EU BATTLES: Hungary and Poland

Budapest centrally and Hungary at large, are under siege. A battle has been waged within, but it isn’t a Hungarian battle, it is a power struggle initiated by the left and the right for control. And like the US, the institutions targeted include the media and the universities. And also like the US, the power on the left can be traced to George Soros and the Rothschild’s, and on the right to the Koch Brothers.

Since 2011, 16 different media outlets have opened in Hungary – mostly from US companies and split fairly equally between liberalism and conservatism. Despite these facts, organizations and media outlets decry this conservative/liberal challenge as ‘unfair’!   Reuters, Fox, The Guardian, and Hungarian Spectrum would have us believe this media war is heavily weighted pro-Orban, but apparently – it just ain’t so. There are currently 13 Liberal Daily left media outlets and 15 Right Conservative outlets. In addition, there are 8 weekly liberal outlets and 3 Conservative.  Hardly the massive annihilation of press freedom that our media references…

But then it is the Mainstream Media version of news, the same Mainstream that promotes Liberalism.

This war is being waged across the four corners of the globe and some countries are beginning to understand the consequences.

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Orban, has been criticized by the liberal left for cracking down on ‘political freedom’ and the media. Central to this is Orban’s desire to shut down the George Soros University, Central European University. Why? Because it is a hot house for instilling Socialist values and the return of Communism.

They are not alone. Their current war and their historical war are shared with their neighbor, Poland. Both are being hit hard by the Liberalism that they fought against during the 1980’s, but it is even more complicated in party alliances…

Communist rule in Hungary came to an end with the creation of the Fidesz Movement. Originally comprised of young people, students persecuted by Communists, they were called the Alliance of Young Democrats. In other words they promoted Liberalism. Their founder, Dr. Peter Molnar, who was elected to Parliament, was a Research Fellow for- Central European University and Center For Media, Data and Society – aka; George Soros.

And then Everything Changed!  In 1995, the Fidesz Party did an about face and became a Conservative Party under the tutelage of now Prime Minister, Viktor Orban.   This shift became the impetus of a power struggle that saw Soros at the wheel battling a hurricane.

Today the European Commission with Soros at the widow’s peak is attempting to deflate Orban’s control by claiming Orban is utilizing Communist tactics. Orban wants to shutter Central European University and is refusing to take in Hungary’s ‘quota’ of refugees. As such they stand to lose their EU funding as backed by Germany’s Merkel, and France’s Macron.

Of course, what is making the EU so nervous right now is the trend line. As more and more countries find the staff of control imposed by the EU Commission bludgeoning their sense of freedom and independence, their ‘lean’ away becomes more pronounced. It explains the placement of Macron in France as he attempts to bridge that gap that the Socialists created.

Elections are on the immediate horizon and so the frenzy has heated up considerably. Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, Finland, Latvia, Moldova – the elections BEGIN!