Sister Diana Momeka – Christian Persecution

Iraqi Christians, Egyptian Christians, Syrian Christians – what do they have in common?

In a sense they were all protected by their countries dictators, Saddam Hussein, Mubarek and Assad. They were protected not necessarily because they were Christian, but because it was the law of the land to quell all violence and ethnic cleansing which has occurred since those dictators rule was felled. Hussein and Mubarek gave protection in return for support, but Assad was actually closer to a benefactor of the Christians. In fact, according to Andrew Tabler of The Washington Institute, Syrian Christians were some of the most devout supporters of Assad as they provided a bridge to international relationships. It may even have been this ‘bridge’ that gave Assad the support of Putin, an Orthodox Christian.

With the fall of each of these dictators, the Christian population immediately became target for cleansing by the newly placed de-facto governments as well as by ISIS and Al Qaeda. Their populations in all three countries have been sliced in half or more since the ousting of the quasi sympatheric dictatorships. While these dictators perpetrated heinous acts of human rights violations, what was then and what is now is even more fascist.

Taking out the dictators and sending these countries into an internal civil spiral without authoritarian rule, was akin to laying open the gate for the Trojan Horse to enter. Only inside this Trojan Horse were the greater evil, the blackest hearts to raze the land and it’s people without hesitation. It is parallel to the conquering during the time of Muhammed only larger, more grave, more filled with hatred. It is the paradigm of rule. While under Saddam’s rule it is estimated that upward of 100,000 to 180,000 civilians were executed. After Hussein was toppled the timeline is fettered with death; suicide bombs, guerrilla war, Shi’a leader killed, suicide bomber at Red cross and Police Headquarters during Ramadan, US helicopter downed, Italian troops killed, Irbil suicide bombs, police station attacked, massacre on Shi’a Holy Day, US contractors killed, Shi’a uprisings, US bombs Falluja Mosque, Basra attacks, prisoner abuse charges, beheadings, scores killed in Bacuba bombing, Iraqi army recruits killed, attack on US base in Mosul, on and on and on.

By July 2006, four years after ousting Saddam, over 110,000-180,000 ‘civilians’ had been killed in Iraq, according to the official count by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. Many claim this figure is low, but at what point is the number not relative? What is the allowed collateral in a war invoked by one nation to ‘free’ another.

Sister Diana Momeka was slated to testify before Congress along with a delegation from Iraq on the systemic persecution of Iraqi Christians. Despite her original invitation, her passage was revoked when the State Department, John Kerry, decided that she posed a flight risk. In other words, given that she was considered a ‘displaced citizen’ as a result of the infighting in Iraq, she was a threat on American soil.

In 2009, Sister Momeka was living in the US and recounted bombings of churches in Iraq. Seven churches were bombed during 2004 and 2005 while filled with Christian worshipers. Rapes, executions, beheadings, became a way of life after 2003. She said that the people initially looked forward to freedom, but had no idea what that would look like until it was upon them. She lost four cousins and a brother, killed not just by the Islamists but by US soldiers as well.

According to Sister Momeka, 2 million Iraqi’s were displaced inside Iraq without jobs or food after Saddam’s ousting, 5 million fled Iraq and there are now over 1 million widows as a result of fighting. Prior to the war, she said that Muslims and Christians lived side by side without distrust, without persecution, without judgement.

As of 2000, the religious demographics of Iraq was about 63% Shi’a, 32% Sunni and 3% Christian. Today the Christian population represents .8%.

Of course the question begs, why would the US State Department be afraid of the testimony of this nun? What could she possibly say that might be cause for embarrassment, or worse truth?

Given the mainstream media has squelched the story, it also opens the discussion as to what information with regard to Iraq is muffled and altered to fit a preconceived vision?

These countries have been taken over by Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and ISIS. These countries have been targeted by the US. These countries are seeing an unprecedented cleansing of Christians. Why is that not important enough to address?

Stats: between 322 and 800 Christians are murdered each month for being Christian – 214 Christian properties destroyed – 722 Christians are targeted by violence.  These numbers are guesstimates, the Vatican and others put these numbers significantly higher.

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