Netanyahu: Fighting The Fall of Israel

An organized, prolific attack against Netanyahu has been mounted by Soros Open Society Foundation through such groups as; Adalah, a human rights organization defending the rights of Palestinian Arabs, The Movement for Quality Government in Israel (funded by MEPI a US State Department program), Yesh Din (an organization that attacks law enforcement suspected of harming Palestinians), and The New Israel Fund (a NY nonprofit organization dedicated to ‘democratic change in Israel).

Changing Israel from within is a progressive cause with roots in the US among younger influential money wielders. But there is an obstacle – Netanyahu, a right thinking conservative who refuses to break apart Israel into a two state region.

According to, a Reshet poll was recently conducted in which 49% of Israeli’s believe the account of the Israeli police that Netanyahu did accept bribes.   Reshet is 51% owned by the Ofer family, Sammy Ofer, one of the brothers, is a devout Liberal, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a backer of the Labour Party.

Is the Poll significant? Is it even real?

The Open Society and the US State Department are not the only funding sources behind this attack against Netanyahu, other sources include the governments of Norway, Netherlands, Germany, and the UK, as well as foundations such as Oxfam and NDC.

The NDC Foundation, (NATO Defense College Foundation), Senior Advisory Board lists ambassadors from Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Egyptian Council for Foreign relations, VP of Lockheed Martin, The Global Policy Institute, and more.

This would indicate that all these Middle Eastern countries and European countries are working in conjunction with NATO, the US State Department, and the Soros Open Society Foundation to ‘reinvent’ Israel as a Palestinian aligned, Arab aligned, nation… by working to impeach Netanyahu and impose a new Progressive Democratically aligned Prime Minister.

It would appear that there are two opposing governments operating within the same government state for the US and the EU. Rogue and unfettered, one operates from the shadow podium whereby a World agenda is systematically interred. The other – is fading. While there remain a few good men, men who fight honorably, their battle needs new alliances because the mainframe of the EU has Fallen and Israel is under attack.

Over the last ten months an all out attack to discredit Netanyahu has been levied in the form of fraud and bribery charges in which he is said to have gained about $280,000 in various gifts.   The gifts mentioned include cigars and champagne… In addition, there are unfounded claims that Netanyahu intervened in awarding a military contract for submarines to German contractor, ThyssenKrupp.   The allegations are not just against Netanyahu, but are aimed at his highest level politicians and military leaders.

Thus the purge would be quite ‘thorough’.

If a Palestine state was created within the bounds of Israel, it is not only land that would be forfeited, but water rights, gas rights, and food resources as well.   Israel could plunge into an economic death spiral as more Arabs moved into Palestine and consumed the scarce resources.   In addition, the birth rate of Palestinians is far greater than that of Israeli Jews (Palestinian: 31.9 per 1000; Israeli: 2.5.3 per 1000) and within a short time frame, the population disparity could lead to a complete existential crisis.

The EU already faces such a crisis and will soon reap what it has sown as it merges with the Middle East to become a block of the Middle Eastern nations.

The world according to Soros was outlined in the Ayn Rand book, Atlas Shrugged, in which a dystopian society based on Marxism and Socialism takes control. Invading the EU, immigrants have changed the rule of law, imposed chaos, and devastated entire countries in a wake of destruction.   Sweden is rocked in no-go zones that the government censors from media publication because it might make them ‘look bad’.   Rape, stabbings, child brides, assaults have all risen exponentially while firefighters require police protection in these no-go zones.   Grenades are the new weapon of choice as there is a plentiful supply and often for free when accompanied by the illegal purchase of firearms from other EU and ME countries.

The media is required to stifle this information by – the respective governments.

As Israel’s EU alliances disappear, new alliances will form. China?   Soros has made it clear that China is a part of The New World Order… apparently, China feels it is the New World Order – Soros has both played and demonized China with fanatical losses. He has sought the economic destruction of Russia – and lost.   Thus the powerhouses that could bring down the Soros cabal and the shadow governments within would be the countries that Soros can not break – China and Russia.

The mainframe EU has fallen.   Trump is squarely facing the demons, but he needs alliances. Powerhouses.

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  1. (Cross posted to my blog)

    Soros is surely working toward whatever NWO will work for him.
    There is a problem for Christians and Jews here in the issue that most Americans and Israelis do not see.

    It is like the issue that the sinning clerics of Israel had during the days of Jeremiah. There is deceit in misapplying some Biblical passages. All the promises made to Abraham that Christian Zionists point to as demanding of us that we support the [“hawks” and Zionists within] the state of Israel and take sides.

    You use Ayn Rand’s novel in this essay. From my Christian perspective, and my anarcho-capitalist perspective, Ayn Rand was a very evil, vile person along the lines of genocide advocate Margaret Sanger and occultist Hitler, mad Jesuit-educated Pol Pot, and so on. In her public persona, and in the author persona of her most famous novel, Atlas Shrugged, she presented herself as a defender of the producers of an economy. The innovative entrepreneurs that build the great private concerns that drive production growth.

    One late-20th century defector from modern times’ most secretive secret society, the Illuminati, said that Atlas Shrugged was a blueprint for “insiders”, and was not meant to be such a best seller it became. He said it had their plan.

    That makes sense. Prophecies in Daniel 11 have the end-times ruler who “overthrow[s] many by flatteries”, and shall “scatter the spoil among many”. That sounds like wealth distribution and the preaching of equality among socialists. Of course the “many” that these talk about are the friends and supporters of the ones who join the “overthrow”, with a few crumbs dropped around along the way. Spoils stolen from the productive ones.

    Ayn Rand actually said in writing that her ego-centrism was an actual “worship” (her word) of one’s ego. Her reassurance that her philosophy was “enlightened” self-interest begs the question, because she was in favor of abortion.

    And she showcased her hypocrisy in the answer to a question about the issue of Palestinians.

    Her answer was, “In the war between civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man”.

    So she regarded the struggle that associated itself with the centuries of generations of Jews ever-present in “the Holy Land”, and descendants of 19th and 20th century immigrants to “the Holy Land”, and the more recent sabras, and don’t forget the “Palestinians”, aka “Arab Christians and Moslems living in the land known as either Palestine or Israel, and the conflicts that have arisen from peoples of different cultures forced to become neighbors by forces working in the dark on a global scale.

    It’s a long sentence there to say most of the people that live there, Jews or not, are victims of international groups that have much different ends in mind that what is publicly visible in news reports. What is not “publicly visible” may often be “findable” however.

    And the secular (i.e. “godless”) Zionist Jews that were the earliest engineers of the state of Israel, have used the clueless majority of Jews, and to some extent Arabs and persecutors of Jews, to set up the current tense scenario.

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