded and organized by Pueblos Sin Fronteros (they are NOT affiliated with the US Christian group – People Without Borders), their website is vacant of information, but it has been determined that they are funded by George Soros and operate out of San Diego. In 2015 they partnered with Southern People’s Initiative through Project South.   An anarchist organization, their affiliations have included Project Vote, Brennan Center For Justice, ACORN, AFL-CIO, and Civil Liberties and Public Policy, a group fighting for abortion rights.

What this reveals is a well funded, well organized, well crafted protest that is grafted within an Obama/Hillary/Soros agenda to create chaos and undermine anything and everything civil.  Their Twitter feed hails the coverage provided by the New York Times as helping to fuel their agenda and propagandize them as sweet dreamers.

Buzzfeed would appear to be their feedline to the media as journalist, Adolfo Flores, follows their trek through Mexico tweeting and reporting on their progress, and aiding in their movement north with encouragement and supplies.   All the related organizations;  Project South, Southwest Workers Union, University Sin Fronteros and Pueblos Sin Fronteros claim to be working to educate low income people regarding politics… and wealth redistribution.  The slogan adopted by board member, Dr. Rose Brewer, is “Another world is possible, another US is necessary.”

It just can’t be created without changing the current demographics in the US, hence the necessity of immigration.


The above link demonstrates the participants are not women and children, but mainly adult men.   But it isn’t the first ‘caravan’ of immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador attempting to force entry.   Another caravan turned into a riot mob throwing rocks and using children as shields as they fought Border Agents attempting to dispel the chaos.  A 14 year old boy was shot and killed in the ensuing melee.  In this instance the mob was coming through Juarez, a town that has fallen into the bloodbath of gangland territory.

But the question is begged, will this mob descending on San Diego use women and children as bait and shields to charge the border?  And will the military deployed by Trump be able to defend the border without issue? I doubt it.  But that is part of the point, to create a death that then becomes the focus and sets a precedent for dissuasion of using force.

The NGO’s supporting the caravans claim that the immigrants have an inalienable and humanitarian right to cross our border without due process.   Unfortunately, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is a Soros operation, is funding the legal access amid claims of humanitarian rights.

A Few Facts:  Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world.  It supports and avoids criminalizing sexual violence.   Its per capita income is roughly $600.   And 66% of the population live below the poverty line.   In 2010, 617,392 residents in the US identified as Honduran, which might be defined as ‘legal’.  The number of illegal Hondurans is unknown and estimates range from about 300,000 to 500,000.   Foreigners are routinely kidnapped for ransom.  Drug trafficking is rampant.  Honduran gangs solicit members by offering membership or death.  MS13, the most violent and prolific gang in the US is comprised of members from Mexico, and Central America, including; Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. 

5 thoughts on “Honduran Caravan to US – MS13: Build The Wall!

  1. Future Democratic voters is a frightful thought. The bureaucrats and leaders of the refugee resettlement industry live in ivory towers or in gated communities away from the dangers that far too many of these people represent.

    Build the wall NOW!

  2. In years past Democrats would be in favor of stopping this invasion too. Now the Democrats are controlled by Open Border advocates of the Globalist elites, & they not only condone this invasion but ardently support it, , as their NWO leaders demand of them.This invasion will lead to countless more if not thwarted. This insanity & the support of this, by Democrats & leftist traitors to America must be stopped yesterday.

  3. In the most recent numbers, Honduras has dropped out of the ten worst countries in the world for murder. Juan Orlando Hernandez, the now reelected president, is pushing modern reforms to justice practices in the country. The worst offenders are now put away in super-max type prisons, with much more security than before him. He has enforced the law against his own relatives. Three diputados have been arrested for corruption.

    The biggest security issue Honduras has now is the leftist Zelaya, who was saved from opprobrium by the international cartel monopoly that controls worldwide reporting. Honduras stopped his fraud-based auto-coup in 2009, and Liars Press called it a “coup”. Maybe call it a counter-coup. The guy keeps trying to agitate a violent revolution. I believe the election counts of last December 2017, in part because Zelaya-Nasrallah’s people have cheated their way into election victory before. Zelaya admitted fraud in his first election. But of course they lie and accuse the Juan Orlando.

    It’s still somewhat ugly there in some places, but so are sections in Miami like Liberty City. Chicago. Baltimore. St. Louis.

    The Bay Islands in Honduras are still safe to visit, cruise lines go there all the time. The reef off the coast is the second biggest in the world.

    Disclaimer One: To me, the rich powerful cabal funding and organizing these waves of mass migration do not have migrants’ best interest at heart. If they did, they would be using their clout to promote free markets in those poor countries.

    Disclaimer Two: My wife is from Honduras originally and although she bought into the Trump-is-racist explanation for everything, she also agrees with some things. She has REFUSED all welfare payouts and denounces even relatives who come up and abuse the welfare state.

    • thank you for your input as always. Trump has been relatively quietly accelerated his MS13 war and put countless in jail, given that MS13 is comprised of Hondurans, Salvadorans and Guatemalans, doesn’t it seem likely that the cabal threat is – put more in jail and we bring more to US?

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