Italy, The Mafia, and Refugees: A New Threat

Hush, don’t tell anyone, but Italy claims that the influx of refugees bombarding their borders are from – Libya – not Syria and not Iraq. And nearly all are male.

Hush, don’t tell anyone, but the US and NATO have been bombing Libya for many months now in a bid to put in place a new government given that since ousting Gadaffi the country has been a chaotic mess and there have been five Prime Ministers – and counting. And while in June 2014, the elections were mired in violence, low turnout, and voter stations closed, the UN has declared it was fair and Democratic. What?

Apparently, most of the immigrants coming to Italy don’t want to stay. The reason? Italy has high unemployment, and benefits are only available to those who previously held a full time job… so mooching off the system indefinitely, isn’t viable. Still, they are given free room and board, medical care and a very small daily stipend, total cost to Italian taxpayers about 13,000 euros per year. As a result, most try to cross the border into Austria and France in a bid to make it to more lucrative socialist countries in the north; Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, etc…

Italy reports that at least 10% of the migrants are infested with scabies and carry Hepatitis C which is a highly contagious disease that spreads through sexual contact, or shared drugs and needles. Ultimately, Hep C can lead to liver cancer and cirrhosis. Hep C is now considered epidemic, infecting over 150 million worldwide, the largest prevalence of the disease is found in North Africa. In Canada, 35% of the Hep C cases are immigrants.

A Czech doctor working in Germany described the situation in the hospitals as near chaos. Infectious TB, AIDS, HIV, syphilis, diseases that are rampant in the migrant population and overwhelming the hospitals and staff. When an eight month old child died in a Rhine hospital, the migrants attacked the staff with knives. Two nurses were confined to ICU and one doctor had to undergo surgery. None of the migrants were punished. Another migrant threw his syphilis infected urine specimen in the face of a nurse.

These are the people we saved from the tyranny of Gadaffi and Hussein.

Private landlords in Italy are paid 35euros a day to provide shelter for an immigrant. Italy hosts far fewer migrants than most European countries at about 100,000 total. But the cost is slated to be 1.16 billion euros, a sum that impoverished Italy cannot absorb. So it is being handled by private enterprise, aka, the Italian Mafia, who claim that housing for asylum seekers is more profitable right now than drug trafficking.

And while the media seems to feel that it is unfair to house migrants in hotel rooms that normally cater to four people and now cater to 8 with bunkbeds, you have to kind of step back and say – what? Or for criminy sake, one media pundit was horrified by the fact that a farmer made the migrant actually – work for his room and board!

And while I certainly don’t condone ill treatment, the reality remains that Italy’s poverty rate – of it’s own citizens – is 16-17% with 2 million children living in poverty. What do they get? Absolute poverty, meaning individuals who do not obtain a monthly income, affects more than 6 million people in Italy. So while the migrants are getting free room and board, free medical care and a stipend, I imagine those Italians getting nothing is a bit difficult to handle. It is estimated that 1 in 10 Italians can not afford food or healthcare. So by comparison, the migrants are living large…

Most migrants are housed on the island of Sicily and in Naples, both areas ripe with Mafia lords. I suppose we can expect that particular ‘agency’ to see some growth as they expand their business model and recruitment… Unfortunately, they aren’t listed on the NY Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq.

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  1. Absolutely awful – and when one sees the force with which some of these illegal migrants push on as if they are entitled to living wherever they choose makes one wonder whether things would be much better if the UN was disbanded and each looked after itself, helping another only as much as it could. This way everyone is descending into a terrible world where each man/woman/child will need to look out for itself …

    • And the poor will become disillusioned as refugees have greater status than locals – yes you are right, the UN has outlived it’s usefulness.

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