Trump – A Gambling Man?

So if Trump holds 33% and Rubio and Cruz split 22% each, what happens when/if Cruz or Rubio fold?

Either 44% goes to the Cruz-Rubio new camp, or one of them acknowledges the VP slot and gives their 22% to Trump.

On the other hand, if Trump were to pick Giuliani as his VP, then some Democrats would shift alliance and give their votes to Trump.

Of course the gambit is how much voter fraud will spill into the Hillary camp and push her falsified lead. Which is of course the Soros agenda of politics. And he does have a way of making happen what he wants to ‘happen’.

Adding to the fray of craziness is whether Trump is actually supported by Soros to decoy the votes away from the traditional GOP and give way to a clear Democrat win.

Bottom line, we don’t know. But we do know there is a large-in-charge contingent of powerhouses working behind the magic curtain to manufacture a false reality and create a manipulation like none other ever conceived. It is like figure skating. When I was a child what was competitive would be considered amateurish by today’s standards. It is a stage, it is a play and one actor will out play the other. And we will be stuck with the end product whether it is real, or not.

I have listened to friends claim they support Bernie because he will give them free college, free healthcare, free – everything will be free. There is no consideration of how, it is only the vacant words they hear. I have listened to people say they will vote for Hillary simply because she is female without any thought to what she supports. I have heard people say they support Trump for the exact same reason they voted for Obama – change. Cruz, because he is ultra conservative in his words, and Rubio because he is a good schmoozer. I have heard it all, but what I haven’t heard is anyone saying they will vote for any of the candidates because they BELIEVE in the person.

Imagine a saloon in the wild wild west. It’s noisy, people jabbering, clinking glasses, raised voices, and some irritating jingle music playing from a wind up gramaphone. There is some crazy old lady at a table playing poker with a four year old, and hot cards can be seen under the rolls of the old ladies leg, coming out of her hair, tucked up the sleeve of her bright red jumper… Suddenly she stands up and screams, “I WON, I WON!” The kid pouts and hands over her money. No one in the saloon pays attention. You see they are all waiting for “John Wayne” to smack through the batwing doors and save them from this madness. But instead, when the doors bang open – there stands Barnie Fife and Inspector Clouseau. The music stops. No one speaks. The old lady gets this hideous expression on her face as she realizes she is caught red-handed by the police! But instead, good ole Barnie ambles over, sets himself in the child chair, takes a gander at the cards tucked about the old lady and says, “Alrighty then! Deal em up…”. The old lady puts down her arms, looks around in disbelieve, and then cackles. Meanwhile, Inspector Clouseau has taken a seat at another table where he can be seen stroking the back of a black cat unaware that he is about to be turned into a toad. Everyone goes back to doing what they were doing, still waiting for John Wayne to show up – knowing sure enough that he never will – because he’s been dead for decades…


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