MIDTERMS: G20 Summit: CHINA Meet & Greet With Brandon

The vitriol being spewed out of the mouths of the fiery furnace would have us believe that GOP candidates LOST because of Trump.   Until one looks at who is making the scream the loudest = Rhino’s.   You remember the breed?   They are democrat hawks who ran as republicans for one reason – to cheat the voter.   Most of us have only recently awoken to these feudalists.  

Cheney, Romney, Graham, and the entire Lincoln Project papalooza have become easily identifiable – and as such they prance determinedly from their obscurity closet living.   Their time is gone.  Since 2015 when Trump’s potential as a candidate became closer to a reality, these bullies have come unglued.

Given the embarrassing midterm fiasco’s – Rhino’s and Dems blame losses on Trump.   While they claim the Trump effect was a failure, they simply reveal their immature childish tantrum is exactly their character.   Without the Trump checkmark, they lost conservatives and democrat shifts.  Without cheating they would lose every time.  These are the parents and grandparents teaching the Gen Z Generation morals and ethics.   Tch.

Even The Economist has joined the fray – “Trump is a serial loser”.   And “The Economy is looking great after the midterms”…   But Wall Street announced mass firings?   Zuckerberg announced mass – firings?   The entire tech industry has announced mass – firings…   And somehow that translates to a booming economy.

Enter China.  

The media is hyped about the upcoming face to face meeting between Xi Jinping and Biden.   While they present it as a twofer dialogue session – in reality they are simply attending the same G20 Summit.   There are no ‘planned talks’ – they will simply coexist in the same space.   As long as Biden stays awake.

When listening to Politico disseminate the upcoming trips Biden will be making one would think Biden was a strapping 50 year old with degrees in politics, economics and international business!    Not a failed law student with Dementia.

First – Biden will arrive in Egypt to tell their Climate Summit how the US will solve Climate Chaos.   Then BIden will travel to Cambodia where he will demonize China despite the two being allies and trade partners. He will deliver a warning to North Korea – which will likely be met with a missile launch, before flying to Indonesia where he will rally for Ukraine!    And then onto Xi Jinping where Biden will in no uncertain terms tell Xi, “ababdadbabbalelpoudndoiutnoikenockers…”

Oddly, Chinese media is silent on any such actual meeting between Xi and Joey – with a minor reference to ‘the US claims of a meeting”.   However, after plugging Biden’s firm presidential stance, the same media backs off claiming nothing will really be resolved – I suppose that translates to a ‘fist-bump’!  No wonder the Saudi’s are joining the BRICS.

But it looks good on paper – and that’s all that counts.

Business as usual has commenced – and while massive irregularities have been uncovered, including 2 dead democrats getting landslide votes – it is doubtful anything will be done to rectify the corruption.   Because only a handful of politicians are not ‘under the thumb’.

Fringe conservatives are jeering at Pennsylvania’s ridiculous election wherein a brain damaged Fetterman supposedly whisked away a landslide win.   But it does underscore the new Democrats who will be left to rule America as the old and dying finally drift off and Congress is left with the likes of AOC, Fetterman, Buttigeig, Swallowwell and Whitmer among a host of others.   Their combined talents will secure America’s position as a House of Looney Tunes.

DeSantis is making headlines as the 2024 candidate.   By Liberal Rags.   Why?   Because they want him to run against Fetterman and the CULT will then launch it’s Corruption to reveal Fetterman winning by a landslide against a pathetic DeSantis.   The Point?   To show the world just how powerful the CULT is.

They OWN entire governments across the globe.   They pick and chose who will win – and glory in picking the absolute worst candidate conceivable.   Making them feel even more glorious in their Power.

Because none of these brain dead dementia riddled, bartenders do anything but make public media statements wherein they further reveal their abject incompetency.  And that is the sum total of their JOB.

The message sent around the world in 30 minutes is – “tow the line or this is what We will give your country too…   Be our slave – speak like a court jester – ridicule yourself and prostrate before We The Cult – your god”. That is who won the Midterms.