Guns and Roses – A failed correlation

Gun Laws – Murder Rates – Violence – Death…  What is Real

California has the strictest gun laws of any state, ranking #1. But that didn’t work!  Nor does it correlate to murder rates by guns – at all!   Still, they point a gnarly finger…Guns and Roses!

You see, there are 33 states that rank ‘lower’ than California in murder rates by guns. A rather ominous statistic, especially after Governor Brown openly criticized Arizona and Texas for their lax gun laws. But the rate of murders by guns is actually lower in Texas than California and about par with Arizona. Governor?  So why make the correlation?  What is the real agenda?  Because the terrorists in San Bernardino supposedly got their guns – legally…  so obviously the correlation of law and gun murders is non-existent.

The ‘state’ which is not really a state at all, and ranks the highest overwhelmingly in gun murder within the United States, is Washington D.C., with a rate of 16.5 per 100,000. That compares to California’s rate which is 3.4 and ranked in the bottom 34th. A tad better than DC we have, Louisiana, Maryland, and Missouri. Maryland ranks 7th for strictest gun laws and one of the highest for gun murder rates. What does this tell us? That gun laws and gun violence have NO CORRELATION at all.

Are you trying to solve the murder rate, or are you trying to make an ‘agenda’ fit an end design?  Because like ‘Global Warming’ designing a report to fit a pre-determined end, is hypocrisy at best, and fraud at worst.

The states with the highest overall murder rate? Washington DC, Louisiana, Maryland and Missouri. Again, DC leaves every other district in the dust at 21.6 per 100,000 compared to Louisiana at second place with 9.6. OUCH!  DC, home to politicians, law and order, democracy and law, has the highest rate of murder and murder by gun rates than any other state in the nation – by over 200%.  Not good.

So what statistics are shared by the states with the ‘lowest rates’, which include; New Hampshire, Maine, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and Vermont?

  1. They are all ranked in the top ten of best places to live
  2. High homeownership rate – 71+%
  3. Low poverty level – 11 and 8%
  4. Smaller overall population density
  5. Much lower foreign born and black population

But what if instead of creating a one size fits all statistic, what if we did something entirely unique and simply studied each extreme? For example, DC and Louisiana have a common denominator – ranking among the top six states in the country for poverty; DC at nearly 19% and Louisiana at about 20%. The African American population in DC is roughly 50% and in Louisiana is about 33%. Both these statistics are far higher than the national average – poverty = 14.5%, and African American population = 12%.

When you have a high concentration of disgruntled, poor people who feel entitled and angry, you create a climate that tips.  It’s why prisons don’t work – they feed off each other’s animosity.  If we disperse the population density and poverty to reframe community, we stand a chance at defusing the feeding tensions that grip crime.   Incredibly dense populations are like segregation which has never worked and only breeds greater animosity and discontent.

But of course it’s more than that.  Why do people choose to remain in a city that is riddled with gangs and violence – a deadend?  Because, although it sucks, it represents a ‘comfort zone’, and fear of the unknown is greater than fear of the known.  If they get out and still fail, there is no excuse, no justification, only self.  Establishing self worth is a given necessity.

What about Maryland and Missouri?   What is their common denominator?  Their crime is concentrated in Baltimore and St Louis respectively, cities. And while gun ownership is common in St Louis, according to Jennifer Joyce the city prosecutor, the issue is the number of ‘illegal guns’.  While the media likes to target Ferguson as the cause and case in point, actually the murder rate was nearly double it’s present level in 1993 – long before Ferguson.  This is a city that has been mired in violence for 20-30 years!

In 1993, St Louis ranked 3rd most violent city and Baltimore ranked 4th. St. Louis: so far this year has had 179 murders, 164 victims were black, 96% of the suspects were black.  In reality, they have consistently ranked in the top three of worst crime rates ever.  EVER!  Way before Ferguson.

In 2014, Baltimore accounted for 58% of all murders in the state. And while profiling is not politically correct – 94.4% of all homicides were committed by blacks. Those are the statistics whether we like them or not. Maryland ranks in the top ten states for strictest gun laws.  GUN LAWS AND GUN VIOLENCE HAVE NO CORRELATION.  Guns will be had by whatever means possible.  Violence will live because of entitlements.

SO, why?  Why do these particular cities continue to be demoralized in the fray of violence despite ‘gun laws’?

Curbing the violence means beginning at the beginning, where the disease first shows it’s ugly face – fathers, or lack thereof.   What if instead of ‘gun laws’ we had ‘father laws’!  If you make it – you gotta take it, stake it and proliferate it!   No Baby Left Behind!

While education is paramount, Baltimore spends 70% more on each student than the national average. Obviously, those $$$$$ do not measure “quality”.  Education can instigate or it can mitigate, the quality determines which leads.  Instigating hate is not educating.  Instigating anger – is not educating.  Instigating a lack of respect for authority – IS NOT educating!

Thirdly, there are two very dominant factors in the ghetto – poverty and heroin. Heroin is profitable if you’re a dealer. And the gangs rule if you are any one else.

Organized crime won’t suddenly come to a stand still if ‘gun laws’ are strengthened? They’ll laugh hysterically at the naivite.

How do you stop organized crime?   With a lot of very good cops coordinating with a lot of good FBI.   Wake up!  Re-direct funds from failed solutions and FIX the Cancer!

The primary crime that supports the murder rate? Hard drugs – heroin, crack, cocaine and meth.  You want your city back you have to bring back the cops, the undercover agents, the drug enforcement battalion – because Baltimore has seen exactly what happens when you let the people run wild – chaos George Soros reins.

Fathers – you don’t get to walk away from your babies any more.  Everyone has to work, even if it is picking weeds along the highway.  Everyone gets to learn a trade.  Money that went for entitlements is redirected at training and services.  Ramp up the cops – and give them better training because they are hostile right now – but that hostility was created by a city gone amuck!

Just a thought.  Failed policies will not suddenly – miraculously – work – ever.

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