TETHERED – Government Trafficking Targets Homeschoolers

Why is the government targeting certain families and abducting their children?

In this blog I will discuss Home Schooling as just one of the targets:

In Germany and Sweden it is illegal to homeschool children – and as a result some of these families have fled to the US and Canada. Worldwide, homeschooling is illegal in 31 countries, mostly socialist, communist and Islamic. But even as homeschool refugees seek asylum and safety in the US, they are shocked to find a hostile reception. Why?

Target: Many of the children targeted by the Department of Social Services for abductions are homeschooled. Why?

The movement to homeschool is growing. For some families it is in response to the idea that our education system in the US dummies down our children. In addition, it is believed our system provides a biased view of the world and undermines values that these families embrace.

Contrary to popular opinion, homeschoolers tend to fair better than students in public schools. Homeschooled students have been shown to score 15-30 percentile points higher than public schooled children on standardized achievement tests. They score higher on ACT and SAT tests. And their scores are not reflective of the education of the parents. Those that argue against homeschool claim that they miss out on social interaction and extracurricular activities provided in the public system. But this is the same public system that continues to cut art, PE, and music from their curriculum. The same system that charges extra fees for books, scholar magazines, toilet paper, tissue paper, lab fees, field trip fees, teacher fees, registration fees, etc… Extra fees can easily add up to $1000-$1200 per year per child. While the federal government spends about 2% of it’s budget on education, the states ante in 13-35%. As of 2011, the average cost per student in public schools was $12,608 (not including the fees parents pay).

When did the Department of Education become so aggressive? When did they gain power?

In their infancy, the DOeD had little to no role in implementing education criteria or policies. Jimmy Carter thought otherwise and in 1979 created the DOE Act which effectively gave the federal government more control over individual state mandates. Carter, a member of the Trilateral Commission that was established by David Rockefeller in 1973, was an advocate for greater government control. One area of concern to this policy of globalization was our youth. Our youth were an obstacle that needed to be harnessed. Our youth were susceptible, open, and vulnerable. To parley that vulnerability, Carter felt that the place to mold perception was in the school system.

When Reagan was elected he cut the budget for the DOE, but their role was planted.  In 1979, the budget was $12 billion, today that number has burgeoned to $70+ billion. For 2015, the federal government estimates it will spend $149 billion for education. Add in state and local dollars and the figure blows up to $922.6 billion! And it’s still a broken system.

So how’s that workin for ya?

The primary role of DoeD is to provide and administer financial assistance to education and collect data on schools. But that role has been breeched. When the DoeD paid for and guided the design of the Common Core Initiatives, they breeched their boundaries of non-interference. While states could choose not to be a part, they would lose money as a result. Money was the incentive, not the system.

As it has unfolded, Common Core has shown to embrace values that are not consistent with many families and thus acts to encourage a separation. Parents and students are more stressed by the changing curriculum.  States continue to back out.  And teaching has become secondary to test taking.

So, how does The Common Core stand up to SAT scores? Well, we won’t really know because as of 2016, the SAT exam will be completely revised. One of the key changes, “Scoring does NOT deduct points for incorrect answers. Students are encouraged to select the best answer to every question.”

So why does the government target home schooled children?

Because they undermine the mass globalization of education to a level that they determine is appropriate. Because they represent a threat to freedom of thought. Because they cannot be controlled. Because their very belief system, their values and their core would not necessarily align with what the government wants them to believe is Truth.

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