CUBA: Diplomats Health a Vaccine Reaction?

American Diplomats in Cuba are symptomatic with brain swelling, brain damage, vertigo, hearing loss, and fever. While the US has made accusations against the Cuban government including the use of a sonic device, however that seems rather unlikely in that there would be other victims and not just the Diplomats. Therefore the weapon must be more specific, more targeted…

When traveling to Cuba, there are a host of vaccines that are required including updates for MMR – mumps, measles, and rubella.

The symptoms described by the US government parallel those of the “Measles”. Could a bad batch of vaccines be the culprit, and the Cuban government has absolutely no collusion?

Very likely.

The Measles vaccine contains ‘live virus’ ingredients, adults born after 1057 and traveling internationally are advised to get the adult version of the Measles vaccine. Pharmaceuticals have botched vaccines on numerous occasions, and this could very well answer why US Diplomats seemingly are the target – because the vaccination was administered in the US… One of Merck’s Measles vaccine on the market in 2006 was pulled, discontinued. They introduced a new one in 2014 and another in 2015.

Why? Because the previous ones were either ineffective, or contained ingredients that proved more harmful than the disease they were preventing. Or the efficacy rate. For example, the Malaria vaccine requires four painful boosters and claims an efficacy rate of 25-50%. Which means the efficacy is likely considerably lower outside of the manufacturer’s claim. The flu vaccine is worse with a 10-60% efficacy rate – as in hit or miss…

What we may be witnessing in Cuba has absolutely nothing to do with a government conspiracy, and everything to do with a botched vaccine that is now causing the symptoms of Measles to erupt on otherwise healthy Diplomats.

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