Obama’s Failed US Economy


Obama inherited a collapse that took hold in 2008 with banking breaking out and bringing everything and everyone down with them. Since then, the economy has recovered from the collapse, but only to the same level it was during the inherited Bush era which Obama claimed was the catalyst for the fall.

In fact, prior to the fall, the GDP growth rate was at the exact same level it is reportedly at today. ADP Employment Change was at the exact same level, as was just about every core economic indicator. Since 2012, levels have dipped and flattened with absolutely no relative growth whatsoever.

January 2016, CNBC reported that the US economy had reached stagnated levels and predicted a near collapse in the near future citing zero interest rates for seven years, an additional $6 Trillion in added debt, and an economy that had yet to break the 2.5% growth rate. They predicted a recession. The GDP Annual Growth Rate for 2016 presently sits at about 1.6% – hardly a celebratory success! That would put us on par with Cuba, Ukraine and Botswana.

They weren’t alone. Even the New York Times was skeptical, claiming the economy was trudging along on a thread. But that was before Trump was elected and the agenda changed.

Suddenly, everything is rosy and any falter that might occur will be blamed on Trump, not on the inherited mess as was the Obama blame game.

Even China has issued warnings of a global economic retreat and begun monetary policies to mitigate a potential spiral.

According to The Heritage Foundation, economic freedom in the US dropped us to 11th place behind Hong Kong and Singapore, with us virtually tied with Taiwan, Mauritius, Lithuania and Bahrain… Ouch!

And of course, this doesn’t even begin to factor in the growth of ISIS, al Qaeda, and el Nusra as the implosion of the middle east gains momentum with every year we do – virtually nothing.

Nor does it factor in the NATO buildup threatening war with Russia and China – or the Ukraine crisis instigated by a ridiculous US/UK/Germany coup that has propelled them into chaos.

The heightened epidemics that threaten. The failed state of Brazil and Venezuela assisted by coups backed and promoted and funded by the US and allies. The racial divide that has pit the 12% representing our black population against – virtually everyone else including our police authority, whites, Hispanics, and Jewish population. Nor does the baton seem to include the failed healthcare that is bankrupting the middle class while ALL our politicians are immune.

And this does not even mention the hundreds of corporations that have left the US for tax evasion/aversion including about 50 major names. This does not include the thousands of corporations who have moved their jobs overseas to the determinant of our unemployed. It does not include the fact that illegal immigration in the US has grown fourfold between 2009 and 2014 for Asia, Africa, and Central America with a total growth estimated to be an additional 1 million in total. Or the fact that the Trade Deficit is the largest since 1998…according to the Wall Street Journal – another Liberal media enterprise.

Still, in the vein of fake stories, fake news, fake statistics, The Washington Post and New York Times would have us believe that Obama is leaving Trump a sweet, robust, productive, heavenly, blank check of prosperity!

Truth still does exist…despite the media manipulation.

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